"Everyone ready?" Tamaki asks as he slips into the car with the rest of the host club and Aya. They all nod. "Okay then. Let's get thos started!"

"So Haruhi, who was the first to know about you being a girl?" Aya asks and smiles.

All the boys' jaws drops except Kyoya's. Oc course.

"She knew?" Hikaru shrieks a little. He was drinking sparkly water.

"She's my best friend of course I told her. She knew it from the moment we met." Haruhi explains. "But it was Kyoya Senpai who knew it from the start."

"I should've known." Aya smiles again. She crosses her legs because she had on a pink floral skirt. Her pink hair was down for the first time in ages. She usually wears it in high pony tails.

"So Aya do you fight?" Tamaki asks interested in her.

"Hm? Oh... well not really. I'm really good with weapons, though. But I was taught how to fight without them." She admits fitsing with the hem of her pink skirt.

"So have you ever got into a fight?" Honey asks. His big beautiful eyes shining in the darkness of the limo.

"Um... yeah well I have. I was... ten. I'm allowed to carry guns wherever I am so these guys wanted to test me to see if it was true. Well let's just say that I went unharmed... or touched." Aya explains her past nervesouly. It's not like she was proud of it. If it was up to her, she wouldn't even wanna be the next head of her family. Or weapons. It wasn't the best thing in the world.

"Woah. So do you have a liscence to kill?" Kaoru asks.

"Yeah I do." She stops fitsing with jer skirt and looks out the window. "And I'm not proud of it."

"Look what you jerks did. You made Aya depressed." Haruhi hisses at the host club.

"Oh no. It's quite okay. I get it a lot. It's nothing I've never heard before." Aya admits. She lightens up a lot. "We're going to have a fun time this break so let's live up to our fullest and have fun."

"Yeah. It's going to be fun!" Tamaki agrees with her.

Everyone smiled. Even Kyoya and Mori.

It was a long time before they reached the beach. It was hot and they were ready to dip. Too bad it was eleven o clock at night.

The butler escorts the group to each of their own rooms. It was bigger than the last house the club went to. It even had an aqarium.

Aya sat in her room unpacking. She put her clothes in each of her drawers. She was going to be here the whole summer and was going to enjoy most of it.

She slowly reached to pick up her last bag. It was simply black. So unplain. All of her other bags were colorful eoth designs except this one. It was the weapon bag. It was full of loaded guns and swords.

There was a knock at the door. "Come in." Aya answers.

There stood Mori with his arms across his chest and he was leaning against the door.

"Do you need help?" He asks as he steps closer He stopped and turn around to Hikaru and Kaoru who was down the hall giving him smiling and thumbs up.

"No, I got." Aya answers with a smile.

Mori walks over to Aya and sees the bag. "What about this one?"

"It's cooh. I'm not unpacking this one."

"Hey you guys! Come on! Hurry up and get in your night clothes so we can eat some cake!" Honey runs in and informs Aya and Mori.

Aya laughs but nods. Mori quickly exited her room. He was dying to see what she was going to wear to bed

Aya quickly got changed into her jammies and made her way toward the dinning hall. She had on green plaid shorts that came just below her waist and a green V neck.

"Sorry it took me so long." She sat down at the table.

"Wow you look hot." Hikaru compliments. "Your pink hair looks awesome with that green."

Aya blushes a little but returned a smile.

The club shared stories as they devoured cake. They mostly talked about their plans for the summer and loveeee.