Cameras flashed like a chain reaction of TNT as the Smashers exited the limousine.

"KYAHHHHH~! He's beautiful!" a mob of girls screamed.

"Is that a dude or a chick?" some boys in the crowd wandered out loud.

"Hey! I heard that!" Marth roared, pointing an accusing finger. "I'm a MAN, you fools!"

"Still not convinced," one of them retorted nonchalantly.

Link ushered the prince forward. "Just ignore them."

Samus stepped out of the vehicle and the fans began to blurt different comments.

"It's Samus! He looks so cool!"

"Actually, Samus is a woman," a geeky-looking boy objected.

"I concur," another agreed as he adjusted his bowtie.

"You trying to ruin his image or something?" a mean-looking youth interrogated.

"But it's the truth!"

"Let's take this talk back to the alley."


The Smashers ascended the steps to the hotel as they waved amiably or gave no response and stepped through the golden doors.

"I can't believe that ten thousands of fans actually traveled all the way to Delfino Plaza just for our promotion banquet," Ike, the newcomer, murmured astonishingly.

"You'll get used to it, newbie," Marth assured. "I'm sure you got your first sexual harassment experience from the fangirls just now."

"Not quite…," Ike muttered, recalling the merchant, Aimee, and her promiscuous advances back in Crimea. "Glad I'm away from her."

The group of celebrities made their way to the elevators and went to their respective rooms. Once inside, Samus removed her helmet Varia Suit and systematically unpacked her belongings from the suitcases that were delivered earlier.

"Hey, Samus. When are you going to stop pretending to be a man?" Peach asked, a little concerned that her friend's true gender was anonymous to the public.

"They only assume I am one," she answered monotonously, continuously organizing the clothes and hygienic items like a factory machine..

Peach sighed, a little irritated now. "I know Master Hand wants you to keep it cool so there won't be uproar in the public or something, but doesn't it bother you that most people think that you have a set of balls between your legs?"

"I don't mind."

"How can you be so indifferent?!" Peach exclaimed comically. "This can't be. Samus, are you sure you're feeling all right? We could see a doctor! A psychologist!"

"Peach, I'm sure Samus is fine. She's just like that," Zelda assured gently.

"I can't take the word of a girl's into BDSM and femdom right now!" Peach shot back hysterically.


"Yeah, I've accidentally walked into one of your sessions with Link. Now I'm scarred for life. Thank you."

"T-that's none of your business," the Hylian stuttered meekly. "And you're just sour because he didn't get to be in the Brawl tournament!"

"You've just crossed the line, girlfriend!" the princess of the Mushroom kingdom rejoined sassily as she removed her white satin gloves to equip a pair of brass knuckles. "Prepare to get an ass-whooping of a lifetime!"

Peach bawled like a banshee as she tried to free herself from Samus's grip to slug the cowering Hylian.

Why do women always fight when they talk about relationships? The bounty hunter wondered.

Marth flopped lazily onto the king-sized bed. "Sunshine Hotel is definitely has the best rooms in Delfino Plaza."

"There's more than pimped-out rooms here," Link reminded as he sat down beside his friend. "I heard the restaurant in the hotel is one of the best. And did you see that pool on our way up? It looked awesome!"

"Yes, I could use some more practice in swimming," Ike mused. "I want to see the gym they have here as well."

"Is training the only thing you think about?" Link questioned dubiously.

"Well… what else is there in life?" the mercenary responded with an innocent shrug.

Link exhaled and rubbed the back of his neck in stress. "Nothing else in life? The BABES, Ike! What about the fine women in this world? They're the main reason to go to the beach! Imagine Zelda in a two piece!"

Ike cocked his head in confusion, eyeing like as if he was a bizarre creature with multi-colored feathers.

"I'm sure you've seen all of Zelda during your many sessions with her," Marth commented casually. ("Thank the heavens that Pit wasn't rooming with us.")

"When- How did-"

"She left one of her 'items' in our room. And Peach told me about it."

"The cons of sharing a room…," Link remarked in defeat.

"She doesn't seem to be the type to be into that kind of stuff," the king mused.

"She's a totally different person once she gets started," the Hero of Time replied with a small shudder.

"Don't you get irritated that you're not the one in charge?" Marth asked curiously.

"Not really. I'll do anything for my dream girl," Link stated proudly.

I guess there really is true love between them, Marth noted with a small smile.

Okay. I've finally started an M rated fanfic. I feel dirty now :P

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