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Little Rapunzel was five years old. Her hair was now the length of one wall to the other side of the tower and it was the day of her birthday, which meant another breathtaking view of the floating lights.

Mother Gothel also decided to do some gardening the same day. Knowing that her Rapunzel was far too young to know where the hidden passageway was to even follow her. Gothel came outside the tower at sunrise to make sure she finished early and because she knew Rapunzel was still asleep.

The garden was northeast of the tower and it had quite the distance. Taking a quick look back at the tower, Gothel hoped that her precious child would remain safe, then walked to the direction of the garden. The moment she turned her back from the tower, Rapunzel woke up and got herself dressed and bathed, she then made some breakfast.

Gothel always helped her do those things for she thought Rapunzel couldn't manage to do them by herself yet. But what Gothel didn't know was that Rapunzel was a clever one. Despite of her playfulness and hyperness, Rapunzel knew how to observe. Being in a tower alone with no one to talk or do anything with was quite dull for a free spirit such as her. So when Gothel lifted up a stone tile one day and went down the stairs, Rapunzel took note of this; since it might help her when the time comes.

Today was that time.

The curious child lifted up the stone tile and went down the stairs. It was one of the best decisions she has made in her lifetime. Rapunzel breathed in the fresh air and felt the grass beneath her feet. It was a relieving freedom; away from the walls of the tower and the other gray objects in it. Speechless, she ran as fast as she could. Feeling the wind blow her braided hair and the energy of new exploration redeem her.

Rapunzel headed past the vines that were blocking out some rays of sunshine and saw a whole new world. She could hear the birds chirp their melodies and see animals she has never seen before. Rapunzel kept running, her heart beating like a jack-rabbit, and her eyes focused to the obstacles.

Something in her mind told her that there was something beyond these wonders, something indescribable. Rapunzel followed her thoughts and kept running and dodging the trees. She felt no exhaustion, her lungs were not burning and gasping for air, her focus was on her destination.

After some time, the little girl eventually stopped when she reached a dirt road.

The sun was now high and it's rays were beating down on her. Only now did she feel exhaustion and the need for air and water. Rapunzel then went on the grass next to the road and laid down on her back and closed her eyes.

Hours passed...

Rapunzel reopened her eyes to the touch of cold water. How refreshing it was to her raspy throat and dry mouth...

Wait a second...

In panic, Rapunzel sat up and saw that she was facing a woman. Her sweet expression was now filled with anxiety as she saw the stranger; Mother Gothel had told her once that strangers were selfish people who wanted to cut off her hair and sell it.

She felt her hand check on her braid. It was still there...

"Darling? Are you okay?" asked a gentle voice.

Rapunzel looked at the woman as she met her gaze. She was beautiful indeed, she had a crown on her head, fair skin, slender, and had angelic locks of brown hair. The woman was like a princess in Rapunzel's fairytales that she kept in her bookshelf, except much more fascinating and sublime.

Then Rapunzel saw the eyes. An alluring shade of clear green that was releasing a pleasing aura of love, care, and joy. But... as Rapunzel looked deeper into them, she realized that they were familiar; a glance at them gave her a strong connection. It was as if she wanted to gaze at them forever and be smothered in their aura...

And she would have, if the woman had not spoken once more. "Darling? Are you okay?" she repeated.

"Yes ma'am, I just kind of got lost, that's all!" Rapunzel replied in her squeaky voice.

She beamed with relief with the reply. Oh how this girl reminded her so much of her own child...

I wonder where she is now... I wonder if she's as sweet as this little girl in front of me is. The woman thought.

"Do you know your way back home?"

Rapunzel's face then saddened. "No... I was just running so fast and... I lost my way"

Seeing the girl brokenhearted made the woman feel the same way in the inside. Would she have let her daughter be like this?

Absolutely not. She would've done everything to make her happy.

"I'm Queen Catherine by the way, but you can just call me Catherine; what's your name?"

"Rapunzel" the child replied, smiling from ear to ear.

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