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Rapunzel held her breath for what Catherine would say next. Though she was speechless.

Felicia herself had suspected the girl had something about her the moment she had laid eyes on her. She was- In fact right all along.

"C-Catherine?" she murmered, as Catherine closed her eyes and lost consciousness.

"Catherine!" cried Felicia as she rushed to catch her.


She opened her eyes, to find that all the pain was gone. It was as if it had vanished into thin air, never to come back. Leo was next to her, smiling so proudly as he held their newborn daughter.

The night before was like a miracle, and though Catherine felt like she was going to die from all the pain in her body, the flower had just been found at the moment she was going to give up. And though she slaved on having their child for 18 hours, it was all worth it.

Catherine's parents were there too, as well as her own ladies-in-waiting; all smiling in relief. Leo helped her sore body sit up, and handed her the infant. She was beautiful as the morning dawn... She had blonde hair (Quite odd...) and the same identical green eyes such as hers. Catherine sighed and smiled, tears rolling down her eyes. "Isabelle" she said "Princess Isabelle".

"You want her name to be Isabelle?" Leo asked "Well, it's alright with me, but are you sure?"

She nodded happily "Yes... Isabelle..."

"She looks like an Isabelle if you ask me..." chuckled a voice.

Catherine turned her head to the entrance and saw her sister, Anne. "Sister..." she smiled

"Cat..." Anne sighed, walked to her sister, and embraced her. "Congratulations to both of you"

"Thank you sister"

Later that night...

Catherine and Leo lifted the lantern into the sky, joining the other thousands of lanterns that had been launched by their fair subjects. Isabelle gurgled and even tried to reach out for the lantern her parents had released.

"Thank you all Corona!" Leo thanked the crowd, as they cheered.

"Gothel! The potion you gave me was a faux!" William cried

"T'was not! You must've done someting wrong" Gothel protested.

"No! I didn't! Catherine just suddenly remembered and I don't know what went wrong!"

"Foolish child you are, you shouldn't have left her alone then. She would remember if you weren't by her side, manipulating her with your presence"

"Y-you didn't tell me that!" he protested; Gothel just snickered grimly.

"There are things that are just sometimes best left alone my dear. That is a lesson you are yet to learn" she said before swinging her cape around her and vanishing.

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