A Namekian in Halkeginia

Disclaimer– I do NOT own either Dragon Ball Z or Familiar of Zero. Dragon Ball Z is owned by FUNimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV and Akira Toriyama. Familiar of Zero is owned by Yamaguchi Noboru.

The idea for this story was a little something I cooked up while working on 'The Echoes of War' (which, unfortunately, has to be put on hold for now, due to external circumstances). As such, this one will kind of come together as it goes along, rather than having any kind of set plan.

As for the setting of the respective sides of this crossover – in terms of the DBZ side of things, it'll be set post Buu Saga. As for the FoZ side of this, it'll be set at the very start of the series. Also, there's going to be some slight alterations to story canon (mainly on the DBZ side) to help with the flow of the story.

And just a quick heads up for this story – yes, I do plan on using the English names for characters, attacks and other techniques throughout the story (mainly in regards to the DBZ side of things). I grew up watching the English version of the show, so I'm going to stick with what I'm familiar with.

"Blahblahblah" – Speech
"Blahblahblah"– Thoughts

Chapter 1: Of Portals and Summons

It was the dawning of another beautiful day on Planet Earth, rays of sunlight filtered through the morning clouds as flocks of birds flew through the skies above and wild animals roamed the fields below. Off in the distance, the early morning hustle and bustle of the waking West City could be heard, should those of keenest hearing listen closely enough.

And atop one of the many plateaus dotting the region, a long figure sat, or more accurately, floated in a seated position. Dressed in a simple purple martial arts gi - with an accompanying blue belt, brown training shoes, and white cape and turban - this solitary individual floated in perfect stillness several feet off the ground, eyes closed and hands clasped above his crossed legs as he went though his usual early morning meditations.

Opening his eyes, the figure looked out over the grassy plains below, letting out a slow controlled breath as he took in the swaying forests, rolling rivers, and grazing wild animals around him. All-in-all, it was quite the idyllic sight to be greeted with.

"Another peaceful day," Piccolo mused to himself, a smile crossing his face as a cool breeze blew around him. "Looking at it from here, you'd never have guessed this world had endured the horror of monsters like Cell or Majin Buu."

Indeed, the almost serene landscape before him was a far cry from the battle-scarred environments of years past. In the three years since the defeat of Majin Buu through the combined efforts of Goku and Vegeta, the Earth had experience an unprecedented period of peace, much to the relief of all those involved in the battles against the terrifying pink monstrosity; and even though all knowledge of the Majin Buu incident was effectively erased from the history books – thanks to the restoration of Earth via the Namekian Dragon Balls – the people of Earth still bore the memories of Cell's brief reign of terror.

Turning his musings from the harrowing ordeals of the past, the meditating Namekian found his thoughts wandering to the events of the past few years following Buu's defeat.

Following the restoration of Earth – given that Buu had literally destroyed the planet itself – and the erasure of all knowledge of Majin Buu from the memories of the general populace, celebrations were in order for Earth's unsung heroes. Courtesy of Hercule, a party was thrown at one of his private residence out in the country side for all those involved in the titanic struggle for Earth's survival.

After the celebrations had wound down, happenings had taken a return to normality: most of the Z Warriors resumed their usual training, though some – like Krillin with his family duties, and Gohan with his studies – did so a a slightly reduced pace. Thankfully, in Gohan's case, the boy had finally grown enough backbone to put his foot down regarding his mother's constant insistence that he focus solely on his studies, arguing that all the studying in the world would be pointless if the Earth was destroyed. After several heated arguments, Chi-Chi finally relented and agreed to allow Gohan to resume his training, on the condition that he divide his free time equally between training and study; a condition the eldest son of the Son family was more than happy to agree to.

Interestingly enough, Hercule's daughter Videl had also taken a greater interest in the training Gohan and the other Z Fighters routinely undertook, going so far as to practically demand that Gohan start training her to 'properly fight', as she put it; and despite the initial reservations of some of the Z Fighters – mainly out of concern that Videl simply wouldn't be able to keep up without a serious 'kid gloves' approach – the young woman had actually taken the challenge head on without hesitation, and even relished it a few times. As such, she eventually managed to raise her own power level to a rather respectable level, given the company she wound up training with. In fact, she had managed to raise herself to the point where she could actually go toe-to-toe with the likes of Krillin and Tien, albeit if the Z Warriors in question were holding back somewhat.

In regards to Krillin himself, he was both luck, and unlucky, that his wife - none other than Android 18 - understood the importance of keeping themselves strong enough to protect the Earth: lucky, in that the former pupil of Master Roshi didn't have to worry about his training being impeded too greatly by family life; and unlucky in that this same understanding from his wife meant that she was now routinely training with him...or to be more precise,training him herself, given that her power level was actually greater than his. As such, this meant Krillin rarely walked away from his training unscathed. Then again, this same intense level of training meant the earthling's own power level had practically sky-rocketed, to the point where he could now even match his wife in a full-on spar.

In Tien and Chiaotzu's cases, the two spent most of their time training day after day in the secluded mountains ranges around the planet, though they would often join up with Gohan, Krillin, 18, and even Piccolo for bouts of sparring and practice. Like Krillin, they too had raised their power levels exponentially, to the point where Tien could even hold his own against Piccolo or Gohan at first level Super Saiyan, with Chiaotzu being able to hang with Krillin and the others.

As for Goku and Vegeta, the last two pure-blooded Saiyans continued their own training in full force, often at times sparring with one another, or their sons, for hours on end. As a result of such constant and exhaustive training, the former Saiyan Prince had finally followed Goku's example and attained the power of a Super Saiyan 3. Furthermore, it had gotten to the point where Goku and Vegeta were now practically even in terms of power; yet despite this, and his usually rough attitude, Vegeta had mellowed considerably in the past few years, likely in no small due to the influence of his own family.

Speaking of Trunks, he and Goten had improved themselves leaps and bounds over the years following Buu's defeat. At the world tournament almost a year later, a special exception had been made for the two at the behest of Hercule, allowing them to participate in the adult division, where they performed tremendously, even against their fellow Z Fighters.

And it only continued upwards from there. Eventually, transforming into a Super Saiyan became almost second nature for the two rambunctious youths, meaning that even at their respectively young ages, the two were able to provide a serious challenge for anyone sparring with them, even including their own fathers. More often than not, simple training matches escalated into Super Saiyan brawls.

As for Piccolo, his activities had taken a rather interesting turn the past few years...

Shortly after the defeat of Majin Buu, and the restoration of the Earth, Piccolo was jointly contacted by both King Kai and King Yemma during one of his routine training sessions, and presented with a special proposition. As it turned out, the severe chaos brought about by Majin Buu's actions had an indirectly disruptive effect on the spirit realm, or 'Other World', as it was often referred to by Goku and the other Z Fighters. As such, the ogres that usually took care of the souls that sent to them were struggling to deal with some of the more problematic entities, such as Turles, the Ginyu Force, Frieza and his Father, Lord Slug and Cell.

Because of the problems these particularly troublesome entities were causing, even after they were dead, the natural energies of the Spirit Realm were being knocked out of balance, resulting in a lot of unnatural occurrences, such as dead spirits – both good and bad – returning to Earth, or even appearing on other worlds, and causing untold problems merely through their presence alone, nevermind what they actually did from the time they re-appeared to when they were eventually returned to the spirit realm.

To counter this new problem, King Kai and King Yemma approached Piccolo and proposed to recruit him as a warden of sorts for the spirit realm. The job basically involved Piccolo, when required, going to the spirit realm and put a stop to any rampant havoc being caused by the likes of Frieza, Cell, Dr. Gero and other such wayward evil spirits.

To their surprise, the Namekian took them up on their offer with little fuss: according to Piccolo himself, the position would 'give him a chance to put his skills to good use', given that as a result of his own continuous training, his power level had reached a level where he could not only comfortably match Goku, Gohan or Vegeta at their Super Saiyan 2 forms, but stand a good chance of beating them, too. Of course, Goku and Vegeta still had their Super Saiyan 3 forms, and Gohan possessed his Mystic form, or 'Ascended' form, as he put it, so Piccolo still had a while to go before he could truly match any of those three.

So, after taking up the offered 'warden' position, Piccolo spent a fair amount of time in the spirit realm, usually dealing with any of the more problematic individuals who decided to kick up a fuss, or try their hand at escaping their new home. As a result, Piccolo also spent some time in the more pleasant areas of the spirit realm, on a few occasions taking the chance to train and spar with the some of the afterlife's more powerful warriors, such as Olibu, Pikkon... or even Yamcha.

On that note, Piccolo was reminded of a less than pleasant memory: when the Androids had first appeared in their timeline, Yamcha was one of the first to encounter them when they attacked South City, and despite a brave effort, he was grievously wounded in battle with Android 20, otherwise known as Dr. Gero; and despite their best efforts to save him, Yamcha eventually succumbed to his wounds and died before they could heal him.

However, when they went to wish him back with the Dragon Balls, Yamcha had strangely opted not to be brought back. The reason for this decision was that despite giving it all he had, the androids had dispatched him with almost embarrassing ease. Not only that, but even if they did wish him back, he would likely wind up just getting killed by the next big enemy that came along, and then wished back again.

Furthermore, being resigned to simply watching from the sidelines because he simply wasn't strong enough didn't sit too well with Yamcha, so staying within the spirit realm would give him a chance to train harder than ever before, especially with the Kais and all the powerful warriors already residing in the afterlife. So, after a heartfelt goodbye to his life-long friends, Yamcha departed remained within the spirit realm, where he would once again train under King Kai, along with the many warriors already within the afterlife.

Oddly enough, Piccolo had bumped into Yamcha a few times during his stints as a spirit warden, so to speak; as it turned out, Yamcha had made good on his promise to train himself hard, and had become one of the most powerful warriors in the spirit realm. As such, the two wound up sparring and training on occasion, during Piccolo's free time when he wasn't keeping wayward spirits in line.

At one point during, however, Yamcha had seemingly disappeared from the spirit realm. Eventually, the former Z Fighter turned up again, acting as if nothing unusual had ever happened. When pressed by the Namekian on the issue, Yamcha had merely grinned, shrugged him shoulders and said 'he was busy'. Regardless, whatever Yamcha had been up to during his period of absence, he seemed none the worse for it.

Suddenly, Piccolo found himself snapped from his musings, his focus brought speeding back to reality as a familiar voice popped into his head.

"Piccolo, Are you there?" came the voice of King Kai inside the Z Fighter's mind, a slight hint of irritation in his tone, the cause of which Piccolo had a very good idea. "We've got trouble; it seems Frieza and Turles are causing problems again down in Hell."

"Lucky me," the Namekian replied as his signature smirk appeared on his face. "I was actually hoping to find something to do today."

With that, Piccolo stretched out of his meditation position and stood up, relishing the cracking sound that accompanied the rolling of his shoulders. Then, placing two fingers on his head, he focused on a suitable target within the spirit realm, and readied himself to teleport.

"I really should thank Goku again for teaching me this,"he thought briefly, before his body then flickered, and he vanished from sight.


It was that time of year at the Tristain Academy of Magic – a place of growth and learning for the budding mages of tomorrow from all across Halkeginia – for the second-year students to undergo the customary ritual of summoning their familiar Spirits, otherwise simply referred to as 'Familiars', from wherever in the world they came.

To a mage, a familiar was essentially a second set of eyes and ears; what the familiar hear and saw, the summoner did too. Familiars could take on any form, from something as common and mundane as a cat, an owl or a frog, to more exotic and unusual such as an iron golem, an ice dragon, or even a floating eyeball with wings. Whatever their form, these familiars would follow their summoners from the moment they were summoned and contracted, until the day they passed away and returned to their place of origin.

At this very time, one of the last classes of students were finishing the summoning of their familiars. Some students had summoned fairly common familiars, such as cats and dogs, while other students had achieved much more interesting results, such as flaming salamanders and giant moles.

Well, all save one particular student, that is.

"Alright then,"said Professor Jean Colbert, the instructor overseeing the 'Springtime Familiar Summoning ritual' as it was known, while he ticked off another student, carefully noting down which students had summoned which familiars, along with any other important details, such as estimated or approximated element for students who had yet to identify their own magical affinity.

Once he was done, he turned to the last remaining student yet to summon a familiar.

"Are you ready , Miss Valliere?"

The student in question – one Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere – was a second year student with strawberry blond hair bordering on bright pink and amber coloured eyes; and despite being sixteen years old, looked much younger than she actually was. However, those were not the only notable characteristics about her.

For a second year student at the Academy of Magic, Louise held one of the highest scholarly grades in the school when it came to the theoretical side of magic. Unfortunately, when it came to the more practical applications of magic, young Louise held an abysmal record of a literal 100% failure rate. Despite her successes at in the theoretical fields, she had been unable to cast a single successful spell in her entire tenure to date at the Academy.

All of her spells, regardless of element or purpose, would cause some kind of explosion without fail, the size and strength of which varied on factors such as the type of spell, the elemental affinity of the spell, how much willpower Louise was exerting when attempting to cast the spell, and in some cases her emotional state at the time of casting.

Despite her own inner nervousness, the young mage put on an outward air of collected calmness as she turned to face her teacher.

"Yes, Professor Colbert," she replied with a short nod, albeit subtly gulping nervously despite maintaining her facade of confidence.

Once she had acknowledged her teacher, Louise stepped towards the summoning circle, wand in hand. As she moved forward, she could just about hear the gossiping of her classmates behind her.

"Looks like 'Louise the Zero' is up next," one student remarked, a somewhat mocking emphasis placed on the word 'zero'.

"Do you think she'll summon anything interesting?" inquired another student in a hushed tone.

"I'll bet she doesn't summon anything, and just blows up the summoning circle," another student scoffed quietly, eliciting a few chuckles from other nearby students.

"I'm sure after all that boasting she did earlier, that she'll summon something fantastic... right Louise?" a particularly buxom redhead asked while petting the head of her own summoned familiar, which appeared to be some kind of flaming salamander.

Louise herself simply blocked out the jeering of her classmates, and focused exclusively on the task at hand. The summoning ritual was a make or break event for her; a chance for her to finally prove to her peers that she wasn't the pointless failure of a mage she was made out to be and mocked almost constantly for; a chance to prove she was a real noble, and a proper mage worthy of being called such.

In short, the familiar summoning ritual was the single most important moment of Louise's life to date. At this point, it was either go big... or go home.

And Louise hadn't the slightest intention of going home; partly out of fear at the unrelenting mockery that would surely follow her, and partly out of fear at how her parents and siblings would react to such a turn of events. Mainly, however, it was out of sheer desperation to finally prove to both herself and her peers that she was a true mage, and not just some worthless pretender.

When she reached the summoning circle, Louise took one last nervous gulp, not even bothering to hide her nerves at this point. Then, her wand clutched tightly in her hand, she raised her hands and began chanting the summoning incantation...

Back in the spirit realm...

"And that takes care of that," Piccolo said as he brushed himself down, having wrapped up the situation with relative ease. Sadly, despite Frieza and Turles having increased their own powers during their incarceration in hell, they had still proven no real challenge to the Namekian, and as such were swiftly defeated.

In fact, Piccolo hadn't even been forced to removed his weighted cape and turban; a definite sign that the prior battle hadn't even classed as a warm-up for the impromptu 'spirit warden'.

"So much for that idea..." the Z Fighter grumbled, wondering what to do now that his time was once again free for him to use as he saw fit. Maybe he would go spar with some of the other warriors residing in Heaven, or pay King Kai a visit; perhaps he would even go see what Yamcha was up to at this time.

Regardless, whatever thoughts Piccolo had in mind were quickly interrupted, his eyes widening slightly when he suddenly sensed an unusual energy nearby. Turning in the direction the energy was coming from, he closed his eyes and sought out the source of this strange presence. After a few moments focus, the Namekian had pinpointed the location of the energy to one of the lower regions of the spirit realm; not quite in Hell itself, but not far from its border.

Quickly pressing two fingers to his forehead, the Namekian singled out a location near the strange energy and vanished from sight, the air shimmering as the Z Fighter flickered into existence at his chosen location.

Looking around, the Namekian was greeted by the sight of many strange and colourful floating crystal, stretching out for as far as the eye could see. At the same time, he could sense the strange energy much more accurately than before. However, while he could tell it was nearby, something about the energy was preventing him from pinpointing its exact location.

So, as it turned out, he was going to have to find whoever or whatever this thing was the old fashioned way - with his eyes. With his guard up and his wits about him, Piccolo cautiously advanced forward, ducking and weaving his way though the almost maze-like cloud of floating crystals as he sought out the source of the mysterious energy.

And after several dozen minutes of searching, the Namekian finally found what he was looking for... which oddly enough, turned out to be something he hadn't expected.

There, only several metres in front of him, was a strange portal of some kind. It glowed a vibrant green colour around the outer edges, while the inside of the portal itself was like a shimmering glass window, albeit one looking out into an extremely think fog.

Carefully approaching the oddity, Piccolo slowly raised a hand up to touch the centre of the portal, wondering if he would get any kind of reaction from it.

However, just as his fingers were about to make contact with the unusual opening, he heard something that made him pause. It was incredibly faint, but he could have sworn he just heard someone speaking.

I... in the name of the great Five Pentagon Powers...

The Namekian recoiled slightly from the portal, blinking in surprise, not entirely sure if he had heard right. Before he could ponder it, however, the faint voice echoed again.

...following my fate...

"What the hell?" the Namekian growled uncertainly. By now, Piccolo was getting properly confused.

Was this portal a doorway to another world?

What was that voice?

And what was this he was apparently hearing about 'fate'?

Taking a cautionary step backwards, the Z Fighter went to contact King Kai about this unexpected development, when the same faint voice from before called out again. This time, however, it was far less faint, and the Namekian could practically feel the energies of the portal beginning to act up.

...summon a familiar!

The moment those last words were spoken, the portal before him flared to life, seeming drawing in the surrounding energies. Not only that, but more alarmingly, Piccolo suddenly found himself unable to properly move. His entire body felt like it weighed several thousand tonnes, his movements sluggish and his limbs unresponsive.

What really set of the alarm bells in Piccolo's mind, however, was the fact that he was now slowly being dragged towards the portal, likely by the same energies coming from it each time he heard the voice; and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't redirect himself in anyway.

It wasn't going to be a case of if he got dragged into the portal, but when – and the moment he made contact with it, the portal erupted with energy in a blinding flash of light.

The next thing Piccolo knew, there was a very loud explosion, before he was then greeted with a face full of dark smoke.

At the Familiar Summoning ritual...

The instant she had completed the incantation, Louise spun the tip of her wand through the air, then aimed it at the ground in front of her.

The second she did – and much to her despair – an almost excessively large explosion erupted into existence, throwing out a massive cloud of dust and smoke across the immediate area. Not only that, but the explosion had generated such immense force that everyone – Louise, her classmates, and even Professor Colbert – had been quite violently blown off their feet.

"Just as expected..." one student groaned as he coughed the smoke out of his lungs.

"Typical of 'the Zero', eh?" another student moaned as the gathered students slowly pulled themselves to their feet.

"Geez, Louise..." the same chesty redhead from before coughed as she dusted herself down. "I know you're fond of those explosions of yours, but don't you think that's overdoing it just a little?"

Louise herself, however, never bothered rising from he knees. As she had feared, the one chance she had to prove herself had, quite literally, blown up in her face. With her chance gone, there would be no going back: she would have to accept defeat, and likely leave the academy, whether it be from her own shame or her parents decision to put her to better use elsewhere.

Whatever mocking taunts he classmates were throwing at her went unnoticed by the diminutive pinkette, despair slowly overwhelming her as the reality of the situation gradually sank in. At the same time, the shouted instructions of Professor Colbert also went unheeded, as the balding teacher sought to regain control of his rowdy class.

Yet just as she was almost completely overcome with despair, the sound of heavy footfalls caught Louise's attention. Not only that, but said footfalls were, in fact, coming from the direction of her supposedly failed summoning...

Slowly lifting her gaze upwards, the pinkette could just make out a shadowed form advancing towards her through the smoke. For a brief moment, the young mage was practically buzzing with sheer joy at the prospect of having successfully summoned a familiar.

However, that same joy then slowly turned to apprehension; while she had apparently succeeded in summoning a familiar... she didn't quite know what, in fact, she had summoned. From the general shape of the advancing entity, she could at least tell it was vaguely humanoid in shape – a golem of some kind, perhaps?

But even with the still dissipating smoke obscuring her view, there was at least one thing about her summoned familiar she could tell with complete certainty – it was big. Even from here, Louise could tell it was taller than even Kirche and Professor Colbert... and by a fair margin, too.

Awkwardly stumbling to her feet, the young mage instinctively took a step back as the smoke finally dispersed, and she was finally able to get a proper look at her newly summoned familiar.

Standing proud and tall, her familiar was decked out in some rather unusual attire: he – or at least, she assumed it was a he, judging from his towering physique – wore a strange purple outfit, brown shoes, a blue belt, and a white cape and head piece. Even stranger than his outfit, however, was the fact that his skin was, in fact, bright green with patches of what looked like pink muscle adorning his arms. On top of that, his larger than normal ears pointed upwards more than any normal human's would.

Given the presently good opportunity to take in this newest familiar's appearance, several of the students began gossiping amongst themselves at the sight before them.

"He's huge!"

"Look at his ears... did Valliere summon an elf!?"

"Elves don't have green skin... do they?"

"Elf ears point out; his are pointing up."

"That outfit looks like something a commoner would wear..."

"...what kind of giant green commoners have you seen?"

For Louise, however, the most striking feature wasn't her familiar's height, nor his outfit, skin or even his ears.

No – for Louise, it was his eyes. The towering entity had glanced down at her for all of a split second, his eyes meeting hers before he turned his steely gaze towards her teacher and the rest of her classmates. However, in the brief instant where they had locked gazes, the youngest child of the Valliere family went completely rigid, as if a jolt of lighting has passed through every fibre of her very being.

There was an unreal presence within those eyes; a sheer intensity that Louise had never seen before in her entire life, that damn well near electrified her when she caught a glimpse of it. In fact, she could practically feel the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end.

Right there and then, Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere knew one thing above all else: she had summoned something... no, someone... immensely powerful.

How powerful, though, she had no idea. All she knew, however, was that her familiar was powerful.

She also couldn't help but notice that the moment her familiar turned that same steely gaze on her fellow classmates, the gossiping and chatter stopped dead almost immediately.

And then, to her complete surprise, her familiar spoke; and not only that, but she understood him!

"Alright – where am I?" he growled roughly as he turned his attention towards Professor Colbert, the same intense look in his eyes. Then, before the balding teacher could reply, Louise's mysterious familiar turned his gaze directly downwards towards the pinkette herself, and spoke once more.

"...and what the hell is going on?"

And there we go... Louise has just brought forth one particularly pissed off Namekian.

I wonder how this will play out – and not just for Louise, mind you.

Anyway, like I said, I'll pretty much be winging it with this story as I go.

And like I also said at the start, my other story – 'The Echoes of War' – is unfortunately on hold due to external difficulties.