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What Happens When We Relax

"Single dip mint chocolate chip, please."

"Waffle or sugar cone, Miss?"

"Waffle." Ami smiled pleasantly at the man as he exchanged her money for the sweet treat. Armed with her favorite book in one hand and her already melting ice cream cone in the other, the Princess of Mercury set off towards the nearest park to enjoy her first studies free Saturday afternoon. Memories of her friends' attempts to get her outside in the sunshine flit across her mind, making Ami smile.

"Ami," Usagi had finally stated in her, 'The Queen is issuing an order' voice, "you will not waste this beautiful day indoors. Go enjoy yourself while the rest of us, the ones who really need to study for the Composition Exam, stay here and go over the essay examples."

The Guardian of Ice had finally given in and, as she sat on a white washed park bench beneath a blossoming Cherry tree, licking her ice cream, and watching children sail their toy boats across a pond, she admitted to herself that she needed this. With her Freshman year half over, college had begun to feel like a chore rather than the adventure it had seemed like in high school. 'Never mind school,' she thought. 'Today I'm not a Princess, a Guardian, a Doctor in Training, or even a Genius. Today I am just Ami and, for once, I'm happy with that.' Closing her eyes and leaning back on the bench, ice cream eaten and book forgotten in her lap, Ami felt the warm sunlight melt her muscles and turn her into one big bundle of happy feline satisfaction. Only when her mind finally relaxed did she hear the music. Long, flowing strains of golden melody wrapped themselves about her senses. An ache began in Ami's center as the hauntingly familiar tune pulled at her heart. Only when the flute's silver notes ended did Ami feel able to reopen her eyes. Ice blue met Clover green.

"That was sublime…" she whispered to the young man who had taken a seat in the grass before her.

"I wrote it for a friend a long time ago." A very Ami-the-Bookworm urge almost made the young lady dog the brown haired man with questions about what techniques he used in his compositions, but after a sharp bite to her tongue she caught herself.

"Play some more," was all she spoke as she let herself be lost in the mysterious man's music.

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