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What Happens When We Explain

Five warrior women watched with mixed emotions as the five male Senshi examined themselves. Each man wore a different variation on the same outfit. Lightweight chest armor, gold (or silver in Wufei's case) coronet around their head, tight pants, calf length boots, and a weapon held to the side. Each man's weapon went with his respective color of his planet power.

Quatre who'd taken the mantle of Mars, carried a long bow made of a dark red wood and had a quiver of arrows on his back. His armor was red lined with a dark purple trim that also matched his cloak. He could not bring himself to look towards his female counterpart.

Trowa, the new Senshi of Mercury, held his silver flute at his side. The armor he wore was a pale shade of blue with highlights of navy on his long cloak. When his eyes met Ami's his heart ached at the hurt he saw directed towards him.

The male Senshi of Love, Duo, held a long golden whip coiled in his fist. His armor would have been completely orange and gold, but his cloak had a single crimson band around its bottom edge. When he gave a bawdy wink to Venus, she reacted with an arched eyebrow, but said nothing.

Heero was now a Warrior of Jupiter. A simple looking oak staff was his weapon of choice and his armor was dark green lined with black. He caught Makoto's eyes and held them in a long stare before turning to appraise the man next to him.

Having taken his transformation from the most powerful of Senshi, Wufei's outfit was an exception. Dressed in all black except for silver highlights, he looked remarkably like the Prince of Earth. Instead of a dark cloak lined with red satin, Wufei sported ebony wings that mirrored Eternal Sailor Moon's. His weapon was a Silver Imperium Crystal sword just like the one Venus, as leader of the Inner Scouts, carried at one time. When he looked to Usagi, her shock was a visible cloud that threatened to burst over them all.

A strained silence stretched out between the two groups. Only when a familiar figure stepped from the shadows did the spell break. "Pluto," gasped the girls.

"Doctor P," shouted the boys.

"You know her," they all demanded in unison. Like a chorus line, they all nodded at the same time.

"This is getting too freaky for me," complained Duo. "You said we were connected, but you didn't say that the link was like Siamese twins, Doc!" Now that Duo had mentioned it, each girl realized that, yes, she could feel what her counterpart was feeling. Tremulous smiles and pretty pink blushes started here and there, but for Makoto, she merely knew that Heero was burying whatever it was he felt, leaving a buzz in her mind. Pluto chuckled and knelt before her future Queen.

"I apologize, My Lady." Pluto stood and turned to address the whole group. "I had to redirect the path of time to prevent disaster."

"I thought that you couldn't tamper with the timelines, Pluto. You are only supposed to watch," Ami stated with a question in her voice. Pluto nodded.

"You are correct as usual Mercury. I will pay a price for my deeds, but that time is far in the future. Using your power transformations to jumpstart theirs, I recreated the Planet Princes despite the fact that Queen Serenity sealed them away for all time." Usagi looked sharply at the Senshi of Time.

"You defied my mother's wishes? Why?" The imperious tone that came from the rabbit reminded all of them that this was the woman who would be Queen. Wufei felt a stir of pride in his heart and then winced when he realized that through their link, Usagi felt it too. A small smile played on the Princess' lips. Pluto continued with her explanation.

"When she sealed them away, the Queen could not have known about how your destiny would change, Princess." Usagi nodded in understanding. "The Queen did not know that you and the Prince of Earth would decide against renewing your past alliance and agree to merely be friends. Without the combined strength of the Golden and Silver Crystals, a battle in the future will destroy…" Pluto fell silent.

"Why did you stop, Doctor P," Quatre asked for the group.

"I am telling too much of your future. I made that mistake before and that's what got us in this situation in the first place. Let's just say, that now that the Princes are awake, the Golden Crystal will no longer be required." Pluto turned to face the men. "Attention!"

"Sir!" The guys took a military stance.

"You have completed your mission. Well done." Pluto paced the row like a seasoned drill sergeant. "Here is your final mission: Ares of Mars, Hermes of Mercury, Eros of Venus, Zeus of Jupiter, and Corrin of the Moon you are hereby assigned as protectors of your respective Princess and all that she holds dear. Do you accept this last mission?" All eyes went to Heero.

"Mission accepted." With those words, all hell broke loose. Five angry women pounced on five men who had a lot to answer for. Pluto left to round up the yoma she had 'borrowed' from another time leaving the guys to explain themselves. Their 'random' meetings were thanks to the Senshi of Time, but through their words (and having a mental link helped a whole lot too) the guys finally convinced the girls that by putting them together, Pluto merely insured that five pairs of soul mates met, a thing that without her would probably never have happened. Duo finally put the situation in the proper perspective.

"Come on. How can you continue to be mad at a guy you just did a naked ribbon dance with?" After a moment of stunned silence, Ami was the first to speak.

"He has a point." Smiles and laughter finally broke through. Things were going to work out fine. From her watching place at the Gate of Time, Pluto grinned before closing the door.

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