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Chapter Eighteen
"Love Story"

Jane was determined to give Maura the perfect date.

She shot her a quick text that afternoon telling her to dress warmly, no way could Maura fully experience what Jane had planned wearing one of those dresses she was so fond of. Not that Jane minded that she wore them all the time.

At six-thirty, Jane pulled on a pair of tight black pants, then her favorite pair of knee high black boots. She opted against the heels tonight; she didn't want to be too much taller than Maura. She slipped on a basic red t-shirt, and then zipped up a black hoodie before pulling on her coat. She grabbed her gloves and scarf and made her way downstairs and began her walk toward Maura's apartment.

Twenty minutes later, Jane was knocking on the blonde's door, suddenly feeling nervous. This was her first 'first date' since she was in high school. Even though it was different with Maura, they already knew so much about each other, hell, they already knew they loved each other, but actually dating is different.

Jane didn't want to screw this up.

Maura opened the door and a grin broke out on her face when she saw Jane standing there. "Hey."

"Hey, beautiful. Ready to go?"

Maura blushed slightly at the compliment, but nodded and grabbed her purse from the table by the door. "So where are you taking me?"

"I thought I would give you a proper New York experience. You said that you've never really gone out and seen much of the city and I haven't either, so I thought we could go together."

"That sounds wonderful, Jane."

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As the two girls walked down the sidewalk, Jane reached over and took Maura's hand in hers, pulling Maura toward her. She caught the blonde off-guard and wrapped her other arm around her waist and pulled her in for a kiss.

It didn't last long, but it left Maura stunned, speechless even. She couldn't help but wonder if one day this feeling would wear off, but she hoped it wouldn't.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist."

"You never have to apologize for kissing me, Jane. I'm yours to kiss whenever you would like."

Just for good measure, Jane placed her lips on Maura's once more, then tugged her hand, silently asking her to follow her down the street.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Maura had stopped dead in her tracks when she saw where Jane was headed.

"Come on, Maur. It won't kill you. You might even like it."

"I most certainly will not like it! There is a reason I've never done this, Jane. This wasn't what I thought you had in mind when you said a 'proper New York experience.'"

"Please? For me? I've always wanted to."

Maura let out a sigh, rolled her eyes, then conceded to her date, following her down the stairs.

"I can't believe you've lived in New York for three years and you've never ridden the subway."

- R & I -

It turns out, the subway wasn't near as bad as Maura had expected. She still didn't like it and she prayed to God that Jane wouldn't ever want to do it again, but it wasn't as horrible as she thought it would be.

The girls exited the station on 31st street and Jane led her down the block and into a restaurant. Maura was surprised. She was quickly realizing that this date was going to be nothing like she would have ever expected, in the best way.

"What kind do you want?"

"Um…the pepperoni looks good."

Jane smiled at her, "that's what I was thinking, too."

Jane got in line and ordered them a couple slices of pizza and two waters. When they had gotten their food, they both slid into a booth near the back and didn't waste any time before digging in.

Jane had eaten a lot of pizza in her time, but this was quite possibly the best pizza she had ever eaten. She could tell by the look on Maura's face that she agreed.

Between bites, the two talked mostly about their childhood's, Jane told her all about the times her family had travelled here when she was a kid and Maura told her all about her trips to Europe. Jane had been worried they wouldn't have much to talk about, they already knew so much about each other, but that turned out to be a needless worry on her part.

When they had finally finished, Jane led her out to the street, opting to walk the ten or so blocks to their next destination. While they walked, Maura took Jane's hand in her own, squeezing it every so often.

"Did you enjoy part one of our date?"

"I did! I've had a lot of pizza, a lot of New York pizza at that, but that was very good. Excellent choice."

Jane smiled at her, just happy to be showing her a good time. The two enjoyed a few minutes of silence as Jane led them to their next destination.

"The Empire State Building?"

"You've never been, right?"

"No, have you?"

"Nope. I thought it would be fun, we can see the view together."

"It sounds great, Jane."

- R & I -

Jane loved to watch Maura. All the time.

There was something about the look in her eyes when she saw something she thought was beautiful or wonderful or miraculous. Jane didn't even have a word to describe it, but she knew she loved it.

She leaned back against the side of the building and watched as Maura leaned as close to the edge as possible. After a few moments, Jane walked up next to her and wrapped an arm around her waist. Maura turned to look at her, a smile on her face.

"The view is incredible, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is." Jane stared straight into Maura's eyes, not talking about the view of the city below them at all.

"That was incredibly cheesy, Jane."

"What, you don't like cheesy?"

"I happen to love cheesy."

Jane pulled her in for a kiss as the first snowflakes of the season began to fall. She noticed a shiver from the blonde next to her and took her hand, leading her inside.

"Come on, we've got one more stop to make."

- R & I -

Jane should have known.

She should have expected Maura would be an excellent ice skater. She was beautiful and graceful and poised; it was only natural. Jane, however, was awkward and clumsy and the complete opposite of graceful.

She had learned to skate when she was younger, she had begged her parents to let her play hockey, but she quickly gave it up in favor of basketball and the skills seemed to have left her over the years.

Maura didn't seem to mind, though.

Jane watched as she glided around the ice at Rockefeller Center, stopping to help Jane along ever so often.

After an hour or so of skating, the crowd began to thin out and Jane was content to rest on the edge and watch her girlfriend skate. She smiled a toothy grin when Maura headed her way.

"You're pretty great at that, you know?"

"I took lessons as a kid."

"Why am I not surprised?"

Maura simply smiled in response and grabbed Jane by the ends of her scarf, pulling her in for a kiss. Suddenly it didn't seem near as cold out. Maura was certain this must be what heaven felt like, because surly nothing could beat this feeling.

"Are you having a good time, Jane?"

"Best date ever," she replied simply, giving Maura one last kiss before she skated off again.

- R & I -

Maura couldn't help but be a little sad when their date came to an end. It had been the best date of her life, though she really didn't have much to compare it to.

Jane really had planned the perfect date; Maura couldn't wait to see all the places she and Jane would go together.

She held on tightly to her date's hand as they approached her front door and she paused as she unlocked it, turning to look toward Jane.

"Did you want to come in for a while?"

"That wouldn't be too gentlemanly of me, now would it, Miss Isles?"

Maura couldn't help but roll her eyes and smile, "Thank you for a really wonderful date, Jane. I had a great time."

"Me too, Maura."

Jane leaned down to place a soft kiss on Maura's lips, but the blonde had other ideas. As soon as she made contact with Jane, she wrapped her arms around the brunette's neck, pulling her in as close as she could. Instinctively, Jane wrapped her arms around her waist and Maura backed them up so her back was against the door.

Jane couldn't help but let a small moan escaping when she felt Maura pull her even closer and slide one of her legs between Jane's.

Maura ran her tongue lightly across Jane's lips, testing the waters a bit. In no time at all, Jane allowed her access and the two continued the battle for several minutes before they finally had to break for air.

"Goodnight, Jane," Maura said when they parted, a small smirk on her face.

It wasn't the first time she had left Jane speechless and it definitely wouldn't be the last.

- R & I -

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