inspiration taken loosely from shankill butchers.

If there's a god that could save me, I'd ask that he open the skies and do it now-

We want to catch you awake. We think it's fun, burning and slicing and putting holes in you until you tell us what we want to hear. Sometimes, regardless of whether or not you do what we tell you to, we kill you. It's not out of mercy. It's not because you'll be better off dead, in less pain, in a better place- we just get tired of your screaming, and want you to be quiet.

Death is the fastest way to silence.

Anyway, that's what I tell myself.

I'm not an unintelligent person. When I came from the World, fresh out of school, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. The Border had an allure to it that my own city didn't, and besides, my sister was already there. If she could make it, I knew I could. And I did- don't get me wrong, it was hard at first- I did make it pretty big in B-town, even if it meant getting in with a gang. You can blame it on Cal, if you want, because she was already in. There are benefits to being a little brother.

We never knew his name, just that he had red hair and was the only magician in the area who could actually make things happen. So we took him, and tried to learn what he knew. Two days in, we figured out his name was Max and he swore he had people who loved him enough to come get him, but they never came and we tore him up pretty badly before he got away.

It's funny. No one expects a gang member to have this much self-loathing, but here I am. I think all of us are like this, really, even if we don't often show it. It's not like we end up on this on purpose, you know. It's not something you're born into or choose. It's just something that happens. You turn into one of the Butchers, a bedtime story to frighten children, except the bedtime story sometimes comes true.