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Hamako woke up and went to the bathroom. The house was eerily quiet, now that Ren was gone. There was a faint sound of music that covered the noises of the crowd. She hated crowd noises. As she washed her face, she saw the faint scar that was on her wrist. It was pinkish but it was rather invisible. She consciously rubbed it before walking back out.

After a change of clothes, she sat in front of her laptop on her bed, and typed in an address. It was a private net that required a password to enter. Just like Dollars. She typed in the password as she read it out aloud softly.

"C...o...d...e...R...e...d..." Hamako wondered who with their sane mind would put such a weird password like CodeRed anyways. Large words of 'Black Straw' came onto the screen and a red flame burnt the words before the page showed it's mysterious self. The whole web themed was black and red, and was rather scary in a way. Even the mouse cursor was a red wilted rose.

"Fancy." She mumbled as she found the NOTICE button and clicked on it. There was a new post that was posted yesterday and she clicked her mouse again. After reading the post, she replied that she was attending. Hamako closed her laptop and walked herself to her florist.

She had locked her door and checked twice before leaving the apartment building. She hummed to herself again. On her way, she spot a music shop and there were new stocks of headphones that was displayed on the shop window. She stopped to look and went into the shop. There was many different headphones as she stood there, baffled by the idea to buy every single one but she had not much cash with her.

It was 2 hours later that her phone rang from a message she then knew she was there too long. She quickly took one and bought it before speeding off towards the shop. She was so, so late to open her shop. She checked her phone to stop that annoying chiming ringtone and found a message about some advertisement. She narrowed her eyes and deleted the message immediately.

"Spam mails!" She growled in annoyance. When she had reached her destination, she found Izaya in front of her florist, using his phone for internet. She wondered why he always waits in front of her shop though.

"Tsk tsk!~ Mako-chan's really late!~" Izaya commented as soon as he saw her. She unlocked the door and Izaya slipped inside to his favourite sofa. He then spotted her new headphones that she wore around her neck. There were hints of music blaring out on the speakers since she hadn't paused her song.

"Mako-chan loves red and black, doesn't she?~" Izaya sang, flapping his arms in the air as he lay down on the bed. Hamako ignored him and proceed to turn the air conditioner on. It was stuffy and not long before the flowers would die from the temperature.

She made a pot of tea and sat onto the opposite sofa. The aroma of the tea blended in with the scent of flowers. She handed him one and he took it. He looked at it and saw a floating tea stalk in it.

"It means good luck, you know?" Hamako said, hinting that she had purposely gave him that cup of tea. He smiled and Hamako blushed again, knowing that he understood what she said. She rubbed her face unconsciously and he kept smiling at his amusement.

"N-Never knew you were capable of smiling." She said, trying to change the current atmosphere. It was getting tensed, at least for her. She was easily embarrassed all along and Izaya was using it as his advantage. She tried to change it to no avail.

"Mako-chan doesn't know a lot about me!~" Izaya replied, and he went back to laying down on the sofa, a hand resting on his stomach and the other left dangling off the sofa.

"I know. Maybe more than you know?" Hamako suggested but Izaya didn't really listened to her. He simply wants to enjoy the quiet and peaceful world he hadn't had for years. It seems that the florist had provided a good environment for resting, maybe Hamako should change a florist into some relaxation area?

"No way! I like florists." Hamako immediately denied as soon as Izaya said his suggestion. Izaya then went back to his resting. He couldn't believe it but he fell asleep quite soon with the soft music playing in the background. Hamako had woke him up later at eight at night, claiming she needed to shut her shop.

"I fell asleep!" Izaya sleepily muttered under his breath, trying to make sense to what had happened. Maybe it was because he hadn't slept for two days straight but still, for him to put his guard down... Though he had made it back home rather safely, in his half awake state.

Hamako went home and opened her wardrobe. She grabbed a loose baggy crimson hoodie and pulled the hood over her. She changed her skirts into black shorts and sneakers. She had also put on her new headphones. She turned on her music rather loudly and headed off to the park.

She jogged around the park while she kept glancing at the big clock. When it reached ten exactly, she sat down on a bench, rather satisfied that she ran three laps. She couldn't do much with her bad asthma anyways.

Soon, many other people who had a black straw rose came to the park. They wandered around a bit before spotting her. They looked at her with utmost respect while the tall black hooded figure pulled down his hood and bowed slightly.

His hair was black with highlighted white stripes. His hair was messily but still in style. He looked at Hamako with bright green eyes. He was paying his respects and soon the other members also bowed slightly.

"Lady Hitomi."