Just to make everything perfectly clear, they are back on Kinmoku, and all of them are girls. Homophobes, take a bow and make for the door. Anything that might seem similar to any other fics is entirely unintentional and I apologize for any inconveniences. KyuRisu out.

There were four rules in the Starlight's household. One: Taiki is not to be criticized on her poetry unless one wanted to become the next victim of her scare pranks. Two: Seiya is not to be interrupted when playing sports unless one wants a ball in their stomach. Three: Yaten was not to be angered in any way, shape, or form, or she would fly into unstoppable rage, which usually resulted in someone (or something) getting flash-fried by her Star Sensitive Inferno. And four: Kakyuu was not to be within sight of any kind of insect (especially spiders) or she would become hell-bent on destroying the thing, which meant she would likely end up destroying almost everything else. Today, one of those rules had been broken.

"AAAAAHHHH!" Taiki and Kakyuu looked over to the hallway, partly worried, and partly amused. Worried because they knew that Seiya had gotten herself into a mega pinch again, and amused because they knew exactly why she was running, and who she was running from. "You're DEAD!" "Gomenasaiiiiiiiiiii!" "GIVE ME BACK MY HAIRBRUSH!" The other two sweatdropped, Taiki muttering under her breath. "Seiya no baka..." Yaten was very fond of her hairbrush that she had created herself, and so was chasing Seiya through the house with her hair soaking wet and sticking up at all angles. She looked ridiculous, and it was all Taiki could do to hold back uproarious laughter. Kakyuu just looked on in amusement. "Well, that beats sitting here staring at the walls..." "STAR SENSITIVE...INFERNO!" "On second thought..." "Better go make sure Seiya's still alive."

"Nngh..." Seiya felt as if every hammer in the world had combined and slammed into her head. 'I feel sorry for all of those Phage...' "Hey, Kinmoku to Seiya, are you alright?" Taiki. "Sure...just peachy..." "Well, at least you've still got a bit of sarcasm left." Taiki remarked as she helped her friend up. "Healer, I'm going to kill you later..." "You earned that. Why do you take such delight in making her temper flare up?" Seiya smirked. "Because she's just so much fun to rile up." "Or maybe you just wanted to see Yaten in a towel." Not having an answer for that, and realizing her face was bright red, Seiya just gave up and stalked away, oblivious to a certain red-haired princess's giggling. "Oh, could they be any more obvious!?" At this, Taiki snorted. "Probably."

Seiya stood in the shower in her room, nursing his aching body. "She seriously needs to lay off the temper..." Just after she had gotten dressed, she heard furious pounding on her door. Frustrated beyond belief, she shouted at it. "WHAT!?" The knocker didn't seem to be fazed. "Kou Seiya, open the door already!" 'Yaten.' Reluctantly opening the door, she was chest to face with the smallest Light. "What do you want?" "I'm sorry." Seiya exploded. "You're sorry!? You're SORRY!? Sorry for flash frying me and just walking off without even apologizing!? Yeah, you better be sorry!" She was abut to slam the door when she heard a small sound of concern and felt hands on her shoulders. She nearly pushed them away, but was stopped when a jade green light enveloped her, healing her bruises and scrapes and washing away the pain. "Nani?" The silver-haired girl fell to her knees, panting in exhaustion. "There. That should help..." Seiya felt chastised, concern washing over her, as well as a wry smile. 'See, she really does care." "Yaten, are you alright?" "Sure...just peachy..." Seiya chuckled. "Good. Apology accepted, pipsqueak." "Do you mean that?" "Of course, baka." "Arigato Sei-chan." Seiya was surprised to feel warm heat rushing to her face as Yaten hugged her. 'Oh stars, I think I'm in love.'