I have become pathetically lovestruck myself, so forgive me if I get a bit too sappy or OOC.

Which I probably will on occasion. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻*Sigh* KyuRisu out.

Yaten and I were now official lovers, and I couldn't have been happier. To celebrate, I asked her to the Kinmoku Ball as my date, to which she happily accepted. She was so much more carefree and happy once she finally let her guard down, but there was still a corner of her heart that she wouldn't even allow me to see. I had made it my personal mission to open up the barriers in her heart and soul, and to always be there for her, to protect her, and to comfort her. I loved her with my entire being, and that would never change. I was startled out of my reverie by an irritated voice. "OI! Kinmoku to Seiya, come back home please!" Did I mention she still had an untamable temper? Ah well, I wouldn't have my little tempest any other way. "What now... Holy..." My mouth fell open and I stood there like a total idiot at the sight before me. Yaten was standing in a strapless, glittering silver gown that fell to halfway past her knees, the bottom spreading out to look like flower petals swirling in the wind. She had jade green ribbons accenting her waist, both wrists and ankles and her neck, and silver slippers that glinted in the light. It showed off every one of her perfect curves and her hair fell to her knees, the silvery locks combed to feathery perfection. "Seiya! I know you find me irresistible, now stop staring and help me zip up this dress!"

I chuckled, and fought a reflex to zip it down instead of up, the up reflex eventfully winning out. "Yaten, you're absolutely beautiful..." She smirked. "Of course I am. Why else do you think I had the most fangirls back on Earth? I'm freaking sexy!" "For once, I agree with you. I'm going to go get dressed now. Ja ne!" "Ja ne." I can't believe my luck. I am dating a goddess from the stars themselves, and she is mine, all mine. And I am forever hers... I put on my own dress, a dark blue gown that matched my eyes. I had been careful to choose the style that I knew Yaten would like the best, and I proudly walked out to show her. I was met by a smile that showed me that she loved it, and a kiss that meant even more. But her eyes are still guarded. She does not want to let me see the true her, hidden behind that barrier. She does not want to be hurt again, like she has been so many times. But I will never hurt her, not now, not ever. "Come on Pipsqueak, let's go." "Hai."

An hour or two after the couples dance and the toast and dinner, I realized that I had lost sight of Yaten. I looked around and found her dancing with another man. I felt jealousy flare up inside of me until I noticed the pink tint to her cheeks and the unnatural grin. She was drunk. 'Oh well.' I thought. 'Let her have some fun, I won't stop her. Besides, what could possibly happen?' I went and found Taiki and Kakyuu-hime, just as happy as any couple could be, and joined them for some weak liquor. I didn't want to get too drunk, but what's a ball without a little vodka? Another hour passed, and I was pleasantly buzzed, but still thinking perfectly clearly. Thinking that it was getting late, and that I really should find Yaten so that we could go home. I found her on the ground, clad in only a bra and a thong with the same guy she had been dancing with earlier above her. The man was wearing nothing but his underwear, and his erection was showing. It was painfully obvious what he was going to do as his hand reached towards his pants. I exploded.

"WHAT IN ALL NINE HELLS ARE YOU DOING WITH MY GIRLFRIEND!?" I shouted, completely enraged. In a flash I had henshined, and bodyslammed the man out the window. He was lucky he landed on a discarded couch. I turned my attention back to Yaten, hugging her tightly, my hands trembling from anger and worry. "Are you alright Yaten? Did he hurt you, did he do anything to you? Anything at all?" "S-S'alraught." She said, her voice terribly slurred. She looked a little fearful, but due to the alcohol wasn't that shaken. Kakyuu-hime and Taiki rushed over, alarmed. "Fighter! What happened!?" I de-henshined, pointing out the window. "He-he tried to rape her!" Both of them gasped. Taiki looked like she wanted to kill someone, and Kakyuu-hime, as always, was concerned only for Yaten's safety. "Is she alright?" "She's fine. Let's go home guys." "Hai." I gently pulled Yaten to her feet, but she swayed and fell against me. "Nngh... dizzy..." She murmured, before falling limp. "Yaten? The alcohol must have finally gotten to her. Let's get her back as quick as we can." "Good idea."

An hour later, Kakyuu-hime and Yaten were sleeping, and Taiki and I were still wide awake. Taiki was just too hyper to fall asleep, and I was still boiling with anger. How dare that guy take advantage of my little girl!? Sure she may be a Starlight, but she's tiny! And she's never been a drinker. I bet you anything that guy got her drunk on purpose! I didn't realize that my hands had balled into fists until I felt a hand over them. "Taiki?" "Hey, it's alright. Nothing like that is going to happen again, and because of you, nothing actually happened. Yaten is fine, now unclench your hands, you're going to draw blood." I did, with difficulty, and turned to Taiki, who was still a bit hyper from the cherry cordial. "Demo, she's never been drunk. I think he got her drunk on purpose!" "Seiya, I know. But everything is over now. Kakyuu put the man in jail." "Good. I think I'll try to sleep now." "Good idea. Oyasumi." "Oyasumi." I walked into our room, deciding to sleep on the couch so I wouldn't disturb Yaten. She was beautiful. I knew that, she knew that, anyone could see it. But I never expected anyone to try and take advantage of her. No wonder she was so guarded.

I woke up to the sickly light of dawn. "Yaten?" "Seiya... I think I'm gonna be sick..." Right. A hangover. I gently helped her to the toilet and held her hair back while she emptied the contents of her stomach. "Seiya... What's wrong with me...?" Of course. She'd never been drunk. "Don't be worried Yaten, it's just a hangover. It'll be gone by tomorrow." "It'd better be..." She moaned softly before throwing up again. I felt sorry for her, after all, it wasn't even her fault that she had gotten drunk. Taiki walked in and sighed sympathetically. "Hangover?" "Yep." "I'll go get some medicine." "Arigatou Taiki." I quickly turned around and gave Yaten the pills. "Here you are... Swallow them please, they'll make you feel better." She did, and quickly fell asleep. I turned to Taiki with a questioning look. She shrugged. "I mixed the pills with a sedative. Don't worry, I learned it from my medical textbooks, it's perfectly safe." "Oh. Well, I'll put her to bed. Meet me in your room for dinner?" "Sure, ja ne!" "Ja ne." I carrid her to bed, suddenly filled with joy. 'Taiki was right. Everything is over now, and I couldn't be happier Pipsqueak.'