Seiya and Yaten were playing cards when the room went pitch black. Seiya stopped dead "What the-!?" "The power went out." She threw her hands up in exasperation "Not again!" They called the only one who wasn't effectively blinded. "TAIKI!" "What?" "The power's gone out!" Taiki facepalmed. "Seriously!? Again!?" "YES!" "Why?" She asked, flinching at Yaten's voice "WE MIGHT KNOW IF WE COULD SEE!" "Fine, coming, coming!" She grabbed a flashlight and went to the living room. It was so dark that she couldn't see her own hand in front of her face. She turned on the flashlight, but it went out almost immediately. "Smart Taiki, now what?" Yaten answered that question, having noticed the dim glare of the flashlight and, knowing that it would go out soon, gripped her Henshin Star in the brief light. "Healer Star Power, Make Up!" There was a bright flash, and then darkness again. "Healer? What are you doing?" "Wait." Suddenly, there was another glow. Healer had managed to use her Star Sensitive Inferno to create a sort of lamp. "Healer! How clever!" She smirked. "I know." "You're supposed to say 'thank you' or something like that." She shrugged. "Maybe." "Whatever. Taiki just fix the power!"

"How do I do that? I'm Sailor Star Maker not Sailor Star Power Outlet!" "Well, we thought you would know because you were the only one who took industrial tech back on Earth!" "Fine, fine, I'll try. Where's the wiring?" Healer held up her 'lamp.' "Here." "Okay. Can you make that a little brighter?" She did. "Ah, that might be a bit too bright. Dim it please." "Fine." "A little brighter." "WOULD YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND!?" "Okay, okay, don't kill me!" She growled softly, but Taiki knew she wouldn't really hurt her... she hoped. Finally, after a lot of yelling and one extra-crispy Kou Seiya, the power had come back on. "What a nightmare..." Taiki sighed. "You're one to talk bookworm..." "Oh, sorry Seiya. You okay?" "For fried chicken. Oh stars I think Yaten's sarcasm is rubbing off..." Taiki couldn't help it, she doubled over laughing. "You- you're right... Her sarcasm has been rubbing off!" "Sure... just hilarious... I'm gong to go take a shower." "Fine. Ja!"

Yaten was sitting in her room, sketching when she heard water spraying, as the bathroom was right next door to her own. At first she ignored it, but it grew more and more insistent, until finally she realized that the occupant was spraying the water at the wall to annoy her. 'Seiya...' She henshined and stormed out of her room, furious. Opening the door without knocking, she aimed her Henshin Star and fired, thoroughly frying Seiya, who was soaking wet. "Ah... Healer, what the hell!? You know electricity conducts better in water..." "Oh. My. God! I had no idea that you were actually in the water, I just knew that you were spraying the water at the wall and I knew it was a prank and I was so angry I wasn't thinking clearly! I'm so sorry!" Sitting up, Seiya smiled. "I'm fine pipsqueak. Not like Galaxia was any better." Instantly she kicked herself for bringing that up. Healer was still haunted by nightmares and the lingering feeling of so many Stars fading at once, and even now her eyes widened. "Gomen ne. That was not a joking matter, I know." "No it wasn't, but I forgive you. Say..." She leaned in and kissed Seiya's shoulder, leaving the dark-haired Starlight rigid with shock. Drawing back, she smirked. "Did I tell you I was thirsty?" Now it was Seiya's turn to smirk. "Oh you are huh? Well, would you care to..." She leaned in closely, her warmth sending chills down the fey's spine. "Join me?" "Sure, you obnoxious flirt." "You know you love me." Seiya teased as she closed the shower curtain. "I hate myself for it sometimes, but I do."

When they were done showering, the couple decided to go straight to bed. Seiya was tired and Yaten nearly dead on her feet from healing Seiya's burns, so they skipped dinner and curled up in each other's arms, sleeping peacefully. Well, almost. Seiya awoke to a soft sound. Looking down, she saw the pale, trembling form held in her arms, outlined by the faint light of the coming dawn. "Yaten...?" She cried out, though quietly, quietly, so no one could hear her. Seiya reached up and slapped herself in the face. 'I had the idiocy to bring up Galaxia again and she's suffering for it. Way to go moron.' "Yaten? Yaten wake up." She shook her gently. "Wake up now, you're having a nightmare." She awoke, briefly panicking and trying to pull away but Seiya just held her tighter. "Daijobou, daijobou..." She calmed down. "Seiya?" "I'm here. I'm so sorry Ya..." She was cut off by a kiss. Smiling into their lip lock, Seiya gently pulled away and held the fey to her side, and they quickly fell asleep again as the sun began to rise.

At lunch, the two sat down and began to play cards while eating their sandwiches. Yaten bit into hers and chuckled softly. "You made this Seiya?" "Yes..." "It's a miracle! I'm not dying of food poisoning!" Never one to pass up a good verbal spar, Seiya snapped back. "That's because you're so small germs have no place to go!" Yaten smirked. "Oh? Then why don't you get food poisoning? Your stomach is the size of a beach ball!" "It is not! It's just muscular!" "Oh? How does it get that way, sleepwalking? You certainly can't throw a ball to save your life." Taiki sighed. 'Does everything end up an argument for these two?' Uh, guys, finish up, we need to get moving..." Seiya, however, grew hopping mad. "Oh that does it that does iiiiit!" She launched herself at Yaten, who deftly dodged. "What the hell, Seiya!?" "Now I have to break them up!" Muttered one very peeved Kou Taiki. She got up, fished in the drawer for a bit, and pulled out a bullhorn, screaming into it. "GUYS, BREAK IT UP, WE HAVE WORK TO DO! MEET ME IN THE SOUTH WING!" They umped apart, Yaten instinctively covering her ears before giving Taiki's backside a glare that could rival Medusa. Suddenly, the room went pitch-black. "You have got to be kidding me..." "Nope." "TAIKIIII!" What is it?" "The power went out!" "WHAT!?"