The Heavy, as a kid living in a town call Teefort (very far away from Teufort) with his dad, known widely as Saxton Hale. He loved Sandwiches and most of all-WEAPONS.

2 months later...

The Heavy picks up a letter:
Dear Heavy,
my son, i am regretful that i have to leave to oversee the production of Team Fortress 3. If fate wills it, we will meet again someday.

From Saxton Hale, dad.

P.s. check the garage

P.s.s. open the fridge

The Heavy flicked open the garage door switch and it opened revealed a pristine minigun sitting on a elaborately designed it comes another message:


This is Sasha, named after your mother, now open that fridge, it will give you more detailed instructions.

The Heavy opened the fridge and revealed yet another message with a Saxton Hale lunchbox sitting on top of it:

Get the Sandvich, i know that you like sandwiches, so I've made a "Sandvich" that may heal any wounds that you may suffer with just one bite. Now

take it, get the Minigun and go to Teufort. Find the BLU Team there and meet up with the Medic, he may be the only chance you survive.

'Lol?' said the Heavy. Just when he was about to leave, a rap was heard on the garage door.

'Open up' someone shouted

Another few impatient knocks.

"Dammit you son of Saxton Hale!' the man shcked his shotgun.

BOOM! The garage door was splintered to pieces.

'Don't touch Sandvich!' shouted the Heavy.

The man spun towards the source of the sound. He was dressed in a red coat green pants a helm with a slight and a rocket launcher on his back and a

shotgun in hand.

The Heavy was standing in front of the refrigerator with his Sasha minigun protecting his Sandvich.

'I'm the RED Soldier, i know what your dad Saxton Hale is working on, a sandwich that can heal wounds in a bite, so gimme the Sandvich!. I do not

want to blast you and the house down with my rocket.' warned the Soldier.

The Heavy aimed his minigun.

'Oh, I know what you're gonna do, but I'd put a number of holes in you before you even put one in me.' mocked the Soldier.

With no choice, a desperate thought formed in the Heavy's mind and he which at the Soldiers surprise threw the minigun right at the Soldier before he

could even react.

'Me say no Sandvich, back off!' bellowed the Heavy.

With that he picked up the Soldier's rocket launcher and smashed the Soldier's head which was still trapped under the minigun's weight. Then the

Heavy picked up the minigun, Sandvich, the Soldier's shotgun and left.

'Now, off to Teufort.' says the Heavy.

Unknown to his a timer had started to countdown stating,

Respawn in 5...





And the Soldier's corpse disappeared.