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Living Legacy

The Limousine rolled alongside the front yard, and the driver stepped out to greet the group on the front step.

"Hello, everyone! My name is Mason, and I'm looking for Bolt and Mittens."

"That would be us!" Bolt said waving his paw upwards.

"Excellent. I assume Kurt filled you in." Mason said

"All he said was that you'd be here to pick us up, but he never said why." Bolt answered

"Well, I'm just the driver. But what I do know is that you're flight leaves at noon for Las Vegas. For whatever reason, he never mentioned." Mason explained. Bolt looked up at Penny as she got down to a lower level.

"If you need anything, please let me know." Penny said

"Thanks Penny." Bolt said smiling as she gently pulled him into a hug.

"You're a good boy… you're my good boy!" Penny said letting him go, and soon after, reaching for Mittens. The black cat was then pulled into a hug of her own.

"Both of you come home safe." Penny said

"We will!" Bolt said back before he and Mittens walked to the limousine, where the back door was opened for them to climb inside. Soon after, the two of them were off to Las Vegas. For what, exactly? No one knew. Kurt had chartered a small plane for the two of them at the airport, and took off as soon as they arrived. It was a 2-hour flight that gave them time to fill up their minds with questions, and hopefully get some answers soon after they touched down. What did Kurt want from them so badly? Was someone hurt? Did he get kidnapped again? There to meet them in the field was Kurt himself along with two other men that looked like body guards. Kurt had to have some heavy security around him, due to the growing success of GGE. That meant his popularity was growing and that more people knew who he was.

"What's going on, Kurt?" Bolt asked not wasting any time.

"I'll explain everything in the conference room." Kurt answered leading them through a few small hallways and up one set of stairs. As Kurt opened a door to a large room, he moved out of the way to let Bolt and Mittens go first, who were surprised at what they saw.

"What are you guys doing here?" Preston asked Bolt and Mittens from his spot on the floor. On the same side of his was Simone, Eli, Beverly, and Allen. On the other side of the room were Nova and Trigger, who were just as surprised to see them. Kurt left the door open, as well as his body guards outside the room.

"Dad!" Nova said shocked

"Nova, you're here too?" Bolt asked openly.

"You're all here for a reason." Kurt said jumping in before Nova had a chance to speak.

"Would you care to clarify?" Eli asked.

"I called all of you here because there's been a breach in GGE." Kurt said upfront.

"What do you mean a 'breach'?" Bolt asked

"I mean that someone, or a group of some ones has been stealing from the company. We're over $3,000,000 short of what we should be at, and we've done multiple background checks on our personnel. All of them check out, which means…."

"They don't work for GGE." Eli answered for Kurt.

"Correct! We have what's called an 'external embezzlement' on our hands. They don't work for us, but they're making money off of us." Kurt explained.

"When did this start happening?" Eli asked again.

"About 6 weeks ago. It started out with about $20,000 being 'misplaced', and then three days later, we were out over $1 million. Most of the money has been lost without a trace, except for a small amount of it… in New York City." Kurt finished. Mittens cringed at the thought of the city, having been declawed, forgotten, and left to fend for herself in it over the course of some time.

"Not the best memory I wanna look back on." Mittens said openly.

"New York?" Beverly asked

"Yeah. Remember the story of how we met?" Bolt asked the husky.

"Oh, right! Sorry." Beverly said a little embarrassed. Mittens simply shook her head as a sign that she didn't need to apologize. Because Mittens couldn't talk, it raised a few question for Kurt as he listened.

"What did I miss?" Kurt asked

"Ohh… Mittens is from New York City. That's where she was abandoned by her old family." Bolt explained

"Oh, Mittens. I'm so sorry. Had I known, I wouldn't have asked you to come." Kurt said. Mittens once again shook her head, giving him the same answer she gave to Beverly. It was in the past, but the memory tends to hurt from time to time.

"But you did ask for her to come. You asked for ALL of us to come, and you know that I have no genetic enhancement, and yet you still call for me. Now that I think about it, the only ones in this room that still work for you are Nova and Trigger. I'm sorry for sounding upset, Kurt; but, we don't work for GGE." Bolt said getting irritated.

"I understand that, but like I said earlier, you're here for a reason. That reason is because of this:" Kurt said as he pressed a button on a small remote that he had in his hands. Suddenly, a picture appeared on a projection screen. It showed a patch of white fur and nothing else.

"Is this supposed to mean something?" Bolt asked

"This tuft of fur was found outside one of the meeting places where the money was exchanged in New York two weeks ago. They used a dog to transfer the money; specifically…. a White American Shepherd." Kurt said. Bolt looked at Kurt with curiosity, and was about to say something when Beverly stepped in.

"Wait a minute! You'd better not be accusing Bolt of this." Beverly said with a stern voice as she rose to all four of her feet.

"Beverly, you'd better watch what you say!" Kurt said just as sternly.

"Then tell me I'm wrong, and I'll back down." Beverly said as she dug her claws into the carpet below. At one point, it looked like she was about to pounce.

"Bolt is innocent." Kurt said plainly. Beverly loosened her grip on the floor and sat back on her haunches. Bolt also let out a sigh of relief, knowing that he wasn't being accused for a crime he didn't commit.

"I only heard about this 6 hours ago. Soon after, I had that patch sent to one of my labs, and they recently came back to me with some news. The patch of fur doesn't belong to Bolt, but it DOES belong to a relative." Kurt said as he looked at Bolt, who was as shocked as could be. All eyes were locked on Bolt, wondering what he was going to say about this. As he opened his mouth to try to speak, nothing came out. He couldn't move and he couldn't talk. He could only think, and even that seemed to scare him.

"Bolt, are you okay?" Mittens asked from right beside him. The shepherd said nothing. He only looked at the floor; not in disappointment or guilt, but in thought.

"They used a sample of hair from your old battle vest from 2 years ago. It was a 98% match. I've looked as deep as I can go, Bolt. Do you remember where you were born?" Kurt explained and asked.

"No. I was adopted at a pet store, but I don't know where I'm from." Bolt answered

"Well, it's a good thing I do. You were born in a small town in Pennsylvania called Rooney. Your original owners scattered you and your other siblings throughout the country, and you ended up in southern California. From there, you were adopted by Penny."

"Whose fur is that?

"It belongs to… your father. After you and your siblings were given away, so was he. He stayed at a shelter for a few months before being adopted by an assumed name, which is now presumably fake. The adoptee went by the name William Brown, but as of right now, we don't know his REAL name." Kurt said

"Does Penny know about any of this?" Bolt asked

"No, but you do now. I figured you had a right. The new recruits haven't dealt with a situation like this. I know that you guys are retired, but we need you…. All of you. Preston, can you and Simone help us stop this?" Kurt asked. Preston and Simone looked at one another, and then back at Kurt.

"Okay." Preston answered

"Eli, what about you and Beverly?" Kurt asked again, turning to the Ridgeback and Husky.

"I don't know about this, Kurt!" Beverly asked

"A part of GGE will always stick with you, and I know that both you and Eli have what it takes. I've seen it in you before." Kurt said, practically begging.

"I'm in." Eli said. Beverly looked at her mate, waiting for him to give her his reasoning.

"He needs us, and you know it." Eli said explaining himself.

"Count me in!" Beverly said

"Bolt, Mittens: what about you?" Kurt asked

"Absolutely not!" Bolt said firmly, which seemed to surprise Kurt.


"I was never a part of this agency, and I could've lived my whole life without knowing who my father was, especially when he's on the wrong side of the law. I told you guys that I was done helping this company after I saved Kurt. You wasted your time and your money calling Mittens and I here. I refuse! If you guys wanna help, be my guest, but leave me out of it." Bolt said getting up and walking out the open door. Mittens didn't follow him, but he didn't care. She didn't know what to think at the moment. On one hand, she wanted to support her mate; but, something seemed to be keeping her there.

"What do we do now?" Nova asked

"I had a feeling he'd turn this down." Kurt said rubbing his forehead in frustration.

"Well, I don't know how much help I'll be, but I'M going whether Bolt decides to or not." Mittens said openly.

"What about the whole 'New York' thing?" Beverly asked referring to the feline's past history with the bustling city.

"It's in the past. I have a home with Bolt now. I don't plan on going back."

(20 minutes later)

The group waited for Bolt to return for some time, but their impatience got the better of them. They didn't have very far to look other than just down the hallway, where Bolt sat looking out the terminal window, watching plane after plane take off and land. The first one to spot the canine was Mittens. She stood at the corner of the hall just watching him, wondering what made him come to a decision so quickly about declining the mission.

"I can feel you staring." Bolt said still looking out the window. Mittens let out a small laugh, barely audible to a human ear. She walked towards her mate and sat down right beside him in the hallway, looking in the same direction that he was.

"You looking for something?" Mittens asked

"Answers." Bolt said simply.

"Well, you aren't gonna find them here."

"Anywhere in particular I should start looking?" Bolt asked. Mittens let out a small sight before answering his question.

"I'd try New York City." said the tuxedo cat. Bolt just looked away from the window, and further away from Mittens. Something seemed to be eating away at his heart, but Mittens couldn't quite pinpoint exactly what it was.

"Are you gonna tell me what's going on? Or do I have to pry it out of you?"

"No one has to pry anything out of me."

"Then baby, just tell me!" Mittens said pleading him to speak his mind.

"….By pure instinct, I was always looking out for Penny, even before we started filming my show. It constantly made me wonder if I got that sort of courage from my father, even though I never knew him. And when Penny read that note in her graduation card from Kurt, it only made me wonder more. I kept thinking to myself, 'my father must've been a police dog, or worked with the military; something that would make people proud of him.' To hear Kurt say that my father…. is a criminal…. is something I have no interest in." Bolt explained in detail. His wisdom was something that Mittens overlooked at times, forgetting just how deep his well goes. He wasn't stupid by any means; he was broken-hearted. She recognized that same face on Penny when they had both gone back to Los Angeles, figuring that Bolt was gone for good.

"I need to give you more credit sometimes." Mittens said

"Why do you say that?" Bolt asked

"…because when you speak your mind, you actually have something to say that's worth listening to. By everyone. You may be disappointed in your father, but if he really is what they say he is, I don't see any of that in you. You actually give a damn! You put the world before yourself, even though you don't have to; and I see that in Nova and Seth. If you really wanna know what your father is like, and how you turned out so much better than he did, all of the answers are in New York." Mittens explained giving him reason to go.

"I don't know, Mittens." Bolt said turning around to start walking, but was stopped by Mittens speaking again.

"Fine! If you won't do it for yourself, then do it for Rhino." Mittens said stopping Bolt dead in his tracks before continuing.

"You were considered a god to that annoying little fur ball. He made you out to be the greatest creature to ever roam the Earth, or as he would say it…. 'Be-awesome'. In his eyes, you were a legend. And I know a part of you wants to know where that 'legend' came from, but where you want to know, Rhino deserves to know." Mittens said hoping he would come to his senses. She knew that she had jolted some memories loose in his mind, but what she couldn't see was Bolt's face, and how hard he was trying not to break down and cry hysterically. Silently, streams of tears flowed down his face. The shepherd turned around slowly to reveal his hurt side to Mittens, who also had her own few tears falling from her eyes. She ran at his chest with full force and cried while he held her. This was the first time they had fully grieved over the death of their rodent friend, and letting it all out was as true of a statement as day. The sound eventually made its way to Eli, Beverly, Nova, and Trigger as they reached the hallway where the dog and cat couple was mourning. They continued to hold each other for another two or three minutes before looking at one another with red eyes, wet from sobbing.

"For Rhino?" Mittens asked

"For Rhino." Bolt answered. The two of them made it back to the conference room, where everyone was waiting for them to return. As they looked around the room, it was as if they instantly knew what had happened. Kurt stepped out in front of them and crouched down in his 3-piece suit.

"Well…" Kurt said

"I'll do it… for Rhino." Bolt said with a stern look on his face, telling them that he was ready. Nova closed her eyes and looked away from the group as she tried hiding her pain. Not having Rhino with them anymore had an effect on her the most. Aside from Seth, Rhino was the one animal she could tell anything to. Bolt walked towards his daughter, and lifted her chin with his muzzle.

"I miss him." Nova said as the first of her tears started falling.

"I know, sweetheart. I do too." Bolt said as he pulled her into a hug with his forearm.

"For Rhino." Nova said pulling her head away from Bolt's shoulder.

"For Rhino." Trigger said walking up to the pair and smiling, causing Nova to smile as well.

"For Rhino." Mittens said as she joined the group.

"For Rhino." Eli and Beverly said heading towards the group as well.

"For Rhino." Preston and Simone said as the last of the animals to complete the troop. All that was left was Kurt, who walked away from the doorway and straight for the animal bunch in the middle of the room.

"For Rhino." he said

"Let the legacy live on!" Preston said smiling.

"So Kurt…. How are we gonna do this?" Bolt asked looked at the only human in the room.

"You let me worry about that. For now, all of you need to brush up on what you remember from your years on the job. Because six of you are no longer with the company, I can't place any of you in charge." Kurt explained.

"Okay, so who?" Eli asked

"The ranking officer in this room is Trigger. Every order of business will go through him." Kurt answered, looking at the young lab. Trigger looked at the group almost in shock. This was his 1st mission as the commanding officer, and being in charge of a team of elites made him a bit nervous.

"Are you sure about this, Kurt?" Trigger asked

"Yes. I trust you, Trigger; and I know everyone else here does too." Kurt answered once more.

"Your orders, sir." Preston said looking at the young agent, smiling in pride. He could still remember the 1st day he started training Trigger, and now his work was about to be seen by everyone.

"Kurt, do you have a training facility here in Vegas?" Trigger asked

"Less than a mile from here, to be specific." Kurt said.

"We'll head there first to start retraining; although I don't think we'll have much of a problem." Trigger said as he looked at each member of the original team of superdogs, who all smiled right back, along with Kurt.

"Yes, sir." Kurt said leading them out of the room.

**End of Chapter**

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