Title- An Opportunity of Fate

Disclaimer- I do not own Fate Stay Night, it is owned by Type Moon. No infringement is intended

Rating- Please note that this is starting at teen, but that may change. While I have an outline of the story, I am not sure exactly sure where it will take me. I will warn if there are changes.

Summary- Counter Guardian Emiya is given an offer he cannot refuse. He must somehow save Fuyuki City from the ravages of the Fifth Grail War without being allowed to participate himself! Can he influence his younger self and his friends from his youth enough to save the world before Emiya has to use a Counter Force against the Grail, destroying Fuyuki City and the surrounding area?

Counter Guardian Emiya-

Emiya admired the sunset. It had been setting for eons and yet he still never tired of it. Surrounding him and the hill he stood on were countless weapons surrounding him like grave stones stretching off into infinity.

He vastly preferred being here than amongst the others who had sold themselves to the world as Counter Guardians. He had never been the most social of people when he had been alive, and his life style had progressively reduced the number of social occasions he participated in as he grew older. He never asked for anything and no one had trusted him at the end.

He had only tried to help people, and in the end he was only betrayed. By those he saved, by those whom he had loved, ultimately by himself through his impossible and irrational ideals.

No he didn't need anyone. It was better to be by himself, to be alone in this place. This reflection of his soul, this hell of his own making. His Reality Marble, Unlimited Blade Works.

How long he had been left here since he was last forced to leave he didn't know. But it always started with a massive booming voice telling him where he was to go and what he needed to do. He was after all nothing more than one of Alaya's whipping boys.

"Still sulking I see."

"What now? Some villagers wake up Godzilla, or something? Another city you need me to wipe off the map?"

"Quite possibly, yes."

There was a long pause. Emiya glared at the empty sky. Alaya rarely appeared, just issued orders. Of course she never had the same appearance on any of the occasions that she had appeared to him, being able to draw on the forms of all of mankind. "What and where? And how many people do I have to kill this time?"

"This world. Even now I can't believe how melodramatic it all is. Seriously? Swords impaled in the ground stretching to the horizon? And always the one you want within reach?"

The sound of Alaya's voice continued to reverberate in his skull even as he realized he was also hearing the word personally. He turned to face a seventeen year old Rin Tohsaka wearing her trade mark red sweater. The smile was perfect, a mix of malice and caring. "Why did you choose her?"

Alaya picked two swords from the ground, his favorites, Bakuya and Kanshou. "So that you can remember. You loved her once." Alaya smiled, "She loved you too. She simply could not stand to watch you destroy yourself. You wouldn't let her save you in the end. You were too busy saving others."

Emiya looked away.

The voice changed, becoming hesitant, "Or me, Sempai. I loved you too, even though I gave up on it when you seemed enamoured of my sister. I gave up and later was consumed by Zouken." Again the voice changed, becoming the ever hyper Taiga, "But then you never looked back. You left us all behind." She shook her head and Emiya could hear her weep.

He looked back over and watched Taiga disappear and shrink into a a copy of Ilya. Her red eyes glared at Emiya, "You promised Onii-chan. You promised you would live a happy life. That you would remember me and live for me. And yet you let me die and moulder and just forgot about me!"

It was too much, Alaya plucking his heart strings from too many directions all at once. He rushed to his dead sister, "I didn't forget you. I tried to save as many others as I could, trying to save those like you. I tried I…"

Ilya backed away, "You lie, Onii-chan. You tried to save people to give you purpose. You selfishly acted selfishly, and you forgot us and left us behind."

He caught up to her only to have her fade from his arms. Emiya looked around, searching for where she had gone. "Damn you Alaya, what are you playing at. Mocking me for my beliefs? Toying with your slave?"

One last voice pierced him like none other. One that he had only heard briefly during those tumultuous two weeks. "Not at all. I have always preferred a willing servant to a slave. I will use a slave if necessary, but I would rather you willingly help me, than I have to yoke you to your labors." Said the voice of Arturia Pendragon, the Once and Future King.

For the first time in eons, Emiya was moved to tears. For in front of him, in the spot he usually chose, was Saber. She stood there admiring the sunset, leaning against Excalibur, garbed in her armor. "Why? Why are you doing this to me?"

"I have an offer to make you, Shirou. A task that needs to be done. And to do it, I need you to remember. To feel."

"Why? You already own me."

Saber smiled at him and then turned back to the sunset, "You impressed me with your actions during the last iteration of the Fifth Holy Grail War. You tried to kill yourself. But then you always do every time you get summoned for it." She shook her head and chuckled. "Like I or Gaia would allow that to even be a possibility. Our job is to deal with such issues, not create them."

"So you want me to participate as a Servant in the war?"

"No. Not this time. I want you to observe the war. To nudge it in the right direction. To stop the Grail from being summoned, or better yet, have it be destroyed."

Emiya wasn't sure exactly what he would be doing. How could he effect it if he wasn't participating?

As if she were reading his mind, which given his situation and her immense power was definitely possible. "You will be my Agent. It will allow you to influence people from time to time. You will need to use those opportunities wisely however. And if you fail…"


Again Alaya's form shifted to Rin's. And she smiled and looked at Emiya.

How he had loved the girl, but those smiles were pure evil.

"What would happen?"

"You would personally destroy Fuyuki and all of its inhabitants to secure the destruction of the Grail. You will personally kill everyone you love as the cost of your failure. You would disrupt that section of Japan sufficiently that the ley lines are disrupted and the Heaven's Feel could no longer be summoned there."

"Um, isn't that a bit much?"

Rin's eyes tightened, "One world line over I had the North Koreans accidentally nuke Fuyuki to stop it. And trust me, blasts of that magnitude do indeed have a spiritual effect."

Emiya searched his memories trying to remember the political situation of his youth, "But that would lead to…."

"War. It led to war, and ultimately to the Third World War. But even that is devastation mankind can recover from. If the Grail gets loose it will curse every man, woman and child on the planet. Most if not all will die. My job and your job it to stop it, with as much force as it takes to stop it."

"But how did I impress you if you needed to go to such lengths to save the world?"

"You did not get summoned. Rin learned too much and was killed by Kotomine Kirei before the war. That might be something you want to prevent. But then, it will all be in your hands."

"Thanks. I think. I will do it." Emiya smiled wryly, "Assuming of course I could refuse in the first place.

Alaya, still in Rin's form, merely smiled.

-Authors Note—

And so here we go. My first foray into writing Fate Stay Night. Hope you folks enjoy. Yes there will be changes, a few new Masters, a few new Servants, as well as a few curve balls. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

And thank you for reading.