This is a D Gray Man & Fairy Tail crossover! For D gray Man, this is after Tyki and Road help Allen escape the Black Order. And for Fairy Tail, this is after they were asleep for seven years !Enjoy reading


"normal talking"

"14th talking"

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D gray man universe (nobody's POV)

After Tyki left , Allen decided to go to the Ark. So he play the song in his head. When he felt the gate open, he heard someone calling him.

"ALLEN-KUN!" he turn around to see Lenalee "Le…nalee?! Why are you here?" said Allen. "Please…Please don't go Allen-kun, come back to the order!" said Lenalee While she tried her best not to start cry. "Sorry Leenalee! But I can't return to the Order! If I go, I will be executed immediately. Don't worry, I'll come back one day. Besides the Order is my true home. I love you…and everyone else at the Black Order!" Allen said with a smile but suddenly, he cough out blood. "Shit! The 14th trying to take over! …bye lenalee!" And with that, he went into the Ark limping a little while Lenalee just stood there crying, she was unable to do anything again even though she's more stronger on the outside, she's still weak in the she rememdered all the times she spend in the Order with her friends, now Allen is the only one left. First, Lavi gone missing along with Bookman , next Kanda died with his best friend Alma (AN:even if he doesn't show it) now allen leaving. ' No I'm not going to let them leave me alone not again! I gotta be brave, I cried too much already. If allen-kun's leaving so am I even if I betray the Order!' thought Lenalee. Just when the gate to the Ark is closing she quickly jump into it. 'Sorry nii-san! Bye bye'

When she got in, she saw allen limping his way to somewhere. 'He must know where he's going' she followed allen to where he was going and it's seems that the doesn't know that she was following him.

Lenalee's POV

I followed allen and we past several doors which lead to who knows where! Then something caught my eye, it was adoor like all the others but this one have a strange symbol on it (AN: Guess what it is!) I saw allen was walking/limping towards the door.

Allen's POV

I can feel my strength fading at a fast rate.' I need to get as far as where the battle field, the Black Order, the Noah's everything. Somewhere nobody would find me. Somewhere quiet and peaceful ' then I saw a door with a strange symbol on it, I didn't even have the time to think and with the last bit of my strength, I twist the knob open and let myself fall in as I lose conscious and everything went black.

Lenalee's POV

When I saw allen fall towards the open door I quickly ran towards him and shouted "ALLEN-KUN" but I was too late, he has already lost conscious. I quickly went thought the door and grab onto his hand I tried to activate my innocence but I felt an unusual forced pulling me down. It was strong, VERY strong, TOO strong that I lost conscious.

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