Chapter 1


Iku Kasahara froze in place, long since trained that when he yells in that voice, she's done something. She ran through her head the many possibilities for his anger. It could be she has been slowing them down in the stacks again, that or he saw the picture she drew in boredom in one of her classes. He had just ripped into her about her lack productiveness and she decided to show how productive she could be, by drawing an image of him with the caption SHORT ORGRE LORD. She hadn't meant for the people in her row to see it, or the people at her table with Shibazaki in the café.

Finally deciding to just face her fate she returned back to the work room that Team Dojo resides in, where Instructor Dojo sat focusing on the pile of folders in front of him. The folders she had put together.

"Sir?" Iku asked cautiously, knowing full well what awaits her.

Dojo spun around in his chair holding the folders in his hand, his eyes were hidden under his black fringe, but Iku could imagine the glare. "How many times are you going to continue messing up your jobs and force me to clean up!" he stared to wave the folders around slightly, "Get it right you blockhead!"

Iku jumped when he slammed the folders down on her desk, overtime work of the night. Iku nodded at Dojo in understanding before dropping back into her seat.

Dojo turned to exit, he had expected her to follow him out yet she had sat down and was already pulling the folders apart again. As much as he liked her determination, he didn't expect her to start work straight away. "Kasahara, what are you doing?"

Iku spared a confused glance, "I'm finishing my job, Sir." She explained.

"You can do them tomorrow in your time off."

Iku had thought about that too but she was going to a new store during her time off the next day. She had been waiting for this all week and wasn't going to give it up now. "I have plans tomorrow Sir, I would rather get these down now."

The sergeant rolled his eyes remembering the store she had been going on about for days. He could never understand her excitement for it nor the need to go tomorrow. Surly the shop won't be closed next week. He focused back on the blonde Corporal in front of him, she seemed to be moving a little slower than usually and her cheeks lacked their usually pinkness.

He paced over to her desk to get a better look. Dojo lent on the desk top as he examined her face. Iku paused, being startled by his sudden presence; she could feel heat come up to her cheeks at the close proximity. His face was barely inches from hers, his eyes staring intently.

"S-Sir?" She stammered, then cursed herself for doing so.

Her voice pulled Dojo from his train of thought, she had become flushed and stuttered just from his presence so close to hers. He found this cute about her, not that he would tell her. He raised his hand to pat her head, feeling her soft hair brush under his fingers. "Don't work too hard, can't have you getting sick."

Just as sudden that he was towering over her, he was gone. He left the room after giving her a small smile that made her cheeks flame up again. Dojo had been becoming more affectionate towards Iku since the kidnapping of her and the General at the funeral. She didn't mind seeing this softer side of him, opposed to his usually brute self. But still, every time he did she became a babbling mess. Shibazaki had made many remarks on the subject, mainly saying that Dojo was openly displaying his love for her.

Iku shook the thoughts out of her head, Dojo was just letting his guard down more, nothing else. She cleared her mind of Dojo and focused on finishing the folders and looking forward to the store tomorrow morning.

Dojo pulled the can of coffee out of the vending machine, the warm liquid warming up his hands from the crisp morning air. He had been kept awake by thoughts of Kasahara. He couldn't push them from his mind, the way she was blushing that night before. Or the soft stands of her hair against his rough palm or even the warmth of her breath that he could feel on his skin. He knew he was pushing the limit but he couldn't bring himself to regret doing it. He would do anything to have her staring so intently at him again.

Now he was left to think of other ways to not think of Kasahara. He had tried running for hours but instead was reminded of her running with him during training, always racing him to prove she could last as long as he could.

He fell into the vacant couch in the middle of the lobby, letting his tired limbs relax into the soft cushions.

"My, aren't we up early." Komaki called from over Dojo's shoulder. Dojo moved over to make space for his friend, joining him on the couch.

"Couldn't sleep." He explained taking a gulp from the coffee enjoying the warmth from it.

Komaki gave him a knowing smile, "Dreams of your princess keep you up?" Komaki stiffed his laughter as Dojo chocked on his drink. Bullseye.

"Would you please stop doing that." Dojo pleaded as he gasped for much needed air. As good of a friend that Komaki was to him, he always had a sudden urge to knock that smile off his face.

He continued on ignoring the glare he was receiving from the sergeant, "Young couples in love, you two really do make a pair." A sweet smile on his face holding in the laughter at Dojo's facial expression. Though he looked anger, his face was blushing with a guilty look in his eyes. Dojo was always easy to read. "Made a move on her have you?"

If Dojo had been drinking, he would have been chocking yet again. He stared at Komaki in disbelief and a slight pleading look. "I-We-Nothing happened!" he stammered looking away.

Bullseye again

"Whatever you say Dojo." He gave him another sweet, yet mocking, smile before pushing off the couch, "I'm sure Iku would bring it up eventually." He let out a snicker when his' friends face blushed at the mention of her first name. "See you later Dojo."

Dojo stared at Komaki's retreating form before placing his coffee can down with more force than necessary, "Idiot."

Hello, this is my first Library Wars fan fiction, I was upset to see not a lot of fics so I decided I'm going to add!
I haven't watched the anime, but I have read the manga many times so I'm going off that plot. Hope you enjoy
Yeah tell me what you think and I'll probs continue as soon as I can