Chapter 4

Dojo was onto his twelfth lap, he could feel his legs tiring but pushed on further. Thoughts of Iku still filled his mind, she was like a disease. All he could think about now was what had happened in her room only an hour ago. He lost his control and let down his guard. Now he is paying the price with all thought of what ifs.

Mainly, what if she had woken up moments before she did?

What if she saw how close he was?

What if he had kissed her?

He was so close, about to throw caution into the wind just for this one thing, one thing he has thought about doing for so long. That time she fell asleep on his shoulder at the wilderness training, when she apologised after he had been burnt. He had been so close to letting his impulses get the better of him. Luckily, both times he was interrupted by Tezuka.

Again, the temptation was there, there was no one to walk in on them, nothing to stop him. Or so he thought. But this time he had to stop himself, force himself to walk away and leave it be. Though that was hard due to Kasahara's freakish strength making it harder to release his hand from her grasp.

It didn't feel right to Dojo.

Even if he was holding feelings for her that were more than an officer should, he wasn't who she wanted. Kasahara dreams of finding her Prince, a great man that has become her hero and inspired her. A kind of person that she had already told him he was no one like. Dojo could still remember that fight, he made her upset and her words cut through him. That one time was enough to know she didn't even consider the possibility of him being her Prince.

He hated referring to himself like that. He didn't feel anything like a Prince to her, if anything he was a bad influence. No he wasn't a Prince, he was just a guy that only wanted to save her and could care less about the books he saved that day. Kasahara saw a man the stood up as hero and not the selfish man he was that day.


Iku Kasahara stared in complete shock at her roommate, Asako Shibazaki, and had been doing so for more than awhile. But it was common when certain information had to sink into her thick skull. Kasahara opened her mouth to finally say something but no sound came out. Shibazaki smirked and continued to wait for her friend to form a coherent response, with some morbid amusement.

"So… you are sure…" She sounded unsure of how to phrase her question, "…that you saw… that?" she ended blushing at the thought of what that was. Shibazaki nodded again and watched silently as Kasahara went into another shocked state.

Though Shibazaki could hardly blame the blonde, after what she had found when she returned back to her dorm earlier that night. She had been informed by a friend about Kasahara's sudden illness, and knowing her friend was hopeless in these situations, asked to leave for the night just to check on her. Only once she had arrived she found herself walking in on a situation that never occurred to her happening in her dorm room. Sick friend lying on her bed, with no other than her superior officer leaning over her, calling Kasahara's name.

The thought of backing out of the room crossed her mind but not before Dojo had noticed her presence. Never had Shibazaki seen a man move that fast. He muttered something about nothing happening and nothing to tell, but how could she avoid telling the other one involved. But if Shibazaki knew it would end with Kasahara incapable of speech while her brain processers she would have used more tact.

"So, that wasn't a dream?" Iku finally spoke up again.

The question catching Shibazaki's attention. "What dream?"

Iku blushed slightly before looking off to the side, perking even more of the others curiosity. "While I was sleeping I was dreaming about Do- my Prince," Shibazaki raised a brow but let her continue, "and then I felt a hand on my cheek and someone say my name. I thought I had just made it up."

"Well obviously it was a little more than a dream. Was he here the whole time you were sick?" Shibazaki asked cleaning up the room which had become messy in her absence. Kasahara was never a clean one, needing someone to remind her to keep things in their place.

"I suppose, I vaguely remember him bringing me here but I was so out of it." The blonde replied giving a goofy smile. Shibazaki sighed in response, picking up a wrapped package, looking somewhat like a present.

"What's this?" She barely finished her question before the said package was ripped from her grip, shocked by the sudden speed from her roommate. Kasahara stood on the other side of the room clutching it to her chest, "You recover quickly." Shibazaki deadpanned.

Kasahara ignored her, instead checking the condition of the package then sat back down on her bunk happy with the contents. "Well I should sleep so I'm good for work tomorrow, already missed a lot today. Dojo would kill me if I missed more. Night!" With that rolled over and remained silent.

Shibazaki waited for an explanation for her sudden need to sleep, but after realising that nothing was going to be she left it alone. Knowing Kasahara, Shibazaki guessed she would know what the package was about eventually.


Kasahara felt completely healthy the next day and showed it with her overly happy attitude in the morning. In Shibazaki's opinion, she was eager to go to work while obviously nervous about the idea at the same time.

Iku was the first to arrive at the work room that morning, which was unusual seeing as she was normally late, but she need a chance to speak to Dojo. Mainly to thank him, while avoiding the topic of what Shibazaki witnessed. Even thinking about being in such close contact with Dojo made her blush. There was no way she could talk about it with him, especially if it was a misunderstanding.

Komaki walked in, a surprised look crossed his face before giving her a gentle smile, "I'm guessing you are better now." He walked over to his desk placing his mug down before turning back to her.

"Yes, much better, thank you Sir." Iku responded smiling in return.

"I see Dojo took good care of you." His smile grew when Iku blushed a shade of red that put a tomato to shame, he wondered what had happened during their time together.

"Uhh… Sir, do you know where Instructor Dojo is…" Komaki quirked a brow at her. "T-to thank him, Sir." Komaki laughed at her becoming flustered before telling her he was in the break room making coffee.

Iku stood outside the break room door holding the package between her hands. Though she really was just going to thank him she was finding it hard to go in. What if he ignores her or even yells at her. Though she was pretty sure she hadn't messed anything up yet, there was always a chance with him, the brute officer.

The door suddenly swang open revealing the brute officer himself suddenly looking as flustered as Iku felt. Dojo couldn't look her straight in the eye any more than Iku could, so they both stood trying to look anywhere else waiting for the other to speak.

"Y-you feeling better?" Dojo asked finally, he looked suddenly irritated, but Iku couldn't tell exactly why.

Iku nodded quickly. Deciding to get it over with before she could backed out, she shoved the package forward, holding it out to Dojo. "Sir," she bowed as she spoke, "I wanted to thank you for taking care of me. Please accept this gift." She all but pushed it into his hands before backing away.

Dojo was stunned, he had not been expecting anything. Looking at the brown paper package, it had been wrapped carefully, it was rectangle and a little heavy. He looked up to Kasahara with a confused glance, he really hadn't done that much, maybe stayed a little longer than he should of, but not enough for a gift. "I don't know if I can accept this." He started but was cut off by Kasahara.

"It is also for your birthday last week Sir." She explained, blushing again. "Instructor Komaki mentioned it to me and then I remembered about a book you mentioned, the detective series you like. I would have giving it to you sooner Sir, but I couldn't find a copy anywhere and then that new store opened and they had a copy."

Dojo caught on, "The book shop you went too yesterday?" She nodded in response. Dojo was amazed that she went to that much effort just to get this book for him, something that he only mentioned once in a brief conversation. "Well, thank you." Was all he could think of to say.

Kasahara turned to leave when Dojo called out to her, "Are you sure you well enough to work today? Are you rested enough?"

Kasahara smiled back at him, "Yes Sir, I am fully rested." A gentle smile pulled at her lips, " I had a nice dream about my Prince taking care of me."

With that she left, running back to the work room leaving Dojo blushing again, "Idiot, I always take of you." He muttered before following her.

The End

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