Forbidden Decadence

Summary: When the Savior of the Wizarding World is accidentally transported back to 1955, how will the future change? And what role with a certain blonde play? Rating is for language, violence, etc. This is a SLASH story (guy x guy) Please don't read it if you don't like that kind of stuff.

Disclaimer: I don't own a thing and I'm broke.

Abraxas Malfoy watched the proceedings with a carefully blank face. The Wizengamot argued back and forth for what seemed to be the hundereth time about the merits of a trade alliance with Bulgaria. He sighed. Lucius was coming down with a cold and had been particularly fussy the past two nights. The year old infant was small for his age and easily caught whatever illnesses came around. Abraxas sent up a silent thanks for house elves, caught himself, and scowled. Things had been so difficult since Cassie had died…

"Lord Malfoy?" Abraxas looked over at Arcturus Black. Lord Black simply arched an eyebrow at him and stared. Abraxas tilted his head and thought back to the last statement he had heard before getting lost in his thoughts. "I agree with Lord LeStrange. With the new trade alliance implemented key pureblood enterprises will flourish. Perhaps though, the terms could be adjusted slightly more in our favor?" The other men nodded and went back to arguing. Abraxas fought the urge to lay his head on the desk. Malfoys, after all, had perfect manners and perfect posture no matter the setting. Clearing his throat lightly, he caught the attention of the other Wizengamot members. "Perhaps gentlemen, this debate can be continued tomorrow? It will give us time to consider the amendments we wish to add to the trade agreement." After several minutes of quick discussion, it was agreed upon to reconvene in the morning. The members dismissed, Abraxas made his way out of the ministry. Regally nodding to various politicians, he reached the floo system and tossed a small handful of powder into the flames. "Malfoy Manner."

A screaming Lucius greeted the Malfoy patriarch as soon as he stepped from the hearth. The harried house elf holding the baby twisted one ear anxiously as he looked up at Abraxas. "Little Master Lucius is not better. Moxy knows not what to do master!" Abraxas frowned at the elf and reached down to touch the baby's forehead. His frown deepened. Taking his son, he dismissed the elf with a wave of his hand and strode back to the floo. "Xantheus Prince!"

Xantheus Prince was a well known potions master and herbologist. He was also a talented healer. He wasn't particularly surprised then, when Abraxas Malfoy floo called him and asked to come through. He quickly gave permission, sighing when he heard the baby crying on the other end of the call. Lucius Malfoy was a sickly little child, much like the boy's pureblooded mother. Such a shame Cassiopeia died in the birthing… Xantheus shook his head and watched as his long time friend stepped into the parlor.

"Just give this to him with two parts water twice a day." Abraxas nodded at Xantheus and hugged his son closer, running a gentle hand through the fine, soft blonde hair. Lucius gurgled in his sleep and turned towards the touch. "Thank you Xantheus. I was extremely worried when I came home and found him." He gave his friend a tight smile. Xantheus smiled back and softly touched his shoulder. "Anytime 'Braxas," the dark haired man replied. A soft knock at the door interrupted. "Come in Eileen," Xantheus called. A slim, pale twelve year old girl walked in shyly. "It's time for my potions lesson father," the girl peered curiously at Lucius. "He's cute," she said, blushing up at Abraxas. The blonde smiled and thanked her for the compliment. "I'll be on my way then. Thank you again Xantheus." The head of the Prince family and his daughter watched silently as the Malfoys flooed away.

Twenty year old Harry Potter gritted his teeth as a blasting hex destroyed the wall behind him. Jack Collins (a fellow auror) had gone down with a bone crushing hex just a moment before. The wet gasps as he struggled to breathe spurred Harry on. "Hold on Jack," he murmured softly, "we'll get you outta here." Sending a freezing hex at the closest opponent, Harry darted to the side as a killing curse passed mere inches from his face. He cursed. There were six men in the room, two incapacitated and four actively trying to kill him. Why did I want this job again? Sending another hex at his attackers he frantically listened for any signs of the other aurors in the building.

Earlier that day:

"Harry I need you to put together a team and run an op. down in Knockturn." Kingsley frowned across the desk at him. "We have reports that an illegal smuggling ring is bringing in dark contraband and selling it. Cursed items, books, potions…" An angry look crossed the minister's face. "Last week a young lady died after receiving one of those cursed items. Her fiance thought it was just a pretty bracelet. When questioned under varitaserum he revealed he got it from a vendor at the marketplace. The vendor was brought in and told us about the smugglers in return for a lighter sentence." Kingsley met Harry's eyes. Understanding what the minister wanted, Harry nodded and left to assemble his team.

The mission had gone wrong from the start. The vendor that had been their informant had lied about the floor plans and the protections on the place. The way the smugglers acted too…almost like they had known the aurors were coming. Harry briefly wondered if it was due to being well-prepared or being informed about the raid. If it was the later though, it was curious they hadn't just packed up and disappeared. He shook himself out of his thoughts as a cutting hex caught him in the leg. Pushing back the pain he stumbled behind a large crate and watched in relief as the rest of his team burst through the door. Outnumbered, the smugglers looked around desperately for an escape. One met his eyes and grinned. Harry had no time to react as the crate in front of him exploded. Shards of glass and wood flew towards him as he brought his arms up to protect his face.