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Water. Need water. As Lelouch walked across the desert road he wondered how things had gotten this bad. Let's recap shall we? See Lelouch was a gambler and a few days ago he lost practically all his money in a game of no limit holdem. After realizing he was broke he wandered around for a few hours and finally decided "Fuck it I shall live in the desert! Screw society I shall find a way to live in the desert and forget this cruel world! *It's safe to assume he was probably a little drunk* So he charged into the desert with no plan at all! How would he survive? He wasn't really sure. He figured he might join some wolf pack and somehow be accepted. He thought he might find something like god's thumb from the book Holes and he would survive by eating onions for the rest of his life. Or maybe he would just die in the desert broke and alone. He wasn't really sure. Well three days had passed and suddenly he realized his plan was retarded. So now he was wandering the desert road broke, hungry, dehydrated and had a serious case of body odor. One minute you're fine. Than you lose all your money have a mental breakdown charge into the desert to escape reality and than in a few days realize you were living in denial and the reality is your screwed and need a serious shower. Lelouch starred up at the sky.

"Curse you cruel world!" He hollered.

Finally, he collapsed on the ground. He was too hungry and dehydrated to go on. He would murder for a subway sandwich.

"Fuck I'm gonna die. Is this how it will all end? I'm going to die a virgin man. I barely got to see the world. Worst of all I'm going die without knowing how Game of Thrones will end!"

As Lelouch's eye's began to shut he cursed his bad luck.

I hope it's better in heaven.

Than Lelouch passed out.

As Lelouch opened his eyes the first thing he noticed was the smell of food.

Hm. Cup ramen. chicken flavor. With a hint of curry.

He fully opened his eyes and scanned his surrounding. He was in a clean looking white apartment. There was a kitchen in the left corner and a hallway to the right. He realized he was in west corner of the room and he was sleeping on a couch. He assumed he was in the living room. There was a Japanese boy sitting in the kitchen table munching on same chicken ramen. AHA I was right! He had chocolate brown hair and piercing green eyes.

"I'm Suzaku. You hungry?" The boy asked.

Hm this guy must have rescued me when I passed out. What does he want? Is he a kind Samaritan or does he have other motives? Should I trust him or not? DOES HE WANT MY VIRGINITY?!

"Uh, sure." Lelouch answered hesitantly.

He sat at the kitchen table and they ate in silence. Finally, Suzaka broke the silence.

"I saw you passed out on the road and felt sorry for you. I ain't some creepy dude or anything."

"…Thanks. You might have saved my life." Lelouch responded with utmost appreciation.

Suzaka shrugged.

"So what happened to you?"

Lelouch than informed Suzaka of how he lost all his money planned to join a pack of wolves and eventually realized he was completely screwed.

"Haha man that sucks." Suzaka laughed.

"Indeed." Sighed Lelouch.

" So…you want a job? I can hook you up with one." Suzaka said calmly.

"What do you do?"

Suzaka grinned.

"I sell Knightmare parts. Shops called Lancelot. It's a small little place but we get decent business. I could use a set of hands to pack parts and manage inventory. You in?"

Lelouch gave Suzaka an inquistive look.

"Why…are you being so nice to me?"

Suzaka chuckled than took a long sip of water before responding.

"Like I said I feel sorry for you. I also don't want to sound corny or anything but…I can see in your eyes….you're a decent guy. I just feel like helping a bro who's down on his luck. So what's it gonna be poker man?"

Lelouch smirked.

Hah. This guy is pretty damn cool. Guess my luck hasn't completely ran out.