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The Revolutionary Ronin

0o0o0 Downtown Magnolia 0o0o0

"You won't believe how good this ramen stand is!" Naruto chatted excitedly holding onto the whole strawberry shortcake Erza had ordered from the bakery store that he was sure was overcharging them. 20000 jewel just seemed too much for a cake. But whatever made the red-head walking beside him happy. Besides, it wasn't his money to start with.

"Oh? I didn't know Magnolia had a ramen stand, it must be new," Erza pondered as they rounded the corner and came upon the "ramen stand." "Ichiraku Ramen? Isn't that the 5 star hotel with the 10 year waiting list that not even Yukie Fujikaze could get in without a reservation?!" Erza's eyes turned to stars upon seeing the many people heading toward the newly built hotel and restaurant.

In front of them stood an immaculate building, rising high into the sky. In bold red lettering the building's name stood out: Ichiraku Ramen. Over the last 10 years Ichiraku Ramen had become the premiere hotel to stay at. From it's humble beginnings as a small stand in Oshibana City to its rise as a multi-million jewel company, Ichiraku Ramen was now the epitome of high society dining and socializing. With it's grand opening in Magnolia, Ichiraku Ramen now had a total of 15 hotels spread across the continent, 12 combined with its famous restaurant, and 4 fully built resorts.

"Don't tell me… you got a reservation! But how? The wait list is 10 years, you'd have had to have gotten it 10 years ago! Why didn't you tell me!? I'm not dressed properly! The dessert they serve is said to have been made by the legendary Gin Doujima! To taste the legendary cakes-!"

"We're not going to Ichiraku Erza-chan."

"Eh?" Erza stared at her boyfriend as he chuckled, before pointing to just the side of the extravagant hotel.

"We're going there."

Just barely visible from where they stood was a neighboring building. Small, even compared to the usual size of most buildings in Fiore, stood a little restaurant: Restaurant Yukihira.

"Oh." A small raincloud formed over Erza's head as she realized that Naruto didn't have a reservation to Ichiraku and her dreams of tasting Gin Doujima's legendary desserts were washed away.

"Come on Erza-chan! I don't want a line to form!" Naruto said as he began to walk once more toward the small establishment, Erza walking slowly beside him. Just before entering she gave one last longing look toward Ichiraku. "...One day."

Erza sighed dreamily before stepping inside. The aroma immediately hit her. Her heart stopped as the most heavenly smells hit her senses. Spices, sugars, and various meats all combined to create a hunger yet unknown to the young redhead. It was as if she'd never eaten before as her stomach growled to obtain what her nose had smelt.

Inside was nothing more than a few booths and a bar, a single patron, and a young woman working behind the counter.

"Irashaimase!" the woman greeted as she took notice of the young couple that had entered her restaurant. "Oh Naruto!"