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Caroline sat in the car fidgeting with her phone while she waited for Dean and Sam to return. She had been doing a lot of that today, waiting in car. She sat there and pouted as she looked out the window again, already growing impatient. I'm not a kindergartener, I'm a grow up! Caroline thought to herself, in a very "grown-up" like fashion. First there was the stop to John Winchester's old lock up. Caroline was forced to wait in the car after much arguing while the boys assessed the situation. She had done a great job on her first hunt, so why was she stuck waiting in the Impala while the boys got to investigate? When Dean and Sam came back from the storage unit, Dean explained it was booby trapped and he was glad he decided to leave Caroline in the car. Caroline had just rolled her eyes and stayed silent. When they figured out who stole…whatever they were looking for, they found the address of their thief and raced over. Now Caroline was once again waiting in the car while the boys went up and tried to get back whatever had been stolen.

It had felt like hours had gone by when she saw a grumpy looking Dean and an apologetic Sam exit the building and approach the car. Caroline was ready to give Dean her two cents but was drowned out by the argument the boys were having.

"You know the rules Sam, you don't touch anything that comes out of those boxes." Dean shouted as he closed the door behind him.

"Well I'm sorry Dean, but I was a little busy trying to grab it and go before we got shot." Sam snapped at his brother.

Caroline's eyes widened as she watched Dean start the car. "Did you get shot?"

Dean turned to Caroline looking annoyed. "No Care I'm fine. No thanks to Sam over here. "

"Hey, it's not my fault those idiots opened the box." Sam complained.

Caroline looked from one brother to the other, trying to figure out what she had missed.

"So…what did they steal?" Caroline questioned cautiously.

Sam held up what looked like a silver chain with an old grey rabbit's foot at the bottom. Caroline arched a perfect blonde eyebrow in confusion.

"What's the big deal? It's just some dollar store rabbit's foot." Caroline said as she stared at the dead foot.

"Yeah, we're on our way to test a theory. Nothing that came out of a box like this is ever ordinary. " Dean explained as he passed back a black lock box to Caroline.

Caroline examined the box. It looked like any regular lock box except for the white paint that formed a symbol on the top of the box. Caroline took her pink book out of her bag and flipped through the pages until she found the symbol on the box. It took a moment for her to read the section but once she was finished her eyes were wide.

"It's a curse box, to keep cursed objects in." Caroline stated in surprise.

"Well thank god someone in this car knows what it means." Dean added as he shot a dirty look in his brother's direction.

Caroline rolled her eyes before looking at Dean through the rearview mirror. "So what do we think this poor dead rabbit's foot does anyways?"

"We're not sure but I'm feelin' lucky." Dean said, a now devious grin across his lips.

Dean shut off the car and without warning got out of the Impala. Caroline looked around her to find they had stopped at a gas station. Was this really the time for snacks? Caroline flopped back against the seat, still some-what upset about being left in a car all day, while Sam sat in the front seat watching the entrance to the convenience store, wondering what his brother was up to. It only took a few minutes before an excited looking Dean sat back down in the car, a fist full of scratch offs in his hands. Dean smiled and handed his brother a card.

"Dean really?" Sam asked as he looked at his brother exasperatedly.

"Humor me Sammy, I think luck's on our side." Dean said as he hungrily watched his brother.

Sam rolled his eyes before scratching off the first card then handing it back to his brother. Dean looked at the card for a second before his eyes grew wide and he turned back to his brother, now grinning from ear to ear.

"Sammy…we just won $3,000 dollars!" Dean shouted excitedly.

Caroline looked over Dean's shoulder. It was true, they had just struck gold.

"Oh my god Sam! Do another one!" Caroline exclaimed as she bounced in her seat.

Sam frowned at Caroline before snatching the card Dean was waving in his face. Sam went to work scratching the next card then, once again, handing it back to his brother. Dean examined the card before ruffling his brother's hair as if he were a child.

"$7,000 Sam…I don't know if I tell you this enough, but I love you." Dean said as he grinned at his brother.

Caroline snatched the card out of Dean's hand. "I'm gonna go cash this in then you should drop me off at the nearest mall while you two have lunch."

"You're skipping lunch?" Sam asked looking worried.

Caroline beamed at Sam. "Who needs food when money can fuel you?" Caroline said as she exited the car.

"That's my girl!" Dean cheered as he watched her walk away.

"You have no shame Dean." Sam added as he watched his brother watch Caroline walk away.

Dean continued to stare after Caroline. "Sometimes Sammy, you gotta enjoy the small joys in the world, like watching Miss Mystic over there walk away. Who needs shame when you've got your baby, your brother, and a beautiful blonde in your life?"

Sam shot Dean a judgy look. "You really put your car before both me and Caroline?"

Dean turned and smiled at his brother. "In my head, I'm putting Caroline on top of my car if that makes me any less despicable."

"No Dean, I think that just adds to it."

Before Dean could say anything else Caroline sat back in the car, rested her arms around Dean's chest, and ran a $20 bill down his shirt.

"So what's a girl got to do to get a ride around here?" Caroline whispered as she ran her other hand down Dean's chest.

Dean turned, a grin across his lips, as he put his face inches from Caroline's. "All you have to do is ask."

Caroline smiled as she closed the distance between him and pressed her lips against his. When she pulled away, Caroline let out a small giggle as she looked into Dean's green eyes. Dean smiled back at her, completely lost in the moment they were sharing. Caroline bit her bottom lip as she leaned over him and placed the $20 bill in the waistband of his jeans.

"Buy yourself somthin' pretty." Caroline said between giggles as she took her place back in her seat.

Dean shook his head as he laughed and stared the car. Sam sat there staring at his brother in awe.

"Well, that wasn't awkward at all." Sam mumbled.

Caroline broke out into a loud fit of giggles while Dean turned and grinned at Sam.

"Shame is extremely over-rated." Dean said before turning his attention back to the road in front of him.

Caroline stood in front of the shopping mall Dean had dropped her off at an hour ago waiting to be retrieved. While she was trying on a perfect pair of baby blue pumps Dean had called in a huff saying she needed to be ready now. Caroline reluctantly left the shoes and found a bench where her and her purchases waited for Dean and Sam. Dean was too agitated to tell Caroline over the phone what was going on, so she was completely in the dark about the situation when the Impala came to a screeching halt in front of her. Caroline gracefully removed herself from the bench, placed her bags in the trunk, and took her seat in the passenger's side of the car. When she looked around she found Dean sitting in the driver's seat looking tense while Sam awkwardly sat in the back staring at the floor. Dean pulled out of the parking lot without a word, busying himself with the task of driving.

"Is someone going to tell me what's going on?" Caroline huffed as she looked from one brother to the other.

"I lost the rabbit's foot." Same said, sounding mournful.

"So? Oh well, our luck ran out, let's just find it and put it back." Caroline said matter-o-factly, missing what the big deal was.

"No, the rabbit's foot was stolen and if you lose the foot the fates come and gank your ass." Dean said, sounding agitated.

Caroline's eye's widened as she looked at Sam. "You mean you die if you lose it?"

Sam nodded sadly.

"Best part is now his luck goes bad. So we're ditching the bad news bear over here and going to get this rabbit foot back from the evil bitch who stole it." Dean explained.

Caroline turned towards Dean, glaring at him. "Oh, now I know why you two lost it."

Dean turned to face Caroline looking offended. "What is that supposed to mean?!"

"Oh, I know how distracted you can get with a pretty girl around."

"Jealous Care?" Dean mocked as he pulled into the parking lot of a motel.

"Don't forget I now know how to shoot you." Caroline mumbled as she shifted in her seat pouting.

"Oh…kinky." Dean teased as he flashed her a wicked smile full of dirty promises.

Alright Care, let's give em hell! Caroline thought to herself as she followed Dean into the house.

Caroline stood in the hall out of sight while Dean confronted Bella. After they dropped Sam off in a motel room, Dean and Caroline drove two hours to Queens, New York, where the thief, Bella, lived. It was obvious by the sounds of movement that she was in fact home, so Caroline was to stay back until Dean gave the signal that he needed back up. It only took a few minutes before Caroline heard the click of a gun and Dean's voice from the other room.

"You left without your tip." Dean said in his typical flirt voice.

Caroline stood in the hallway rolling her eyes. Of course, his brother's life hung in the balance and Dean still had the time to flirt his way through a situation. Caroline huffed, but continued to stay where she hid, waiting for her signal.

"I'm sorry Dean, I can't help you." A woman's voice said in a British accent.

Caroline's jaw dropped in annoyance. She has a British accent?! Caroline thought, outraged. Caroline couldn't help she was jealous, Sam and Dean had to do one thing today, keep that disgusting foot safe, and they lost it. All because of Britain's most wanted.

"So you're a thief." Dean said as Caroline tuned back into the conversation.

"No…A great thief." The woman added, the smirk thick in her voice.

"Oh come on!" Caroline shouted, finally having enough.

When she rounded the corner Caroline found Dean holding his gun at a woman, mid 20's, perfect shoulder length brown hair, wearing a fitted little black dress. Caroline was starting to hate this woman more and more. The woman, Bella, stood pointing her own gun back at Dean. Dean and Bella turned to find an annoyed Caroline standing there, her gun resting at her side as she stared, obviously annoyed, at the pair of them.

"I'm still here Dean, you could pretend not to flirt with her!" Caroline shouted as she waved her gun around.

"Dammit, I told you to stay hidden until I needed you. I knew I should have left your bony blonde ass in the car!" Dean shouted as he stared at Caroline in amazement.

"This really is quite adorable." Bella interjected. "Bringing your girlfriend to come hunt me down? Maybe next time you should stick to your sock hops."

Caroline glared at the woman, now pointing her gun at Bella. "I do know how to shoot you."

"Isn't that fantastic, you taught the Barbie how to use a gun too." Bella said as she looked Caroline up and down.

"Honey, I know you wanna shoot her, but let's play nice for now, okay?" Dean said as he cautiously watched Caroline in his peripheral.

Caroline smiled sweetly, her eyes on Bella, completely avoiding eye contact with Dean. "I'm not mean, I'm not going to shoot her just because she insults me. Her life is miserable enough, wearing knock offs must be challenging."

"At least I'm not decked out in the Winchester's hand-me-downs." Bella said just as sweetly as Caroline.

"Okay focus!" Dean shouted. "Until I find a vat of jello, let's put this girl fight on hold. Now, my brother touched the foot, and I need it back."

"You can have the foot back Dean," Bella said sweetly, "For 1.5 million dollars."

"Oh, let me just call my banker."

"Would you save your 'smooth-operator -one- liner-snarky-comment- to-make-you-all-hot-and-bothered' routine for me please! Just because you flirt with her doesn't mean the Arctic Circle around her heart will thaw and she'll suddenly want to help." Caroline said in a huff.

"Oh, Hallmark would get a kick out of you." Dean said as he kept his eyes on Bella but flashed a smile for Caroline.

"This really has been a treat, having you two here, but either give me my money or get out." Bella said, a smile on her face the whole time.

"Well Bella you're right, we should be going." Dean said as he backed up towards Caroline. "Also…you're not the only one with sticky fingers. If it's any consolation, I think you're a truly awful person."

As Dean said it, the Rabbit's foot hung from a chain that Dean held in his hand. Caroline smirk at Bella triumphantly, enjoying watching Bella's smile slip away as an expression of shock took over her face. Without warning Bella released a bullet from her gun. Dean stood in front of Caroline just as the bullet bounced off the wall and broke a vase across the room. Dean pushed Caroline out of the room, smiled at Bella, before disappearing just as another bullet barely missed his head.

Sam, Dean, and Caroline stood in the middle of the cemetery setting up to burn the rabbit's foot. It had been a long day, and once they were finished with this job, there would be no complaining from Caroline. She was exhausted, and she had to admit, her day had been eventful, just like she had so desperately wanted. Now that she was starting to get a feel of a day in the life of the Winchester's, Caroline started to realize it wasn't all fun and games.

Just as Dean was about to light the match a gun safety clicking off echoed through the darkness and made everyone go still. Dean and Caroline turned to find Bella standing there, her gun pointed at the group, her wicked smile across her lips.

"Put the foot down, Honey." Bella said, her tone condescending.

Dean smirked and shook his head. "I don't think so. You're not gonna shoot anybody."

Bella shrugged before pointing her gun at Caroline and pushing her finger down on the trigger. Caroline heard the shot before she felt the pain in her shoulder. Caroline collapsed onto the ground from the impact. Dean turned around to find Caroline sitting on the ground, clutching her shoulder screaming.

"Son of a-" Dean said as he started to make his way towards Bella.

"Hold it right there tiga, make one more move and I shoot her again."

"Oh my god, I'm going to die!" Caroline half screamed, half cried as she held onto her shoulder. "I haven't even lived yet! I'm never going to legally get to drink. I'm gonna die!"

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Dean shouted at Bella before turning to Caroline. "Caroline, I swear to god, you are not going to die, calm down."

"God being shot is not as cool as it looks in the movies. I'm going to die all because you were cute and you do that stupid sexy smirk and you have abs like a Greek god. Elena said I was going to get myself killed all for pretty boy Dean Winchester and of course she had to be right once again. Aren't you supposed to at least hold me and cry until I die!?" Caroline continued to scream.

"Okay, you are not gonna die!" Dean shouted, now sounding flustered. Dean turned back to Bella. "What the hell is wrong with you? You don't just go around shootin' people like that."

"Relax, it was a shoulder hit. Miss drama queen over there will live. Maybe she'll pass out first and you'll have a few minutes of quiet." Bella said, her gun now pointed back at Dean as if nothing happened. "Now, put the foot on the ground or I shoot Sam next."

"Alright!" Dean shouted.

Dean lowered himself to the ground slowly, keeping all eyes on Bella. Just as he was about to place the foot on the ground Dean threw the foot in the air.

"Think fast." Dean said just as Bella caught it in her hand.

Bella sighed as she looked down at her hand, the rabbit's foot resting inside her fingers. When she looked back up she looked less than pleased. Dean smiled and opened his mouth to say something before Caroline cut him off.

"If you add some flirty remark while I sit here and bleed the only think keeping you warm will be the heat in your car." Caroline said through gritted teeth.

Dean turned and smiled at Caroline guiltily. "Have I told you how beautiful you are?"

Caroline pushed herself off the ground, screaming as she got to her feet. "Just shut up Dean!"

"Let's get this show on the road before one of us dies." Sam interrupted.

Bella walked over to the alter as Sam lit a match. Once the coals were lit, Bella dropped the rabbit's foot into the fire and the four watched as it disintegrated into ash. Once the foot disappeared Bella crossed her arms over her chest and sighed.

"Thanks very much, now I'm out 1.5 million dollars." Bella said rather annoyed.

"I somehow don't feel bad about that what-so-ever. Sam?"

"Nope, not even a little. How about you Caroline?" Sam said as he glared at Bella.

"No sorry, my sympathy checked out after she shot me!" Caroline shouted in her high pitched voice.

Bella smiled as she walked away. "Ta-ta, have a nice night."

"I'm Bella with my stolen Chanel and my fake British accent." Caroline mimicked as she watched Bella disappear.

"Maybe she's really British." Sam said as he shrugged.

Dean and Caroline both turned to look at Sam appalled by his statement. Sam threw up his hands, suddenly aware of the hostility he was receiving.

"Kiss ass." Dean said as he retrieved his bag from the ground, still looking at his brother in awe.

Dean hoisted his bag on his shoulder before walking over to Caroline and scooping her up in his arms. Sam collected the rest of their things and followed behind.

"And you thought being shot was cool, getting the bullet out is where the real fun starts." Dean said as he carried Caroline back to the car.

When Dean didn't get a snarky reply in return he glanced down to find Caroline passed out in his arms. He smiled and continued their trek through the graveyard.

"Well, now we're back to normal. No good luck, no bad luck, just…hey!"

Dean bounced Caroline in his arms, trying to wake her. When Caroline shifted awake she looked up at Dean to see what the fuss was about. Dean grinned down at her, excited about something.

"Check my pocket!" Dean encouraged excitedly.

"Is this some creepy pull my finger thing because maybe we should wait until I've had a bit of sleep, and when Sam isn't around?"

Dean frowned at her. "No, my coat pocket, I still have those scratch offs."

Caroline reached into his breast pocket but came away with nothing. Dean looked at her confused just as Bella's car pulled off and her horn's blast broke through the silence. Dean turned to stare at his brother, speechless for a moment. His face contorted into many different expressions before his face was red with anger.

"Son of a bitch!" Dean shouted.

Once they returned to the car Dean placed Caroline in the passenger's seat before walking around the car and taking his place in the driver's seat. While Sam folded himself into the back seat Dean turned to Caroline, his face bright with hope.

"Caroline, where's the money from this morning?" Dean asked as he grinned at Caroline.

Caroline bit her lower lip nervously. "I-um…I spent it."

"You spent $7000? On what?"

Caroline turned around to face the back seat. Dean turned and followed Caroline's gave to where her shopping bags now sat next to Sam. Dean just stared in shock at the collection of bags in his back seat.

"You spent $7000 dollars…in 3 hours?" Dean said in awe as he continued to stare at the bags.

"Can you remember for one second that I was just shot?" Caroline said as she pouted.

Dean turned to Caroline. "You spent $7000 before you got shot! That's not an excuse."

"Dean, have I told you how beautiful you are?" Caroline replied mocking Dean's previous comment.

Dean shoved the keys in the ignition. "I need pie."