JUNE 2011.







Deputy Director James Jeffrey Coaver died while undertaking operational duties in London in May 2011. The Preliminary Report (attached – Appendix 1) details the events surrounding his murder as far as they were known at the time of writing. This report provides the final analysis of the crime and its perpetrators.

Initial suspicion fell on Sir Harry Pearce, Head of Counter-Intelligence for MI-5, as Director Coaver had been kidnapped by Sir Harry and members of his immediate team and taken for questioning to an MI-5 safe house. Agent Tallulah Zanon had been monitoring the situation and sent a message, which was only partially received, requesting assistance as Director Coaver had been removed from the safe house by force. An extraction team under Agent Defoe, on his first foreign assignment, was sent but found only the MI-5 personnel. A pursuit of the vehicle involved in the removal was instigated by both parties which resulted in Director Coaver's death as detailed in Appendix 1. Poor communication between both parties and Agent Defoe's inexperience saw MI-5 incorrectly implicated for Director Coaver's death so a request for the extradition of Sir Harry Pearce was put to the British Home Secretary and, after pressure was applied at the highest levels, granted. Sir Harry was being transported to the airfield at Welford when he was extracted by members of his staff.

The events of the following 12 hours are detailed in Appendix 2. Much of the information was provided by MI-5 after the event, courtesy of Agent Zanon's intervention. Agent Zanon had been knocked off her motor-bike during the pursuit of the van containing Director Coaver and, unknown to us, was in hospital until she discharged herself, against medical advice, late on the afternoon in question. She proceeded immediately to our facilities in Grosvenor Square where, after being informed of Director Coaver's death, she convened a meeting of her team and later formed a deputation, along with Agents Silva, Sorenson and Brandon, to present a précis of the operation they had been working on and her conclusions (Appendix 3) to the Director of our UK station. The evidence presented included the recording of a telephone call from Elena Gavrik to Mikhail Levrov regarding the initiation of the contingency plan relating to the passenger aircraft and convinced us that there was insufficient evidence to warrant a further extradition attempt on Sir Harry Pearce and to instead focus our attention on RussiaFirst.

Upon due consideration of the evidence and after recovery of Director Coaver's encrypted back-up files from the international server, permission was granted the following week for Agent Zanon to approach MI-5 for a follow-up operation. The Home Secretary facilitated the first meeting with Sir Harry Pearce, where a full and frank exchange of information and ideas occurred and a joint operation was launched to achieve a final resolution in dealing with the group behind the murder of Director Coaver and those of several others, including two members of Sir Harry's immediate staff. Shortly thereafter, a representative of the Russian government came on board to make it a tripartite operation.. As a result of, or in conjunction with, the joint operation the following outcomes have been achieved:

The three men masquerading as CIA agents who kidnapped and killed Director Coaver had been identified by MI-5 and two of the three had been arrested early. The third, the leader who called himself Agent Glenn, was a Moldovan named Rustam Illescu who was a US citizen and was well-known to the branch of our organisation dealing with South and Central American drug cartels. He was tracked to Algeria where he was extracted by force and returned to US soil where he is currently assisting with enquiries.

The RussiaFirst agent on the airplane, Pavel Zykov, was arrested by the British police when the plane landed at Heathrow. When he has finished co-operating with their investigation and MI5 he will be returned to FSB custody in Moscow.

Veronica Duran had escaped Britain on the day of Director Coaver's death. She was found in Guadaloupe and extracted two days ago. She is now on US soil and has been loquacious in assisting us.

The remains of Director Coaver's laptop were returned to us from Russia, via MI-5. There were some final notes that were not on the back-up drive but nothing else we did not already have.

Yesterday, a decision was taken to launch a joint MI-5/FSB operation to deal with RussiaFirst. We will be providing support.



JULY 2011

Confimation was received today from both London and Moscow that Mikhail Levrov has been terminated and all identified associates of RussiaFirst have been cleansed and the party banned by the Russian government. Justice is considered to have been served.

This file is now closed.