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Works with the Avengers, why not the X-Men?

He kept his preference for Japanese women a secret.

Okay, maybe not so much since the only women he slept with seemed to be Japanese and his teammates had caught onto that pretty quickly.

In fact, Jean was the only non-Japanese woman he could remember that he had an affection for, but it was highly unlikely that he hadn't been involved with a woman before his amnesia.

However, beyond that, none of the X-Men even bothered to question his motives when he suddenly decided to go on a trip to Japan alone and he certainly wasn't about to indulge their curiosities either.

The sights and smells of Tokyo were familiar, especially the smells, but he ignored the busy surroundings and headed specifically in one particular direction.

He glanced up the very long flight of stairs once he arrived at his destination, moving up them quickly without losing his breath in the least like most visitors did.


He let out a sigh, looking at the woman who was waiting for him, "Told ya already, quit with the 'san'," He said gruffly in Japanese, scratching at his dark hair, "What's the problem, Nodoka?" He asked, "You sounded... urgent, so I came as soon as possible."

"That's very kind of you, Logan-san," Nodoka smiled and Logan simply grumbled, "If you would like to come in." She gestured and the Canadian stepped in the cozy home, barely remembering to kick off his boots at the door as per Japanese standards.

"So, what's this about?" Logan asked, taking the offer for coffee while Nodoka bustled around the kitchen, getting breakfast started.

"It's nice to see you again," Nodoka said calmly, not really answering his question as she prepared the rice, "How are things at the Institute?"

It was another quality about her that was different, not only was she a very kind person, she didn't mind his mutant heritage like most normal humans did.

"The same," He rolled his eyes, thinking of Scott and his all-around annoyingness, "What is this about, Nodoka?" He asked, a little more impatiently this time, though his irritation waned when Nodoka put a bowl of rice in front of him.

"The one who attacked New York," Nodoka sat down across from him, and Logan could only assume that she was talking about Magneto and his gang of rebel mutants, "He was captured?"

"That son-of-a-bitch is locked away in a plastic prison," Logan said casually, ignoring her scolding eyes at his language, "Doubt he's getting out any time soon, not with Charles watching."

"That's a relief," Nodoka sighed, looking more relaxed before she caught his eyes in an intent stare, "Logan-san, I called you here for a very important reason."

Logan sat up straighter, absently placing down the chopsticks and the now empty bowl of rice. He opened his mouth to say something, but he stopped the second he heard the quiet sounds of someone clumsily stepping down the stairs and a very pleasant but familiar scent invaded his nose.

"Mama, I'm hungry."

Logan jumped from his seat, eyes wide as a little girl stood in the doorway, rubbing at her sleepy blue eyes while completely oblivious to his presence. Nodoka smiled a bit at his reaction and spoke up to break the tense (on Logan's part) atmosphere.

"Logan-san, this is Kagome and she is your daughter."