Star Trek: Deep Space: 9 the Return of the Emissary

My destiny began to unfold before me when I was visited by the Bajoran prophets. I was in my quarters on the USS Titan. I was reading the officer reports for Captain Riker when I was suddenly on the bridge. The Titan was a Prometheus class assault ship. With the capability to split in to three separate ships to overwhelm almost any opponent. I turned around and saw Captain Riker sitting in his chair.

"You are of the Sisko." He told me.

"Captain," I told him with logical confusion, "What you say is illogical. My name is not Sisko. It is Syrin."

"You are of Bajor. You are of the Sisko." The scene changed. I was in my quarters with my wife T'Pai.

"Dearest? Why are you here?"

"You are of the Sisko." She said. My mind triggered a memory, a memory of a Captain Sisko. He was commander of Deep Space 9. The Bajoran people thought of him as there Emissary to their Prophets.

"Do you mean captain Sisko?"

"You are of the Sisko." She repeated.

"The Sisko is missing. He disappeared along with Gul Dukat in the fire caves."

"The Sisko is with us in the Temple. His time with us has ended for now. He must return to the corporal world." She reached out and grabbed my left ear. "Your Pa is strong. You will return the Sisko to the coperial world." With that I was back in my quarters and my wife was gone.