A barren landscape shines under the light of its twin moons. Sand and rock stretch for miles in any direction one looks. The only lifeforms are a pair of animalian shapes pushing through the night.

"How much further, Pan?" asks one, a small dusky mouse.

Her companion, a weasel, glances around the desert. "We should find a window soon," he says, though sounding doubtful.

He morphs into an eagle and soars upward. He is joined by a hawk. "What are you doing?"

"I thought the window might be up here," Pan answered.


"I don't know! It was just a thought."

They returned to the ground, their search coming up fruitless. They were becoming increasingly desperate for a way out of the world they were in. It was too secular, too lonely. It was an unhappy place.

Of course, they were unhappy daemons.

Pan pressed closer to Will's daemon. He trusted her, knew she wouldn't abandon him. Unlike Lyra.

He quickly pushed Lyra from his mind, and began thinking about the desert instead. He wished it would end and give way to some other enviroment. It they had to be stuck in this world, it could at least be a more comfortable biome.

The moons set. The sun rose. And so did the temperature. The daemons soon came upon a place where the air shimmered above the ground.

At first they paid it no mind. Such occurences were common in intense heat. But this seemed different. Pan strode cautiously toward the patch of air. He beckoned Will's daemon to follow.

A new scene suddenly loomed before them.

"A window!" Will's daemon exclaimed.

Pan barely heard her. He studied the new world closely. It was lush, full of greenery and incredibly wet. Birdsong could be heard faintly in the trees.

"Let's go through," Pan said.

While not exactly hot like the desert, the forest was humid and sticky. Primate-like creatures gazed from the trees curiously. It was an odd world, but Pan found he liked it.

"Do you think we're any close to Will and Lyra?"

The question caught Pan off guard. Emotions flooded him: Pain, anger, fear, emptiness.

"Does it matter?" He snapped. "They left us."

She left me.

"Being independent is great. We don't need them."

I need her.

"I can't even feel her anymore."

Such an empty feeling.

Pan's voice shook. "And- and..." He trailed off.

"It hurts," Will's daemon said softly. "I hurt. And freedom is nice and all," she paused. "But I feel like I need to find Will. That it's right. I don't know if I forgive him yet. I just know that I need to be near him.

"And I know you feel the same way about Lyra."

Time seemed to slow waiting for Pan's response. Finally, he nodded.

"So let's keep going. Please."

Another nod from Pan. The two daemons began to trek through the forest.

A rainforest waits expectantly as clouds gather above. In it, vegetation stretches as for as the eye can see in any direction one looks. The plants and animals are countless. And among there are two daemons, journeying to find their humans.