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Chapter 49: Lets Go Home

"What is your issue with the clan? I know they kind of abandoned you and all but still-" Mystic said before being cut off

"KIND OF ABANDONED ME!" Swift shouted while gripping his scalchop and trying to stand "THEY LEFT ME TO DIE!"

"Swift calm down already! Do you want to wake everyone up!?" shouted Dew

"You want to know what happened?" Swift asked fuming.

"Swift, it would be helpful….especially if you were to join our team…" Dew replied. Mystic gasped as Swift looked at Dew astounded.

"You want me? a assassin?" Swift asked unsure what to say.

"Yes!" Mystic nearly shouted. "You are Dew and Morgan's brother after all."

"But…" Swift started.

"Just tell us already, it will at least help us to understand your pain." Mystic answered calmly

"They raised me and left me to die and built my life on nothing but LIES!" Swift replied. "...nothing but lies."


A young Oshawott sat and at the edge of a lake with his eyes shut staring into the water. He didn't notice a shape sneaking up on him. as the paw pushed him into the water he spun around swinging his scalchop at the air.

"And you're dead." a voice said as the Oshawott looked up at a large Samurott and quickly climbed on to the bank.

"Swift, you need to always keep your guard up." the Samurott said to the young Oshawott.

"I know sir," Swift replied before repeating one of the many lessons he learned from his wise sensei "Keep your guard up even when asleep and you shall be a dagger always sharp."

"Yes and?" the Samurott asked.

"Always keep your enemies close but your weapons closer." Swift answered obediently.


"One has no friends but the steel on his side." Swift repeated the lesson drilled into him since hatching.

"You are not an individual, remember that, you are heir to the clan and a weapon that shall earn that spot, you must kill those who oppose you, once you evolve you shall go on your first mission."


Now Swift has evolved and now stood on the stone wall of a castle clad in black with a sword on his back and a bow slung over his shoulder.

"Kill swift as a river and leave no trace." Swift repeated the mata before opening the window and entering.


"The target lived." a fierce voice said as Swift keeled before the leader of the clan.

"I'm sorry Clan Father." Swift replied keeping his head bowed

"You left the Target alive and killed his son, you will be punished." The Clan Father said simply as another Samurott approached Swift with his swords drawn.

-Flashback Ends-

At the same time Dew set his paw on Swift's shoulder, but Swift was still living the memory and he reacted by flipping Dew over and drawing his scalchop and would have impaled Dew if Grant had not tackled him and pinned him against the wall.

"See! He tried to kill Dew!" Jesse shouted as everyone entered the room. Swift struggled against the wall and in blind rage he jabbed his paw into Grant's side forcing him to let go. Swift drew both scalchops shouting "I will FIGHT!"

Alistar and Duncan pinned Swift to the wall by his paws as Brody helped Grant up and Jesse helped Dew up.

"Swift STOP!" Dew shouted, his voice breaking Swift out of the memory and he passed out from the sudden movement, Alistar placed Swift back on the bed and all the stronger Pokemon stayed near it.

"What happened!?" Morgan shouted running into the room.

"He was explaining what happened with him and the clan. Then he just snapped." Dew explained catching his breath.

"He tried to kill you." Jesse spoke.

"You're a Riolu, you can check his feelings can't you? Or isn't that your personal bias." Dew replied to the Riolu defending Swift.

"Guys don't bicker, I have a Idea..." Mystic said trying to break the tension.

"And what is that?" Dew and Jesse replied in unison

"If we are able to find this clan that Swift and Neo spoke of, maybe we are able to find some answers." Mystic suggested.

"No way in the reverse world I'm going back, Arceus curse that clan!" Swift shouted struggling with his emotions.

"We might as well go there." Morgan stated.

"I would rather my blade bathed in the blood of the innocent then go back there." Swift replied.

"What?" Mystic asked confused.

"Don't you already kill innocent Pokemon?" Jesse asked eying him

"If I did, you would already be dead." Swift remarked calmly.

"Is that a threat?" the Riolu growled preparing an Aura Sphere

"Depends," Swift replied readying a Razor Shell. "Do you want it to be one?"

"Both of you stop already!" Dew shouted. "Its starting to get irritating."

"What are you doing? Just let them kill each other." Static said earning a smack from both Shock and Morgan

"You're both members of this team!" Mystic shouted spilling the secret before she shoved paw over her mouth. Everyone looked at her open mouthed.

"What….did you just say?" Jesse asked eying the Zorua with distrust

"Um well ,Swift hasn't actually said yes or no." Mystic added before turning toward Swift.

"I'll do it...…for family." Swift replied as Morgan smiled and Jesse glared.

"You'll kill us just like that time with the noble!" Jesse shouted and froze at the memory came back.


A young Riolu stood behind a cart eating an apple in the crowded marketplace. He looked around at all the various Pokemon going about their business for the day. A large Lickitung surround by Bisharp were shoving their way by when a black cloaked figure leaped off a nearby roof, and tackled the Lickitung and plunged a knife into his neck, the figure jumped and the wind caught the hood revealing a Dewott as the figure disappeared from the commotion in the square.

-Flashback ends-

"I remember you killed the noble with out feeling or hesitation." Jesse said with a look of shock before glaring. " And now you're on our TEAM!"

"That was before I learned I was betrayed." Swift countered.

"Will both of you SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY!" Dew shouted causing everyone to look at him. "Jesse I know you don't trust him right now and I have my own questions as well. But as the leader of this team I have no other choice but to trust Swift. We are going to find the clan. But in order to get there we need answers from Guildmaster Flame."

Morgan stood there looking from Dew to Swift to Jesse. "Maybe we should all head back.:" She said changing the subject.

"That would be a good idea." Lila said entering

"Where have you been?" Morgan asked turning to the Queen of Thieves.

"I was confirming something, thats all." Lila replied.

"Well, I cant wait to get back to the guild and relax for a bit." Mystic said while stretching.

"It would be best if you do. We'll have everything fixed here." the Liepard answered. "Now, get some sleep already, its late."

"Ok." Jesse replied as Lila left the room closing the door behind her.

"Wait the girls are sleeping in here too?" Static asked in shock earning a glare from Mystic, and Morgan.

"Got a problem with that?' Mystic asked.

"No, its just.. your girls…" Static replied before getting punched.

"Well maybe your learn to think before you speak when we get back to the guild." Moran said rubbing her paw. "I plan to relax in a nice hot bath."

"I'm going for dip in the river." Dew added before he stretched and yawned.

"I'm going to get back to training." Both Grant and Alistar stated.

"I'm going to try and woo one of the lovely ladies." Brody said making some of the Pokemon sweatdrop.

"Do that here and you'll die…" Lila glared opening the door to check on everyone, earning a nod of approval from the girls.

"What about you Swift?" Morgan asked seeing he hadn't said anything in awhile.

"I'm planning to make a new bow and get back into training." Swift replied realizing his bow must have been destroyed when the castle collapsed.

"Why do you need a bow?" Mystic asked curiously.

"I trained with one since I was young." Swift replied before laying down as everyone else was too. Dew noticed as Swift slept his paws were constantly on his scalchops.

"Ok...lets just get some sleep." Dew said to Mystic before falling asleep himself.


Everyone gather in the early morning light by the exit of the village as they prepared to set off to the Guild. The group divided up into their teams as Muhammad and Lila approached them.

"All I can say is thank you for ridding us of Kramzak and restoring the land to it's former glory." Muhammad said instead of the passionate farewell speech Static was hoping for.

"Tell Flame we will send the Guild something for what you have done." Lila added before walking over to Jesse. "And for you I have this." She said before kissing his cheek.

As Lila walked away Jesse sat there open mouthed as Brody walked up and slapped Jesse on the back. "Keep it up and one day you will be just like me!" Most of the team shuddered and Jesse's eyes widened at the thought of what Brody just said.

"Well with that disturbing thought we should head out." Dew said as a Talonflame landed in front of Team Typhoon. it handed a message to Tyson who fell forward asleep. the Talonflame looked at him and Marion moved and grabbed the message from the beak and the Talonflame flew off.

"Whats it say?" Duncan asked.

Marion read aloud.

Team Typhoon, you have new orders to stay behind in the village to provide security until Kramzak is confirmed dead or captured.


"Well it looks like we are staying here." Maron replied.

"Why cant we just sleep, its unfair." Tyson complained.

"Good luck." Alistar replied and Team Ivory and Team Destruct set off down the road into the morning light.


"Why couldn't we have flown back or something…" Static complained as the teams set up camp for the 3rd night of traveling, the guild only being a few miles away they decided to arrive in the morning.

"Hey Dew, do you recognize this river?" Morgan asked her brother.

"No?" Dew replied before looking at the river and realizing it. "We're close to where we grew up!"

"Exactly." Morgan replied as Swift helped her set up one of the tents.

"You two grew up near here?" Swift asked.

"Come on we're show you the old cave." Dew said as he and Morgan lead Swift off along the side of the river. Jesse, Alistar and Grant sat by the fire as Static and Brody talked under a tree.

"We need to talk." Grant said to them. "Its about that assassin." He said refusing to acknowledge Swift as a pokemon or even related to Dew and Morgan.

"I know Morgan, Dew, and maybe Mystic trust him, but there is still something not right about him." Jesse spoke still eying the trio as they came back through the bushes.

"You think so too?" Alistar asked.

"Of course, have you seen how he acts, it seems he is not used to anything but killing." Grant replied eyeing the Dewott.

"What should we do about him?" Alistar questioned.

"I say we should interrogate Swift to find out his 'true' intentions." Jesse suggested "If he's telling the truth, his aura would tell. But it may have some evil in it."

"I think it could work." Alistar replied.

"When should we?" Grant asked.

"Tonight, knowing Dew he likes to swim before bed, we can do it then." Jesse replied.

"Hey guys I got dinner!" Mystic shouted having gathered some berries during the time everyone was talking and setting up camp. Everyone gathered around the fire and started to eat, Morgan held her berries over the fire to heat them up as everyone talked among themselves. After a while, Dew stood up.

"I'm going for a swim." Dew said leaving the group and heading toward the river.

"I'm turning in." Mystic said before stretching and heading toward one of the tents. Everyone else minus Jesse, Grant and Alistar and Brody also turned in. after awhile they spoke.

"So you think he is up to something?" Brody asked after they told him their plans

"We want to be sure." Alistar replied.

"Now?" Grant asked and when Jesse nodded the four of them snuck toward the tent, Jesse, Dew and Swift were sharing and when they went in they saw Swift laying there asleep.

"Too easy." Brody whispered and at that moment Swift jumped up holding his scalchops. Before anyone could do anything Morgan opened the flap.

"Have you guys seen Dew? He hasn't returned."

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