The Little Guy Bats Zero

The Avengers | Captain America | Bucky & Steve | Pre-Serum | short | 251 words

Steve looked thrashed. His fingers were all torn up, and so was the rest of him. He wished Bucky would just leave him alone.

"Tell me who did it, Steve-O."

"It's fine, I don't know, I don't even remember." Steve kept looking at his hands, and then not looking at them. He wouldn't tell Bucky.

"Don't gimme that. You remember."

"I don't remember, it could of been anyone."

"Who did it, Steve."

"I hate you watching over me, I can fight my own fights."

"You can, I know you can, I don't doubt that you can, just tell me who did it."

Steve shook his head. He wasn't going to tell. Bucky leaped to his feet, seized Steve's shoulders, and shook him hard: once, twice. Bucky was furious.

"God damn, you must think you're some sort of comic book hero, you stubborn sonnova-"

Bucky stopped short. His eyes burned.

He left the room without another word.

The front door slammed. Out the window, Steve could hear kids playing stickball in the street, yelling, taunting each other. There was the heavy crack of the ball making contact, then more yelling and a big thud, and afterwards a noise like a siren starting up. A little boy lay sprawled out in the street, whining in pain. Somebody dropped the ball. A beat of silence, then yelling again.

Steve looked down at his hands. They didn't look so good. He felt like crying. He felt like a sissy. But Steve Rogers was no sissy. Steve Rogers was just waiting for his chance, waiting for the right moment. He would get out of here and be somebody. He would help people who couldn't help themselves. He knew it would happen because he believed in himself. He had it covered.

Steve Rogers leaned over and upchucked out the window. Below him, the boys screamed with horror and delight.

A/N: In my head, this takes place in a world/time when Steve and Bucky weren't friends for a long time. (This is because Bucky was a big bully.) But this really has nothing to do with the story. Aaaalso, I have not actually watched the movie. So that's kind of a problem with continuity, maybe. Oh, well. Yay for posting something on ffnet for the first time in forever!