Sorry for the grammar mistakes, but the english is not my native language

The youngest

The morning sun overshined the house. The light shined into the room in only a thin slit, through the window, but it was enough to illuminated the room. Three children were sleeping in the beds. The oldest was laying in his own bed, the two other were sleeping in a much bigger common bed. The middle pulled the blanket on his head ,it was only possible to see his brown hair. The youngest boy, who was sleeping past him, held his teddy bear in his hand, he was puffing silently through his little nose. If it was a wedekday their mother would have woken them up. But it was Saturday morning and they could sleep. The eldest boy's head made a move and he opened his eyes slowly. He admired the ceiling sleepily for few minutes. After that he sat up sudenly and looked at the clock which stood on the cupboard. It was seven o' clock .
„Malcolm,Malcolm." he said and pushed his younger brother's shoulder.
„What? What happened?" Malcolm mumbled it and pulled down the blanket from his head.
Reese pointed to the clock and Malcolm became awake under a second.
„We were late. Damn it. It doesn't matter, mom is sleeping now." said Malcolm while they climbed out the bed. They wore outdoor clothes, so they didn't need to get dressed.
„The bicycles? The packets?" asked Malcolm while he was putting on his shoes.
„Don't worry. Everything is prepared" Reese answered it with foxy smile on his face.
„Okay. we can go. Watch out, don't wake up Dewey." They opened the door and went through the living room to the court.
The door's creak woke up Dewey. He rubbed his eye and turned onto his side.
„Mom and dad" thought Dewey, but he noticed the empty beds. He got up and walked to the opened door. He heard them silently talking from the court, so he ran out the house.
Malcolm and Reese just took on two bagpack.
„What are you doing?" asked Dewey. The two boy looked up.
„Dewey, pull back to sleep."Reese put his little brother in his place.
„No. I wanna go with you." Dewey cried.
„Shut up. You will wake up mom" said Malcolm.
„That doesn't appel to me!" Dewey shouted.
„No! You are a little crappy brother. We hate you. When will you realize this? And now get out of here" said Malcolm impatiently.
„What's that noise?" They heard a woman's voice inside the house.
Malcolm and Reese looked up frightened. Reese's head turned red, he punched Dewey's face and pushed over him. Dewey fell on the concrete. After that they got on the bicyles and rode out.
Dewey started to cry, his nose was bleeding.
„Dewey" Lois cried and she ran to his son. She saw him into the kitchen and seated him.
„Hal! Hal come quickly" she toke out a handkerchief and gave it to Dewey. „It's okay."
„What happened?" asked Hal when he came into the kitchen. „Oh my God." She ran to his son.
„Reese punched me" Dewey sniffled.
„It doesn't matter" Hal stroked the boy's head.
After a few minutes his nosebleeding stopped and his mother set a bowl of cereal before him.
„Eat it. This is your favorite."
Dewey wiped his nose on his pyjamas and started to eat.
„Where did Reese and Malcolm go?" Lois asked.
„I don't know." Dewey shrugged his shoulder.
„When they will come hdome, there will be some reason for them… "
„My dear, calm down. We have enough time to devise a good retribution." Hal said.

Dewey finished his breakfast, sat down on the couch, turned on the TV and started watching Spongebob silently. The parents saw him from the kitchen.
„Hal, I have to go to the store in the morning. I can't attend to him."
„Would you be able to take a day off?" Hal asked.
„Hal, go there" put Hal in his place.
„Okay, okay"
He sat down beside Dewey on the couch.
„You are watching Spongebob. You like it, dont you?" Hal asked.
Dewey nodded and continued to glare at TV screen.
Hal put his hands on Dewey's shoulder and smiled at him.
„Don't grieve about Malcolm and Reese."
„I have fill of them." Dewey said angry. „They always punch and poke me."
„Don't deal with them." Hal flicked.
„But Dad, they always break my toys. Last time they teared up my plush elephant and they put it under my blanket. After they laughed at me when I was crying. I can't not deal with them."
Hal remembered this incident. It was one of Dewey's favourite toys. Dewey was crying for loung hours until they could calm him down. After that Malcolm and Reese got their punishment but it counted nothing.
„I have to go to the handicraft shop. Do you wanna go with me? It is more funny in party. " Hal asked.
„I don't know." Dewey hesitated.
„We might stop some other places. Example, we might buy ice-cream." Hal continued the sentence.
„We can go." Dewey stood up quickly.
„Fine! Go and get dressed!" Hal laughed.

„I am ready." Dewey came out from their room „ We can move."
„Come." Hal said.
Dewey sat in the backseat and Hal forced his belt into the buckle. Then, Hal got into the car too and started the engine, pulling the car out to the road. Dewey pushed his face to the glass and he saw how their house backed away.

He sat happily and saw the passing trees, cars and houses. He didn't care about Malcolm and Reese. He only thought about the savour of his ice-cream.
The car slowed down and stopped at a crossroads. Hal crooned and drumbed on the wheel while they were waiting for the traffic light. Suddenly he heard voice of engine and brake. He looked up into the rearview and he noticed a sweeping blue car. Before he could think of anything, the blue vehicle rushed to their car.