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Author: softasthunder

Time: Senior Year

Pairing: Derek/Casey


"Send a wish upon a star

Do the work and you'll go far

Send a wish upon a star

Make a map and there you are"

Lullaby - Sia


And he was her sun, warming her from toes upward. A pleasant feeling in her tummy, and a happy glow surrounded her.

They made their promises underneath the starry night sky, where the dark whispered words of secrets and adventures, but as soon as the sun came up, so did his hands.

Grasping and intertwining with her long fingers, he held her; held her so perfectly-so sweetly, so arrogantly-she let herself melt against his warm body, feel the softness of his skin, the hardness of his muscles.

She wasn't in for a Prince Charming, she didn't want one; she was in for oversized hockey jerseys with his name emblazoned on the back, fights and helpless feeling of drowning, his dingy bedroom as they smoked a joint, the warm sodas when he fixed his dad's old car.

Prince Charmings were perfect, and she didn't want perfection. She wanted messy, comfortable, she wanted to blaze with life and roar with laughter as they made teenage wishes under a falling star.

She titled her head up, and his callous thumbs ran across her soft knuckles, and he kissed her so lazily and when they parted, she let out a breathless laugh.

Freedom filled her, and love was her soul.

Brushing her fingers on his cheekbones, she let a smile break out. "Don't break the spell."

His hands cradled her, "Send a wish upon a star."

And before a coldness could overcome her bones they fell on the grass, the sun rose, the moon fell, and all was well.