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Chapter 1: Loan Shark

"Wha…What were you saying?" Shouma asked, his voice faltered as his eyes widened in disbelief.

The gruff man only smiled evilly as his eyes glinted dangerously. "Since, you're not able to pay for your loan, I'm going to take your younger son for the payment."

"B-But! You can do that! Yuu-chan is not involved in this! He's only 14! Beside I'd paid the debt!" Shouma protested panicky.

"You're forgetting it easily," the man grinned. "Our deal was, there will be 70% interest added to your loan and if you failed to pay, we'll take anything to pay your debt."

Shouma paled considerably. He hadn't known about it! "You're lying! I didn't know anything about it! This is fraud!"

"Well, Sir Shouma," the man paused before he produced a parchment with his master, Adelbert, and the double black's signature on it. He then flipped to the last page. "See this sentence here; it does say that, 'Every debtor has to pay seventy percent of the loan they made as an interest. And if the debtor failed to do so, we'll take anything to pay for the loan, this is including the family member.'"

By now, Shouma couldn't even feel his own hand. It was as if his body had frozen. Not…Yuuri. His Yuuri. He had sold him off without him knowing it. Because of his carelessness, Yuuri was a victim to this fraud business. His innocent little Yuu-chan.

"Y-You can't…" Shouma said quietly. "Not Yuuri, not my son…" 'Not when I had just lost Jennifer.'

But, the man just ignored him as he pushed the middle-aged man aside. "We've a deal and that's final. Now, move! I'm going to take your son as the wager." he kicked the door to the small wooden cottage harshly.

Upon seeing the door was harshly opened, two teenage boys stared at the man in fear. The older brother stood in front of his little brother protectively. "You're not going to get Yuu-chan!" he barked bravely.

The loan shark just smirked. "Well, well, well…aren't you pretty, boy?" he said as his eyes raked up and down the glasses boy's body. "Unfortunately, your eyes' color is black with a hint of violet. I only want a pure double black."

Shouri, the older one, shuddering in disgust and fear. "Shut up! Dirty old man! I'll not let you take Yuu-chan away from me!"

"Stop it!" Shouma shouted as he tried to hold the strong built man. "Not my sons!"

The man huffed in annoyance and twisted the arms on his body as he delivered a hit at the father's stomach, making him faint. Both boys' eyes widened in worry and dread.

"Dad!" Shouri shouted.

"D-Don't…!" the little brother shouted. "Don't hit my dad!"

Raising an eyebrow, the man smirked in delight. "Hm… so, you're that Yuu-chan, huh?" he said and checked on the boy. "Well, you're certainly cute and with that face and body, I bet many would want you." he licked his lips, desire filled his eyes. "Besides, you're a rare pure double black. Beautiful hair and eye color. You're such a rare beauty."

Yuuri stepped back in trepidation. His eyes widening with fear.

And, Shouri stepped forward, shielding his baby brother from the man.

"Go and run now, Yuu-chan," Shouri said quietly.

Yuuri shook his head. "B-But, what about you and dad?"

"He's fine and I'll be fine," Shouri paused. "He will not do anything to dad, I promise you," he said as he glanced at the man in front of them and their unconscious father.

"B-But!" Yuuri chided.

"Go now!" the older sibling demanded as he pushed the boy to the back door and quickly locked it after Yuuri was out. "Go, Yuu-chan! Run!"

"Shouri!" Yuuri cried as he saw the loan shark's face reddening in fury. He trembled in terror and anger.

"Go! Don't look back!" Shouri shouted before he turned around and faced the loan shark. "You won't get my baby brother, bastard!"

"Fuck! How dare you let my money run away!" the gruff man shouted in irritation as he wrestled the smaller teen and managed to knock him off in just one hit. He then eyed the running teen outside of the house with fire of irritation in his eyes.

"You're not going to escape from me, Yuu-chan."

Yuuri ran without looking back to where his house was. Anger and sad tears made its way to his cheeks when they cascading down due to the heavy feelings the young teen was having right now. Running without direction, the youngest double black could only pray to whatever god out there to save his father and brother.

Thinking about his family, Yuuri held himself from letting out a sob. His big brother and father had tried to delay the man from taking him but Yuuri knew that the man wouldn't stop until he got his dirty hands on him.

Until he got his pay.

For the damn loan.

Thinking again on the loan, his small fist clenched in anger as his face painted in pure melancholic. His mother had been sick from the high fever and since they were poor, his father had made a loan with the sick bastard with the name of Adelbert. The man managed to sweet talk to his dad and promised the middle-aged man of the benefits and advantages of borrowing a sum of money from him.

The straight and kind-hearted man agreed quickly, thinking only to use the money to save his wife. He didn't even take time to read the agreement letter and signed the damn document. At that time, Yuuri was following his father and he could see how the man named Adelbert leering at him, with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

He didn't know it right then but now, he understood. The man had targeted him from the earlier and had made sure that he got a hold on him when his father hadn't manage to pay the loan. And… though, they had made a loan, his sick mother couldn't survive and she had left the three of them and went to heaven.

Yuuri sniffed.

His beautiful and cheerful mother had gone. The mother that always dressed him in the dresses. He wouldn't be able to see her again. Miko Shibuya had left the world of living. Forever.

His trail of thoughts was disturbed when he heard a familiar crusty voice.

"Stop, right there, boy!"

Stopping for a short while, the black haired teen turned around and saw the man – the loan shark – chasing after him. He panicked. Turning back to the front, Yuuri dashed with all the strength his thin feet could bring him.

The sounds of footsteps behind him made the boy run faster. His heart beat loudly that he could almost hear it out of his ears. Suddenly, the loud cry was heard when something like a 'crack' sound of fallen object. Yuuri stopped for awhile and glanced back. The branch had fell onto the man but unfortunately, it was only a small branch. He ran again.

"Damn it!" the man cursed as he got up and chased the boy. "Fuck! I said stop! Little bastard!"

Yuuri ignored the angry shouts and kept running into the deep of the forest. The fear of being caught made him forget all about the pain and blisters that had already inflicted on his bared feet and shins. The man couldn't catch him or he would be selling off to the riches or the nobles as the slave or errand boy or worst, as the sex slave.

He shuddered.

He didn't want to be sold off. He had heard many stories from his neighbors that most of them that sold to the riches ended up as the toys and sex slaves to pleasure their master. Yuuri could feel his heart sank. He didn't want that! He didn't want to live as the sex slave!

He needed to run.

Far from the man.

Just when he was about to round a huge tree, a calloused and harsh hand grabbing his lithe arm, almost pulling his arm out from its socket. Yuuri cried in pain and panic. Turning around, he came face-to-face with the strong built man who grinning wickedly at him. The double black cowered.

"Let me go!" he shouted, pushing the bravery out of his fear-induced state. Using his free hand, he tried to punch the man's face but only to get his hand blocked by the man's other hand.

"Hah! Don't ever think of trying to run from me, boy," the man smirked and punched the small boy's stomach, knocking the double black out cold. "You're going to sell with a high price," he said as he caressed the unconscious boy's soft cheek while grinning evilly.

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