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Chapter 6: The Ominous Feeling

It was in the middle of the night, when the darkness filled the surroundings that the man with the infamous nickname of Demon King came to Yuuri's room. Standing in front of the stilled door, the Lord of the colossal mansion stared at the brass knob before he reached out and turned it clockwise. Slowly, he opened the door to his adorable little servant's room and surveyed the dark room. Glancing to where the bed was supposedly located, his keen, sharp dark eyes watched the lone figure sleeping without any care for the whole world.

He smiled when he saw Yuuri's head hanging at the edge of the bed. The boy's head briefly touched the floor and half of his body was on the mattress while his arms, one on the stomach and one on the floor next to the head. The cotton blue pajama top the boy worn slid over his lean abdomen and Maou could clearly see the boy's soft-looking skin and lean stomach.

How delicious.

Without he wished for it, a shudder ran through his spine at the mere look of his servant's lean, smooth figure.

He shook his head to clear the thoughts.

Seeing that the boy make no move and the light snores were all the conformation that he needed to invite himself into the room. Softly and slowly as if the predator readied to pounce on its prey, the double black man padded into the room and closed the door behind him before he walked to the bed.

Standing next to the boy's head, William stared at the peaceful visage painted on the boy's face down there. Carefully as to not awaken the younger double black, he crouched down and gently lifted the boy's head from the cold, hard floor before he settled him on the bed.

He shuddered again. It was just a touch of his skin to Yuuri's nape but it was those little things, those tiny acts that made the strange feeling tingle inside of his stomach and tighten his heart.

Those strange feelings wanting to made itself known again.

He frowned. What was the feeling?

It's the lust, Maou. The deep, passionate desire for Yuuri.

The voice answered for him. But, it didn't register with him. He didn't think it was only lust. There was something deeper in it.

I know the feeling but I won't tell you. It's after all the weakness and I won't want you to get weak because of it.

But the frown didn't stay long, seeing the boy sleeping peacefully made him forget the questions that been bugging him for a few days. Watching the boy's sleep face reminding him when he first saw the boy.

It was last week, when he decided to stroll around the market and heard the loud commotions. Curious, he went for the noises and could see that it was the slave trade. At first, he shrugged it off as nothing unfamiliar but then when the trader saying that they was going to sell the double black boy, his ears perked up. Easing his way into the crowd but still stayed at the back, he watched as the men and women making their bid for the boy. They were pretty crazy about the new boy. Slowly, his coal black eyes met with the small, thin boy wearing only a large white shirt that covered his lithe figure and baring his bony shoulder.

The boy was so small, so fragile – that Maou almost feared he would snap in two if people didn't careful with him – and shaking like a small animal. He also saw the boy's frantic eyes as people eyeing him with lust and desire. Taken a pity at the boy, Maou took a moment before he made himself known and offer the price that actually won him of the boy.

The memories warmed the inside of him.

Yuuri was growing familiar with his mansion and he was not like the little kid that he had just bought and brought to his home. Yuuri had been the happy self of him even though he was still conscious of him.

He sighed.

Caressing the soft, silky dark strands, Maou relished in the heaven of his guilty pleasure. He knew it; this little servant of him was his possession. And he was very possessive of his things. No one, he meant it, that no one should ever try to take way his belongings. And he didn't want the boy touched by anyone other than him.

But… that day when Wolfram had come and almost struck his Yuuri, Maou knew deep down his heart that the boy was precious to him. Very precious and very important to him. And no man nor woman should lay their dirty hands on his property.

Also, the way Yuuri retorted heatedly at the young blond Lord didn't sit well with him.

That thought alone made his eyes narrow in hatred, disgust. How dare him! How dare that boy trying to make Yuuri feeling even a slightest feeling for him. Unconsciously, he had tightened his grab at the boy's locks and making Yuuri whimper softly in his sleep.

Hearing the pained whimper, Maou looked down and realized he had lost his self-control and had grabbed the boy's hair a tad strong from his jealousy. Quickly, he let go of his fingers around the boy's locks and rubbed his face using both the hands. Letting out a silent sigh, he peeked from the opening of his fingers and saw Yuuri going back to his peaceful slumber.

There's no need for the regret. Yuuri is yours. Ours.

Letting his hands fall on both sides, he stared at the beautiful, innocent face for a while. Standing from his seat on the edge of the bed, Maou casted a last longing look before him elegantly but quietly strolled across of the vast chamber and left the room.

Like an everyday occurrence, Yuuri woke up to the sound of Engiwaru birds' bizarre chirping. Hell… that damn birds were making so much noises that Yuuri had to open his eyes forcefully and frowned at the curtains covered window. Sitting up from his comfy bed, the young boy walked to the window and slid opened the drapes.

"Engiwaru~! Engiwaru~! Engiwaru~~!" the birds kept making noises.

Yuuri's frown deepened. The birds never this noisy and it was deafeningly loud early in the morning. What was this? Was it some kind of bad premonition? He shook his head. No, even though, the bird's name meant Bad Omen, he shouldn't believe in that.

Still frowning, the black haired boy basked in a piece of his memory before he came here. Living in a poor family, Yuuri had enough of difficulty. But even though, they were poor, they were a happy family. With a responsible, doting father, a caring and girly mother, and an over-protective big brother… Yuuri was a happy boy. And all of that ended the moment his mother fell sick and his father borrowed a sum of money from Adelbert.

Silent sobs erupted from his throat as he tried to block the image of his bedridden mother and her deathly pallid face. He missed his mother. He missed his father and big brother.

A soft but firm knock on the door broke Yuuri back to the reality. Wiping the tears that just starting to gather at the edge of his eyes, the young teen adjusted his pajama top and strutted to the door.

Just when he was about opened the barrier, the door was opened by itself. Outside of the room was his master.

"Yuuri…?" William said as he took full inspection on the boy's clothes. "I thought you're still asleep."

Not answering the taller man, Yuuri just stared at the man as his eyes filled with awesomeness. His master looked so good even if he was just clad in simple garments.

The man called as the Maou was clad in the form-fitting black tunic, dark brown trousers and a pair of black leather shoes. His shoulder length midnight colored tresses was tied into a low ponytail. Smirking, Maou gave a pointed look at the short boy. "What are you looking at? Are you admiring my body?"

Blushing, Yuuri defiantly shook his head. "Ah! No, no, no! I wasn't looking at you, master!"

Smirking even wider, Maou was about to tease the boy when he saw the boy's huge, owlish orbs were slightly red. Instantly, he narrowed his eyes. Gripping the red-face boy by his shoulders, he let a dangerous snarl out of his mouth. "Who made you cry?"

Surprised, Yuuri gaped at the man. How did Master William know he was crying? Shaking his head, he tried to smile only to wince in pain as the grasp on his shoulders tightened. "M-Master William?"

Seeing the boy's pained expression, Maou quickly let go of his hands and grimaced. He hadn't meant to do that. It was just primal instinct or more likely his hidden desire for the boy made him act like that. Turning his back on the boy, he quickly left the dumbstruck looking boy.

Blinking his eyes in total confusion and bewilderment, Yuuri rubbed his sore shoulders and muttered to himself. "What has just happened?"

Ding, dong!

Running to the mansion's huge double mahogany doors, Yuuri slowed down just before he slammed into the door, face first. Taking a deep breath to slow his fast heartbeats, the double black wiped his sweaty palms on his pants and then carefully opened the door.

At a sudden, a blur of white and lavender covered his sight and in less than a second, he was glomped by a man. A tall man with lavender hair. And the man was strong despite his slender built figure.

"Yuuri~~! I missed you!" the man's voice echoed to the whole mansion.

Choking, Yuuri coughed and did realize that the blur was Gunter. The man that he had encountered a few days before. Smiling, he patted the man's back while choking. "Ah, Gun-ter. I miss-ed yo-u too."

Tightening his hug, the lavender haired man rubbed his cheek on the boy's soft black locks. "I'm glad you still remember me, Yuuri."

Yuuri just nodded. "Of course, I still remember you." he said sheepishly and thought, 'It wasn't easy to forget you after all, Gunter.'

A loud, firm cough from behind them, made Gunter reluctantly release the double black boy.

Staring wide-eyed at another guest, Yuuri's mouth opened wide before he closed it slowly. He was about to ask the newcomer why he was here when he remembered that Gunter was the person or more precisely Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld's servant.

A remembrance of another day's encounter made Yuuri narrow his eyes. He didn't like this blond Lord. He didn't know why nor did he understand it, seeing the arrogant Lord made him lose his control over his cool façade. Shaking his head mentally to remove the thoughts, Yuuri forced himself to smile despite his dislike at the blond.

"Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld, I suppose that you're here to see my master." He bowed at the man with such formality that made Gunter squeal with excitement and Wolfram raise an eyebrow because of the unexpected response.

"Well, what're you waiting for?" Wolfram said impatiently as he placed his hand on the slender waist.

Yuuri again bowed at the young Lord and ignored as Gunter praising him for his cuteness, gracefulness and so on. Leading the two towards his master's study, Yuuri met with Darcascos in the middle of the hallway.

Smiling widely, he waved at the bald man. "Dorcas! Hey, where are you going?"

The bald man waved enthusiastically at the double black. "Hey, Yuuri! I'm going to the stables. Lord William bought a new breed of horse and he wants me to take good care of it."

"Wow! New horse!" Yuuri beamed with excitement. "What kind of horse?"

"An ebony one." The bald man smiled. "And its fur is very silky and smooth. Maybe, you should come with me and see it by your own eyes."

As their conversation go on, Wolfram just stared when the double black smiling in joy as the two servants talking about the new horse. This was a new part of the servant boy that he didn't know. All of this time, he thought the boy was annoying and irritating. But then, at one point and it was when Yuuri's smile turning soft and sweet that Wolfram could feel that his heart almost stopped beating.

What the hell?

Clutching the front of his shirt, the blond Lord's eyes looked down at his chest as his heart starting to beat loud and fast. He panicked. Just what was going on? Slowly, he took a deep breath and it did a little help to slow down the pounding. However, when he again stole a glance at the clueless boy that was chatting happily with his friend, the atrocious heart of him did that again. Thumping in a louder and faster rhythm than the first one.

Shaking his head to remove the weird and bizarre feeling, Wolfram's scowl deepened in a feeble attempt to shake the unusual sensation. Placing his hands at the hips, an eyebrow rose and mouth twitched in annoyance, the man in blue uniform gritted his teeth before he barked in irritation.

"Just how long are you going to make me wait?!" he spoke as his voice was harsh and high than its normal volume.

Both males jumped in surprise. The one with black hair turned around and scowled at the blond while the bald man bowed profusely.

"Ah! I'm so sorry, my Lord!" Darcascos said, bowing low. "I didn't see you there!"

Wolfram just frowned. He ignored the hairless man as he stared at the scowling boy. Narrowing his eyes, he spat. "Just what are you looking at?"

Yuuri realized that he had been scowling at the Lord, mentally shook his head and forced a smile. Taking a deep breath, he let out a vigor calm voice off his throat. "I'm sorry, My Lord. It seemed like I had forgotten you there." he bowed.

The emerald-eyed young Lord raised an eyebrow at the force, almost sarcastic tone of the double black. He was about to retort at the rude remark when a familiar low and sultry voice interrupted him.

"Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld, what are you doing here?"

And he could hear the other voice was dripped with poison and clear jealousy. Turning around, his body froze as emerald green met with a pair of blazing, deep abyss of black orbs that were emitting a dangerous and murderous aura.

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