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She keeps her mouth shut as they cast spells and charms and to stop anyone hearing.

"Not even gonna put up a fight Mudblood?" Mulciber gave a dark snicker, sending chills to her core. "Guess secretly you like it."

She recoiled in disgust, as Avery placed his lips against hers.

She didn't try to fight them. She didn't say a thing, murmur a sound. If she did she would of been playing directly into their hands, given them what they wanted.

Her robes were already in a heap next to her and soon her shirt and skirt joined them.

The foul villains ran their hands over her exclaiming in joy.

They were taking their time. Making it more painful for her. After all, one thing that characterised a Gryffindor was their pride. But despite the fact that they were taking everything away from her, and therefore her dignity, she kept her head up. She was a Gryffindor. She was brave dammit!

A small tear creeped out of the corner of her left eye as the men released groans as they attached their mouths to her neck.

It was her own fault really. She shouldn't have been out this late.

It was innocent Hufflepuff. Looking lost in the mass of hallways. First year. So, as Head Girl, she had stayed back to take him to his Common Room. Unfortunately her Common Room was further away.

Mulciber and Avery had cornered her. Pressed her against the wall and disarmed her. She hadn't fought back the Muggle way, knowing it would only bring more pain to her satisfaction to them.

The one on the right slobbered down her neck. She repressed a shudder. They were no different to her now. She'd closed her eyes, trying to stop the monsters from haunting her.

"OI!" A voice suddenly called out as her bra straps were being tugged at. "GET OFF HER!"

In shock Lily looked up, to see two flying lights and her tormenters slumped to the ground.