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*Sigh* "Finally, I'm in Tokyo!" the girl with blue hair said as she grabbed her stuffs from her side and stepped out of the train and she sigh even more as the train made it's leave. "I can't believe I didn't take the plane in coming here but nooo, I have to make a short stop at Shibuya to pick up some requirements for this job and I only came here at Tokyo to get my worker's experience for me to qualify to work abroad." *sigh* she sighed again and she began to walk to catch herself a cab. It's been a long time since she returns to Tokyo. 'Wow, its been5 years since I last came here. Hmmm… I wonder what has changed…' she thought. Momentarily, she was able to call a cab and then placed her bag and her guitar case to the trunk and then drove away.

As she rides from her cab, she was able to glimpse Tokyo from the window and she noticed that Tokyo has changed. She noticed some new tall buildings and restaurants that encircled Tokyo tower. She also noticed some new malls and a small park where she saw so many couples hanging out and some are hanging out with their friends and it envied her. 'Tokyo hasn't changed than I thought…' she murmurs to herself. She envies people who had friends to hang with and especially those who already had a boyfriend/girlfriend. She doesn't know why on why, she can't have a single true friend in her life. She thought that they were her friends but it seems they were just using her because she was beautiful and rich. It really angered her of knowing it and because of that; she became bitter just to avoid getting hurt again. And this boyfriend thing, she really hasn't found her one yet. Even though, most of the guys in College are hitting on her but it ended up a break up because she was just used as a toy just to envy their girlfriends and some are loving her because of lust, and it sickened her thinking of it.

She thought that going to the States to enter College would really help her forget those things but unfortunately, it just made things worst. She sighed heavily thinking of it but at least she was able to finish her Degree of Arts and Music. It was her dream after all. She really wanted to teach music ever since she was a kid and music has been her life because this is her own way to express herself whenever she's happy and lonely.

After the 20-minute drive she finally arrived from her parent's house and it's pretty late in the evening now but she was happy to be here again. As she went out from her cab she was surprised by her mother who hugged her emotionally.

"Oh my little Angel! It's so good to see you home again! How was your trip from America?" Mrs. Ryuuzaki wiped her tear away as she broke the hug and looked at her beautiful daughter ones again.

"Oh Mom, it's been fine. I've missed you too and Dad." she said and chuckled, still surprised from her mother's emotional hug.

"My word Umi look at you! You've grown into a beautiful young lady! Tell me, are you in a relationship right now?" her mother surprisingly said as she took Umi's luggage from the trunk.

"Here let me help you with that." said Umi, whom seem to have difficulties answering her question.

"Oh no please let me do it for you sweetie. Anyway, you look tired and you barely stand on your own. Come on let's go inside." she said as she take the lead to go inside the house. Umi just followed her mother from the inside and she took her guitar case from her, since she noticed that her mother had hard time carrying it. She might drop it and Umi will surely cry because of it. Her guitar is the thing that she treasure the most since it's been given by her parents and her guitar is more likely her companion.

"Wow Umi you still kept this guitar?" her mother asked, noticing how much Umi carefully carried her guitar.

"Well of course I have. It's the most precious thing that you've given to me Mom and besides, she's my best friend." said Umi whom seem to smile at her guitar. Mrs. Ryuuzaki just smiled at her daughter and she placed her luggage in her room.

"If you need something just ask me okay? And oh don't forget to rest. You have a bright day tomorrow." she said sternly to her daughter. Umi just laugh and said;

"Okay okay Mom. Hehehe I'll rest."

Umi's mother nodded in response and she closed the door as she exited herself. Umi sigh in relief and she went immediately to her bathroom to change her nightgown. After a few minutes of changing, she went immediately to her bed and laid there. She was indeed tired from her trip and she was tired of catching the train schedule. She took a deep breath and sigh heavily. Before she could bother to sleep, she first placed her things into her cabinet and hanged all her clothes so that it would not be crumpled. After that, she placed her guitar case into the side of her bed so that she could have a company. She smiled as she glances at her guitar and she finally yawned. She turns off the lights and slept.

Meanwhile in the Kingdom of Cephiro lies a very young looking King who was chasing after his son who was shirtless. He ran and ran just to catch his hyper active son. 'Goodness me, why is he so full of energy every day? *sigh* I need to catch him before Fuu gets here.' he thought to himself. Finally after chasing his son, he finally able to cornered him. "Now now Junior please don't run away from Daddy anymore okay? I just want to change you, that's all." he said as he came closer and closer to Junior.

"No! I don't want to wear that super tight shirt again! What's the harm of being shirtless anyway? It's very comfortable if I don't wear any shirt!" he talked back to his father and it made him annoyed and his neck was tingling in irritation.

"Now Jr., do you want to be scolded by your mother again? If you don't then just do what is proper okay? And besides it's not very proper for a Prince like you to be shirtless and running around the castle. And don't forget that the Madoushi will scold you as well you know. Not to mention that I'll get scolded too you know. So please… do it for Daddy okay?" he pleaded his son as he was very close to him, and he nodded in response. Ferio was happy that he understands his responsibilities as the youngest Prince of his three children. "Thank you Junior." he said as he changes his son with proper clothes. Junior sighed with sadness of his tone, making his father to frown as well.

"Daddy I'm bored. There's nothing to do in the castle but to eat, sleep, eat, study and eat. Is there anything that'll interest us like… going outside the castle perhaps?" Junior asked cutely. Ferio laugh at his cuteness and he rubbed his son's hair, just to mess it up a little.

"Didn't I tell you that you're not allowed to go outside the castle? Besides, there are monsters in there and it's very dangerous for you to roam around. You wouldn't want to be eaten by a monster would you?" he tickled his son, making Junior to laugh and smile.

"No I don't but… when will I be able to go outside Daddy?" he asked.

"Whenever you're old enough to handle by yourself. And that's why you need to study and learn more from the Master Mage because he will teach you how to defend yourself. Now, off you go and play with your brother Edmund and your sister Fiona okay?" he said and he pushed his son slightly.

"Okay Dad! I'll see you at lunch!" he cheerfully said as he leaves the room. "And oh Dad, when I'm strong enough, I'll become just like you, fearsome and strong!" he yelled and closed the door. Ferio smiled at his son and bid him farewell.

"I know you will. But now… where in the world would I find a governess?" he questioned himself. He sighs in frustration and he left the room to proceed with his daily duties.

Morning came in Tokyo and it was a peaceful morning for Umi, no school bell, horning, yelling and loud noises. She was able to have a goodnight sleep after her restful evening when she arrived. And because of that, she was full of energy and ready for an adventure. She decided to tour around Tokyo since she wanted to sight the new buildings that she saw yesterday and don't forget that she misses the tower very much. She changed herself into a sunny blue dress that had ribbons around it and around her waist, making her perfect wait to be kissed by her dress. She looks stunning on her dress. Before she could go downstairs, she stared at her guitar. She thought of bringing with her since it's been a long time did she able to spend time with her beloved guitar so, she took her guitar case and went downstairs to have breakfast with her parents.

As she went to the kitchen, she was glad to see her mother cooking omelets for breakfast and her father sipping his coffee while reading his papers. Umi thought that her father is busy as usual but she doesn't mind.

"Good morning Mom and Dad!" Umi cheerfully said.

"Oh Umi! Good morning to you too." her father greeted her with pure gladness.

"How was your sleep honey?" her mother asked as she placed the omelets on the plate and served it on the table.

"It was very peaceful Mom and I was able to sleep well." she said as she took a bite of her toast.

"That's good to know! Nee Umi, where will you work part time?" her mother asked.

"Oh I'll be working part time in Yumogi Elementary School downtown. I'll be starting tomorrow." she said as she sipped her coffee.

"Oh I see." her father responded.

"Nee Dad, can I go outside the town and have some sightseeing? It's been a long time since I haven't been here and besides, it's still Sunday. Please?!" Umi pleaded to him. His father blinked in confusion.

"Are you sure you'll be able to handle by yourself? I mean there's a lot of disgusting guys out there and I don't want any of them to touch my little angel." he said.

"Oh come on Dad! I'm 23 years old! I am capable of handling myself and besides, if those disgusting guys will try to touch me, then I'll give them my wrath that will teach them a lesson!" she said proudly as she stood up from her seat.

"Hmmm… You better mark your word young lady or else I won't allow you." he said sternly but with a smirk on his face.

"Mark my word on that Dad and Mom!" she said as she turned her heals to the door. "I'm off! I'll see you guys later." she said as she closed the door and placed the guitar case's strap to her shoulder like a sash and she called a cab and went herself to an adventure in Tokyo.

As she arrived in the busy street of Tokyo, she wandered around on where she should go first since she was mesmerized by the beautiful sights of Tokyo. It has been a long time since she went out and enjoys herself. So she decided to visit the Mall first and then she went to some restaurant to have lunch and after lunch, she went to Tokyo tower to see the city.

She was supposed to go up via elevator but it seems the elevators are still under repair. She was supposed to give up and leave the tower but, something is keeping her from leaving. 'Strange… my foot doesn't want to leave the tower… That's odd. Maybe I should go up with stairs. Besides, it could be fun climbing up with stairs. How bad it could be?' she thought to herself.

And with that, she literally took the stairs and went herself up to the last floor of the tower. At first she didn't feel tired but when she reached the top of it, she was damn tired. She never thought that this could drain her energy away by just climbing up stairs and also, her guitar was giving her extra weight, making her feel heavy when she climbed.

As she reached her destination, she quickly glance the entire area and found a bench where she could sit. 'Finally, a bench! Ughh… my feet hurt so much.' she thought and she hurriedly ran to the bench and seated. 'Next time Umi, don't try the stairs. It'll just drain you energy away.' she scolded herself.

As she relaxes herself in the bench, she began to scan the area. 'It's the same as it should be.' She thought. The same bench, same big windows and same counter. She also noticed that there are only few people here in the top floor. 'Guess they're tired of reaching to the top' she thought.

As she making herself comfortable in the bench, she noticed a little girl with weird bunny ears that seems to be her head band, crying and sobbing in the corner of the room. She thought that maybe she's lost or something. She was saddened by just looking at her. 'What am I doing here just staring at her? I must help her!' she thought. So she went to the little girl's direction and as she approaches, she was detected so the little girl looked at her with full of tears in her eyes. Umi smiled at the little girl and said;

"Hello little girl. Are you lost? Do you know where we can find your mommy? Are you hungry?"

The little girl shook her head in a 'No' answer and continued to sob. Umi knelled down and wiped the little girl's tears away from her eyes.

"Please don't cry anymore little one." Umi softly said. "Oh I know I have something that'll make you cheered up. Please wait here okay?" she said as she went to the bench and grabbed her guitar. She returned to the little girl's direction and she took her guitar from the guitar case and she took a chair for her to sit. "Here I'll play a song for you so listen okay?" she said and the girl nodded in response. Umi took a deep breath and sigh heavily and then she started to pluck the guitar strings. (First song: Butterfly Fly Away by Hannah Montana) she closed her eyes and she began to sing…

You tucked me in, turned out the light Kept me safe and sound at night

Little girls depend on things like that
Brushed my teeth and combed my hair had to drive me everywhere

You were always there when I looked back
you had to do it all alone Make a living, make a home

Must have been as hard as it could be
and when I couldn't sleep at night scared things wouldn't turn out right

You would hold my hand and sing to me

As Umi continued to sing, the little girl smiled at her and Umi smiled back. She didn't know that some people are watching her sing but she continued anyway.

Caterpillar in the tree how you wonder who you'll be

Can't go far but you can always dream
Wish you may and wish you might Don't you worry, hold on tight

I promise you there will come a day Butterfly fly away
Butterfly fly away, butterfly fly away

Flap your wings now you can't stay

Take those dreams and make them all come true
Butterfly fly away, butterfly fly away

We've been waiting for this day All along and knowing just what to do

Without her knowing, the little girl began to vanish as Umi almost ended her song. She didn't notice it since she closed her eyes when she sang the song.

Butterfly, butterfly, butterfly, butterfly fly away
Butterfly fly away Butterfly fly away

As she ended the song with the last pluck from the strings, she opened her eyes and she was surrounded with people with an amusement in their faces. At first she felt embarrassed of what she did but when the people started to applause, her face was tainted with red lines.

"That was amazing Miss!" said the young lady.

"Your voice is so beautiful! Magnificent!" the gentle man added.

"Oh uh… it was nothing really… I uh… just sang this song for this little girl here." she said trying to point on her but… She was not here.

"A little girl? But Miss, we didn't see a little girl here. I thought you just played that song by yourself since I saw you grabbed that chair your seating on." said a young boy.

"But I… I could have sworn I've seen a little girl here crying earlier. How… strange." she whispered.

"Well if you ask me I didn't see anyone crying in this corner." said the young security guard.

"Well uhh… I think I'll be going now. E-Excuse me." she said, still confused.

"How odd… Am I dreaming? Or are my eyes playing tricks with me again. Ughh… this sucks." she said as she resume herself sitting on the bench she seated earlier. As she closed her eyes and sigh heavily, she then again, saw the little girl and this time she was in front of her but not too close and she was smiling at her. Umi was startled when she saw her. She began to pinch herself and slapped her face, just making sure if she was dreaming or not but she wasn't. She saw her clearly and real. This scared Umi.

"Uhhmmm… a-are you a g-ghost?" Umi said with nervousness, not sure on what to do whether she should run or shout? She was scared but the little girl's smile isn't scary at all.

"Thank you for singing to me with that song Miss Umi. It was very lovely indeed." she spoke like an echoing sound. Umi was speechless… she doesn't know what to say or even what to do. She was tilted on her seat, making her body froze like ice. The little girl giggled at her reaction and she playfully ran away from her. This made Umi snapped back to reality.

"H-Hey! W-Wait! Little girl!" Umi jerked off from her seat, took her guitar case and chased her.

The little girl was still giggling and running while Umi was still chasing her, still very confused. "Little girl! Tell me, why do you know me? Who are you?" Umi yelled but the girl giggled in response. This made Umi very irritated and it angered her. "Hey!" she shouted.

As the little girl suddenly disappeared yet again, Umi was getting scared as her surroundings began to darken. 'W-What's happening? Why is it so dark in here?' she thought, feeling the chills of fear. "Hello? Anyone? Hello?" she yelled but there was no response.

But suddenly, her surrounding began to shimmer like diamonds and she found herself being absorbed by a ball of light and vanished.

Her mind was dim and it was dark. Her head ache a little as she tried to regain conscious but she can't for her head was spinning like hell. She felt like her head was hit or something. 'Maybe … I'm dead… That's right… I was chasing after a little girl and suddenly it went black and light came after…' she thought. 'But why do I feel I'm lying on a ground or something… I could hear the water rushing… I could smell the grass… Wait? Water? Grass? I'm definitely not in the tower anymore. What's going on? Where am I?' she thought. She tried to jerk herself awake, ignoring the pain in her head, she opened her eyes and she found herself lying in the ground with grass and beside her was a river.

She rubbed her eyes, just making sure if she was dreaming or not. She slapped, pinched, and bites herself and again in case if this was real but it was.

"Where in the bloody hell am I?" she shouted as she stood up and cleaned herself. She tried to scan the area and even touched it. She tried to touch the water in the river but it was real alright and she lastly touched the tree but she was saddened to know that it was real and she's definitely not dreaming. 'Speaking of tree, where is my guitar… and my bag?' she thought. She began to walk and scanned around the area and she happy to see her shoulder bag, hanged in the branch of the tree. It wasn't so high so she was able to grab it easily but now… her guitar… "Oh dear where's my guitar?!" she said with a worried tone.

As she went further from tree to tree, she just realized that she entered the forest. "Oh God help me find my guitar…" she murmurs to herself. As she went deep inside the forest, she found her guitar but… a large cat with huge fangs has it and it seems to sleep on it. "Oh great! A cat with outrageous fangs has my guitar… How wonderful…" she complained to herself.

As she was complaining even more, she didn't notice that the saber tooth cat was awake. She didn't move by the time the saber tooth roared with fierce. Umi turned her head a little and she found out that it was approaching at her. Umi screamed until her lungs dried out and she began to run madly.

"Bloody hell get away from me you huge, fanged cat!" she screamed with terror as she ran more. 'Oh God! What should I do?! I'm gonna be eaten at this rate. I've gotta get out of this forest and hopefully… find some help. But wait, I have to get my guitar first!' her face became focused as she concentrated her running and she turn herself a U-turn to a tree and return to the saber tooth's place where her guitar should be.

As she ran more, she was able to see her guitar case in sight and she readied herself of getting it when she ran into it. She was getting closer and closer to her guitar and she was ready to grab it but as she grabbed her guitar, she got stumbled by a rock so she fell and she hugged her guitar tightly. As she stopped rolling, she found the saber tooth cat jumping towards her, making her body to freeze in shock. But her instinct tells her to roll over and get up. So she rolled over and stood up and she continued to run for her dear life. "Help! Save me!" she yelled as she continued to run.

While in the boarders of the castle, a young guard was lazily polishing his sword, since he has nothing to do anyway. *Sigh* "It's been a while since I haven't seen any action. I'm bored." he said to himself.

But as soon as he finished polishing it, he noticed the bushes were rustling. This made him alarmed so he stood up and pointed his sword towards the bushes' direction. "Who goes there? Show yourself!" he said. But as he got close and closer to the bushes, he found himself a young lady appeared behind those bushes and she ran behind him. This startled the young guard and confused. As he looked at the scared girl, who was breathing harder, he was confused and he was alarmed.

"You little lady, why are you here and what are you so scared about?" he asked. Umi was speechless because she almost run out of air from all that running and rolling so she pointed her finger to the direction of the bush, making the guard to look confused? "What's in the bush young la-"he was cut off when suddenly the saber tooth beast popped out from the bush and it was breathing harder.

"What the-"he said as he pointed his sword to the saber tooth nervously. His hand shaking as he gripped his sword tightly and he wasn't able to move because the young lady was holding him too tight.

"B-Back off you foul beast!" he nervously said. The saber tooth beast growled in response, making the two of them to shake in fear.

As the saber tooth was about to jump out of them, they found themselves seeing the beast being sliced in half and it disappeared in the shadows. Umi couldn't believe what she had seen. 'Who did that'?' she thought. As she was able to stand up, she found a guy with blonde hair with sternly blue eyes eyeing at her.

"C-Captain! I –uh… sorry… For not being ready at times of danger. Please forgive my tardiness." the young guard bowed to him and the Captain just eyes at the young lady.

"Who you might me, young miss?" he said coldly. It made Umi shiver from the coldness of his voice.

"I-uh…. "She couldn't speak any further for her lung hasn't been able to recover from the run.

"Who are you?" he repeatedly asked.

"Captain Lafarga I bet she's an intruder. S-She entered the boarders of the castle without any consent of coming here and also, she's the one who brought that beast here in the boarders." he said.

"W-What?" she said in confusion.

"I see so you're an intruder! Guard, take her to the dungeon immediately." he said as he walked away.

"W-wait a minute! I didn't do anything! I was just being chased by that damn beast in the first place!" she protested but there not buying it so she found herself being handcuffed by the guard.

"Tell that to the King, Young lady." he harshly said to her as they made their way inside the castle.

As they entered in to the castle, they went immediately to the dungeon and locked her up.

"You can't do this to an innocent girl! Where's justice?" she angrily said to them. "And please give me back my bag and my guitar!" she barked.

"Sorry but we don't listen orders from you young lady. Anyway, you should behave yourself for a couple of hours because we're informing this to the King and the Guru. They're the one who should be judging for your crime." Lafarga barked back.

"Crime? What crime? Tell me, what's my crime that you made me locked up in this prison hell." she barked back.

"Firstly, you are an intruder and everyone knows that no one is allowed to enter the castle boarders secondly, you brought a beast inside the castle which is more a punishable act and lastly, you are in an illegal position of owning a weapon." he said.

"Weapon? I don't even have a weapon!" Umi yelled.

"Then what is this thing inside it?" he asked as he lifted her guitar case.

"That? That's not a weapon!" she said.

"Then what is it?" he said, looking at the case.

"It's a musical instrument you twit!" she barked.

"Instrument? Music? What's that?" he asked sternly. Umi was taken aback of what he said.

"Y-You don't know what's… music?" she said more like a whisper.

"Enough of this talking matter. I'll be back in a few hours to get you to the upper court. I'll be carrying your things when we get there." he said coldly and he shot the door when he exited. Umi was still in a state of shock of what the Captain has said.

"T-They don't know anything about… music…" she said as she started to kneel on the floor and embraced herself for the coldness of the prison and the darkness started to consume her whole body. She was sad and lonely. Alone in the dark prison like her own life… no friends and no one loved her except for her parents but… it's different when someone else loved you. She was miserable. Her whole life was a pain.

Meanwhile in the castle gardens of the east wing of the castle lies a beautiful girl with golden hair who was taking her afternoon tea with her red-haired friend. Her golden locks simply swift as the gust of hot summer air wind blow in them. She sighed peacefully as she enjoyed the peacefulness of the garden and her red-haired friend was giggling in pleasure as she enjoyed her cake. But their peaceful moment ended when a guy with a tall figure and dark hair came to view with a very serious face. He bowed to the Queen and to her beloved wife. He kissed her hand, making her wife to giggle.

"Lantis you should stop with the formality already." she giggled at her husband, who was the Kailu of Cephiro.

"No I can't. I should be formal to you princes Hikaru. And you my Queen." he bowed again.

*Giggle*"Didn't I told you for the last time Lantis to call me Fuu? I'm not quite used to be called 'Queen' you know." Fuu giggled.

"Then you better get used to it, my Queen." he smiled.

"What brings you here on this fine day Lantis?" Hikaru asked as she grabbed his arm. Lantis' face became serious and he knelt down.

"Lafarga just reported to me earlier that they had captured an intruder. He wants you and the King to be in the throne room to discuss this matter. The King is already at the throne room waiting for you, my Queen." he said.

"Have you reported this to the Guru yet Kailu?" Queen Fuu sternly said to him.

"No I haven't. But I shall inform him after I escort you to the throne room my Queen." he said.

"That wouldn't be necessary Lantis. I can walk there with Hikaru. You should inform this to the Guru Immediately." she said.

"Yes my Queen." he said as he stood up and left the room. The two girls exchanged glances and they made their way to the throne room.

Meanwhile somewhere in the castle hallways, a man with dark robes and a staff was pacing faster with a fume of irritation on his face. 'Damn that little idiot! Where is he hiding?' he thought as he irritatingly remembered the Prince's mischief. 'How dare he play tricks on me? Oh he is so gonna get it when I find him.' he thought. He was thinking of what could be his punishment when he sees him again. He isn't a type of person who is fun with children. Good thing he changed his new appearance if not he would not be respected by those little twits. His taller form made him comfortable with his lavender hair that grows on little on one side (Let's just say that his looks is like in the anime but only taller. I like his anime version than the OAV and it's only my opinion okay? Okay moving on)

As he continued his pace, he was able to see the Kailu coming to his direction. He returned to his stern face and he fixed himself just to regain his composure. He clears his throat before he could speak to the Kailu.

"Guru." he said.

"What is it Lantis?" he asked returning his cool.

"I'm here to report you that Lafarga and one of the guards in the boarders had captured an intruder. The King is in need of your presence in the throne room to discuss this matter." he bowed to him.

"Very well then… I shall be on my way there." he said.

"Very well then Guru. I'll see you there." he said and he walked away.

Clef just watched him until her disappeared in the hallway. When he was gone, he sighed heavily and rubbed his temples with his fingerer. 'Who could this intruder be? *sigh* I shall deal with that brat later then.' he thought as he made his way to the throne room.

As Lafarga made his way to the dungeon to pick up their prisoner, he was beginning to wander on whom could this girl be, and more importantly what's this thing inside it? He didn't understand when he asked her about it. She said about an instrument, he understands that but music… It didn't quite register to his head when he heard that word. Maybe she's foreign he thought. That could explain her unusual clothing and also, her bag. He tried to look at it but he didn't quite recognize those things inside her bag. The only thing that's odd is that he wasn't able to open that big case or should she call it her… guitar. He can't open it since it was locked with weird stitches that he didn't quite familiar with it. So he suggested that she'll open it when she's on court.

As he entered her cell, he heard a slight murmur coming from the prisoner's direction. He went closer to her and he was glared with angry eyes as he eyed her.

"What's with the look?" she annoyingly said.

"I believe this look tell you that it's time to face your judgment young lady." he said.

Umi just stood up and she tries to clean her dress but she couldn't for her dress what muddy because of that chase and rolling. She sighed heavily and asked;

"Uhmmm… Can I change first? It seems my clothing is inappropriate to be seen by your King is it not?" she said, smirking.

"There's no time for that. They're waiting for you in the throne room and I shall escort you there." he said as he opened the cell.

"Oh great! Just great! They're waiting for me there? Ha!" she huffed, feeling herself proud as she went out of her cell.

"You better show your best behavior young lady or you'll be sentenced to death by It." he said coldly at her.

This made Umi chills after hearing the word 'death'. 'No! I can't die yet! Oh God… please help.' she thought. She remained quiet as they walked to the hallway until they reached to a huge door with weird carvings in it. Umi was nervous as ever as her heart began to beat faster as the blonde haired man slowly opened the door.

Umi covered her eyes with her hands, still handcuffed, to protect her eyes from the light as they entered the room. She quickly regained her eye sight as they walked inside the room. This made her mesmerized on how beautiful the architectural structure of it. It was a beautiful sight but not for the people who seated in front of her. As she focused herself to look at the people who seated in front of her, she began to gasp in awe on how young the King and Queen is. 'Is it me or are they a little bit young to be King and Queen. Weird…' she thought. Then her mind shifted to the person seated next to the Queen. It was a young red-haired girl that seems to be a… princess? She was not sure and beside her was a guy with tall figure, dark hair and serious face. She seems to be bothered by those gazes they're making at her so she shifted her eyes to the guy seated next to the King. It was a guy with weird dark robes and had a huge stick? She laughed at the sight in her mind and as she focused her eyes to him, she saw that his hair is lavender but with icy cold blue eyes. She gulped by just looking at him. 'He must be the Guru? Why everyone here looks so young? I imagined them to be old but… I was wrong. I thought fairy tales of Kings and Queens are old but no… there are very young…' she thought.

"My King, my Queen this is the intruder that we captured earlier." said the Captain as he bowed down to them and stood up.

To be continued…

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