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The Transfer Student

Tokyo International Airport, 11:45 PM

It was in the middle of the night as a girl stepped into the Airport parking lot, looking for her ride. She had hair black as night and brown eyes, with a scar running through it. That's not the only scar she has though. There are others; one on the forehead, making it look like she was hit by a hammer. There were several in her abdominal area; scars that resembled stab wounds that were possibly made by scissors. There were some in her arms and legs. Truth be told, she doesn't even remember where she got them. The first time she saw them was when she woke up in a Hospital room in Rhode Island, not knowing where she'd been, when she was only 15. She hasn't been to Japan in 4 years. She grew up in Rhode Island, USA where one of the offices of her wealthy Japanese parents' company stood. Her parents were initially against the idea of her returning to Japan by herself but she managed to convince them. However, she also had to act as CEO and chairwoman to the main office of their company along with her studies. Despite growing up in America, not once did her parents let her forget who she really was. She recalled the very words her parents always told her.

Never forget your roots. You are a pure Japanese girl. Be proud of that.

Roots, however, are not the reason she returned to Japan. Even she is wondering why she came back. It was like some mysterious force that she can't shake off pulled her back to her home country. When she found the car that was meant for her, she immediately hopped on. Despite it being three years since she woke up in that hospital room, she knew that something was missing and she intends to take it back. But she also has to study, and that is why she chose Kisaragi Academy; because along with the scars, she felt like the school was connected to what was missing.

And so begins, Akira Kobayashi's quest to uncover the truth behind the scars.

AN: Told you it was short. Gomen! This is just an introductory chapter.