Part 2

"They're dreadfully fond of beheading people here: the great wonder is, that there's any one left alive!" – Alice, from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


"Alice, Shhh!" Hatter whispers to me covering my mouth again with his horrible tasting black leather gloves. I think to pull his hand off my mouth, but instead punch him. Oops.


We hear another large and strange screech from deep in the deceased mushroom forest. Hatter touches his face with pain, which he very much deserves.

"You see why you have to be quiet?" He tells me.

"You see that I'm not scared of many things?"

"Why are you so frustrating?"

"You've known me since I was young; I've always been this way."

"Yes and such an annoying child you were."

"Oh, and your just so wonderful!"

"Not as wonderful as you," Hatter grabs me by my waist and pulls me towards him. I let his and my lips touch for a second, waiting to push away. I have already had enough, and I push him down and slap him to his senses.

"I left Wonderland and you a long time ago," I stated. "I do not want to be a part in either of them anymore."

"Alice you don't belong in this place," Hatter says sadly. "I miss you so…"

"No!" I shout. "I have left and that is final." I start to walk away from him, with my temper boiling like a hot pot of tea.

"Bye Alice," Hatter murmurs from far away. I don't care for him anymore. My mind has been made up. Nothing is going to change it. We used to have, loved, each other, but not anymore. I couldn't handle the same-old never-changing world of Wonderland. So I decided to leave. Guess I forgot to tell someone that I was done with them.

"Hatter I'm…," I speak while I turn around, but it's too late.

The Orstall Brothers

The fire spiraled around the brothers, surrounding them in a thick flame. Fire of all sorts of colors burned through their clothes. Red, blue, purple, and all sorts of different shades flashed passed by them. Falling and falling, was all they could do. If they moved even the slightest inch then the skin on their body would surely come clean off. Nothing could make someone more terrified and anxious than the position they were in.

- Blackout -

Their eyes finally started to open up. At first they thought it was night time, but slowly and carefully they got up off the muddy ground.

They both took a look at their surroundings. Marshland was the only thing they could see between them and the horizon. Still shocked from what just happened, not one of them spoke a word.

"What," Collin said, trying to speak something more.

"I, I, I, don't even know," Andrew spoke in a very feminine manor.

"Why do you sound like a girl?" Collin asked

"No reason," Andrew answered very suspiciously. Collin and he then took another look at their surroundings. There were no bugs like marshes usually have. There were actually barely any animals at all. Just nothing living seemed to be anywhere.

"Where are we?" Andrew questioned himself. Andrew looked at his clothes and surprisingly found them dry. Even as he started to walk through the rough and muddy marsh, they were still as dry as the wind.

"Open me…"

Collin looked around searching for source of the whisper, and found the book from the house floating on the water (if you consider it water).

"How the hell did this get here?" Andrew inquired to Collin.

"Maybe it came through the, whatever with us," Collin suggested. They seemed to agree, but a question puzzled them. There were flames in the vortex thingy. A book would have burned in it. Also, neither of them remembered seeing it during the trip of flames.

"God damn it open me you little…"

Andrew picked up the book and listened (what sane person listens to a book?) to its instructions. He started reading, again.

You boys never listen do you? Never mind that. Look, I know you're probably really confused and astonishing from the whole, going through an ignis vortex thin, but I can explain.

"What's ignis?" Collin asked

"It's the Latin word for fire," Andrew replied

Now, first of all let us get down to a first name basis. My name is T.R. Figlewitz. Yes that is the name Collin say on the quote that used to be on the first cover. That was an oath made by Lord that I had to say when I first came to Qunderland. Little did I know Lord was not a very kind-hearted gentleman.

After causing a series of problems here I was banished into the form of this book, only able to speak through my writing. Then the next trouble maker came. It was your dear aunt Alice.

"What?" Andrew pondered. "Alice is here?"

"Keep reading." Collin demanded.

Yes, Alice is here, but she is in a large fruit basket of trouble.

"Fruit basket?" they both said confusingly.

Don't mock my metaphors! Anyway, I heard rumors that Alice has been going around and stirring up some trouble. I learned they were true when she recently came to Lord's castle to sneak a peek.

Lord had put me in the dungeon to make sure I couldn't escape. He is very paranoid over everything. So there I saw her, as she ran down the corridor, trying to get away. That's when I knew I had to get her some help.

When Alice ran she left a bottle of Cheshire Tea. She found it while searching Lord's bedroom. It used to belong to me, but e had confiscated it. Cheshire Tea lets you disappear to the destination you desire; anywhere in the universe. So when it dropped and broke I hoped for it to come towards me, and that it did do.

Many stories of Alice's have been passed on. One said her nephews were as mad as her. I believed in it, and desired to go to her nephew's room. I guess that catches you two up to speed.

"Well that took forever," Andrew commented.