Hi guys. Stellar Flames here, this is the first chapter of the fan fiction of the fan fiction me and two friends have been working on. So far we've been working on it for just over a week and a half now. we mainly have the set characters we act as, but we also take turns with the less common characters. with our names we like to go by our favourite character, so I'm lucy, my female friend is natsu and my guy friend is gray. together we worked together to create this fan fic.

me/lucy: lucy, Lisana, Erza, Levy

natsu: natsu, Mirajane, Lisana, Erza, Levy

gray: gray

We do not own fairy tail, fairy tail belongs to Hiro Mashima

Team Natsu with its members Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray and Happy had just finished their latest mission to retrieve some treasure for a king. They managed to get the treasure back, but not without major damage done to the castle and the castle grounds. So from their mission half of what was supposed to be their reward money was used for repairs. When they entered the guild they separated and went to different areas of the guild, Lucy went and sat at the bar with Mirajane, Natsu went to brag about his mission to Macao, happy went over to Wendy and Charle offering Charle a fish he had caught, Gray had started stripping AGAIN and Erza had gone to see Master Makarov to report their mission.

Lucy sits down next to Mirajane who had begun drawing in a sketchbook.

Lucy: *sigh*

Mirajane: what's wrong Lucy

Lucy: We completed our mission, but half of the reward money was used to repair the main hall and the castle grounds. I'm struggling to find money to pay this month's rent.

Mirajane: well once Natsu, Erza and Gray get involved it would be surprising for them not to destroy anything.

Lucy: yeah, I guess you're right. So Mira what are you drawing?

Mirajane: I'm drawing Happy and Charle.

Lucy leans over to see Mira's drawing. On the paper is happy handing a piece of raw fish with a ribbon tied around it handing it to Charle.

Lucy: aww, that's so cute.

Mira: Here, Lucy. You draw something too

Mira handed a spare sketchbook and some textas she had left over to Lucy so she could draw

Lucy: ooh thanks *takes sketchbook and starts drawing* here look it's me and Natsu

while Mira and Lucy are drawing, Natsu walks in and heads towards Lucy and Mira. Natsu looks over Lucy and Mira's shoulders and looks at Lucy's picture.

Natsu: Nice... but... what are you making us do?

Lucy: *blushes* kyaa. Natsu don't sneak up on me like that

Natsu: I've been here for a couple of minutes now. Not my fault you didn't notice

Lucy: *blushes* oh sorry. Um it's a secret *blush even redder*

Natsu (genuinely concerned): Are you okay?

-Happy whispers in Natsu's ear- Natsu then turns bright red.-

Lucy: yeah I'm fine

Natsu: Ooooooooh... heheheh... Ummm... I have to uh go

Lucy: no wait Natsu If I did anything I'm sorry

Natsu: No! It's... It's nothing you did... I just have to go

-Natsu turns an even darker shade of red-

Lucy: *starts tearing up*

-Natsu glares at Happy-

Natsu: You see what you did!? You made her cry!

Lucy runs of crying leaving Natsu, Mira and Lisana at the bar.

Lisana: Natsu what was that all about?

Natsu looks at the ground and puts his two index fingers together and starts wiggling them together.

Natsu: Happy told me what Lucy meant by that picture... I guess I reacted in a way that I shouldn't have

Mira: Maybe you should go AFTER her then

Natsu: Yeah, okay.

Natsu runs off to look for Lucy, concerned that he hurt her feelings. Once he leaves Mira and Lisana are left at the bar.

Lisana: *picks up Lucy's sketchbook* um Mira this only shows them hugging what did happy mean

Mira: Maybe Happy's trying to play matchmaker

Lisana: hmm maybe

Erza walks up to Mira and Lisana, having finished talking to master Makarov she decided to figure out what's happening.

Erza: hello Mira, Lisana. What's wrong with Lucy and why was Natsu chasing her.

Mira: We think Happy's playing matchmaker again

Erza: oh okay I'll be seeing you then I have to find the master. I really do hope Lucy's okay

Lucy stomps back into the guild with a pissed off expression on her face. She stomps up to Mira, Lisana and Erza.

Lucy: where is that stupid cat I'm going to freaking kill him

Lucy: if Natsu comes past don't tell where I've gone

*Lucy walks off*

Mira: Don't blame Natsu. It was Happy's fault

*Lucy walks back*

Lucy: okay I'm sorry it was just so embarrassing

Mira: I'm sure you weren't the only one that felt that way. Natsu was so red you couldn't see his guild stamp.

Lucy: I hope he's okay

Mira: He'll be fine. But I think that shows your feelings for him aren't necessarily one-sided

Lucy: *blushes* where is Natsu?

Mira: He went looking for you

Lucy: okay I wonder when he's going to get back. Hmm well until then I'm going to make him an I'm sorry card, I didn't mean to freak him out.

Lisana: that's nice of you Lucy

Lucy: here look it's the card I made *shows big card with "I'm sorry" written on the front"

Mira: -thumbs up-

Lucy: yay *happy smile* now I just got to wait for Natsu to show up. hmm another Idea I'll give him some fire as well

Lucy: *grabs a stick and light the top on fire* there we go :)

Loke: hey ladies what's going on?

Awkward silence/chirping crickets-

Loke: oh *sad face* *goes back to celestial spirit world*

Gray: *walks up* why is Natsu so red Lucy

Mira: Natsu's back?

Levy: hi guys, did I just see happy out cold outside

Lisana: Natsu's all red because Lucy was drawing a picture of herself and Natsu hugging. Lucy got embarrassed when Natsu peeked over her shoulder then happy said something I didn't quite catch. But then Lucy got angry at happy then knocked him out

Lucy: It was so embarrassing. But I made Natsu a card to say I'm sorry and I've got him some fire to cheer him up but he hasn't come back

Gray: and hasn't the card completely burnt by now

Lucy: I didn't put the card in the fire, I kept them separate

Gray: oh I misunderstood what you did now it doesn't seem so weird, sorry, he'll get over it and come back personally I don't see what you could see I'm that flame brain

Lucy: well I don't see what Juvia see in you

Mira: thats a bit cold you two, Gray don't make judgments on your rivalry with Natsu, and Lucy Gray looks very nice so you shouldn't put him down like that

Lucy: I didn't say he didn't look nice

Lisana: I'm going to go check on Natsu

*Lisana walks off*

So basically that's the first chapter, I hoped you guys liked it. please review.