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*Later that night at the Guild Hall*

Lucy: *walks in with Layla and Ryuu* hey Mira

Mira: Hello, what are you guys doing back here?

Layla: daddy's got training so mummy brought us here

Mira: Where is Natsu anyway? I didn't see him come in with you

Lucy: he's outside on the training field

*On the training field*

Natsu: *takes off his scarf and places it on a nearby chair. He sighs before turning and facing the other S class mages of the guild* Let's just get this over with

Erza: what's wrong Natsu

Natsu: Nothing, why?

Erza: you don't seem as enthusiastic as usual

Natsu: *smiles slightly and lights his fists on fire* Whatever, lets just get going

Erza: *requips into her flame empress armour*

Natsu: Ladies first

Erza: *attacks Natsu swinging her blade sending out flames*

Natsu: *dodges the blade easily and eats the flames* FIRE DRAGON ROAR

Erza: *redirects the attack into a group of trees*

Natsu: *smirks* That all ya got?

Erza: that's only the beginning

Natsu: Bring it on then Titania

Erza: *requips into her hakama armour*

Erza: *slashes at Natsu with he should cutting through his jacket and scratching his chest*

Natsu: *engulfs his feet in fire and swipes at her legs, toppling her over*

Gray: *watching from the sidelines* Woah, Erza managed to get him

Erza: *as she falls over she back flips and requips into her flight armour*

Natsu: *his breathing gets slightly heavier and his body temperature increases*

Erza: *stands back from the heat radiating from Natsu* what the hell is going on

Natsu: *gets out of his fighting stance and walks over to the chair and sits down, still breathing heavily*

Erza: *requips into her normal armour. she walks over to Natsu* Natsu is something wrong

Natsu: Can you... go... and get Luce...

Erza: *nods* okay *runs to get Lucy* hey Lucy can you come with me

Mira: Is something wrong Erza?

Lucy: *looks up* sure Erza *looks at Layla and Ryuu* I'll be right back, just stay here with Mira

Ryuu: *nods*

Erza: it's nothing serious, we just need Lucy

Layla: okay mama

Lucy: *heads outside with Erza. she sees Natsu* Natsu what's wrong

Natsu: *sitting on the chair has removed his jacket and is still breathing heavily*

Erza: Natsu I've brought Lucy

Natsu: *manages to look over at Lucy and Erza and give a slight smile*

Lucy: *walks over to Natsu, she kneels in front of him and take his hands in hers, using her white magic to protect herself from being burnt* Natsu what's wrong

Natsu: I think my fever's gotten worse

Lucy: *sighs* I don't know what to do, my magic doesn't seem to do anything

Natsu: *turns to Erza* I guess we'll have to pick this up later

Erza: sure, just make sure you get better

Natsu: *starts drifting off*

Lucy: *picks Natsu up* I'll take him home. I'll see you guys later

Natsu: What about Ryuu and Layla?

Lucy: Erza can you get Layla and Ryuu for me

Erza: sure *goes inside then returns with Layla and Ryuu*

Layla: *sees Natsu is Lucy's arms* mama what's wrong with daddy

Ryuu: *looks around and sees Natsu's scarf and jacket lying on the chair. He runs over and then comes back with them*

Lucy: thank you Ryuu. Okay let's get home, daddy needs to rest

Ryuu: Is he okay?

Lucy: he has a fever, but some rest and he should feel better

Layla: *grabs hold on Natsu's hand, Natsu's body starts to cool down*

Layla: daddy are you going to be okay?

Natsu: *turns to look at Layla, his eyes flickering rapidly* Yeah. Thanks, princess

Layla: *shocked* daddy what's wrong with your eyes

Natsu: *turns slightly to look at Lucy*

Lucy: don't worry Layla. Let's just get home

Layla: okay mama

-Back at the house-

Lucy: *carries Natsu into the bedroom and lays him down carefully on the bed*

Natsu: *looks up at Lucy, his eyes still flickering and the colour faded a bit*

Layla: *stands in the doorway* mama is daddy going to be okay

Ryuu: *stands nervously behind Layla, still holding on to Natsu's scarf*

Lucy: yeah, he just needs rest. Now you need to get ready for bed*she walks over to Layla and Ryuu. She pulls them in for a hug* everythings going to be okay.* She pulls away. Ryuu do you want to give daddy his scarf back, maybe that will make him feel better

Ryuu: *nods and hands Lucy Natsu's scarf*

Lucy: *kisses Ryuu on the forehead* okay, now you two need to get ready for bed

Layla: okay mama *walks to her bedroom*

Ryuu: Goodnight mama

Lucy: good night Ryuu

Ryuu: *walks towards his bedroom*

Lucy: *walks back over to the bed and lays Natsu's scarf next him. She sits down on the bed*

Natsu: *looks up at Lucy and smiles slightly* Sorry about this

Lucy: *shakes her head* don't apologize, this isn't your fault

Natsu: Do I look as bad as I feel?

Lucy: you don't look that bad.

Natsu: Really? Because I feel like crap

Lucy: is there anything you want me to do

Natsu: *sighs* I'd ask for water, but chances are it'll turn into steam or evaporate again

Lucy: *sigh* I just wish I could do something, I feel so useless

Natsu: Just staying with me would be nice... Maybe we can figure out what's happening together

Lucy: yeah

Natsu: *moves so his head is resting on her lap and starts drifting off to sleep*

Lucy: *places a hand on Natsu's head. she smiles slightly*

-the next morning-

Lucy: *wakes up and sees Natsu resting his head against her chest. she smiles*

Natsu: *starts tossing and turning, his body temperature slowly rising*

Lucy: *covers her body in white magic to avoid being burnt*

Natsu: Ig...neel...

Lucy: Natsu?

Natsu: *his body temperature drastically increases and fire starts forming around his hands*

Lucy: *sits up and grabs Natsu's hands* Natsu wake up *she eats the flames to avoid burning anything*

Natsu: *suddenly opens his eyes, the flames going out instantly*

Lucy: *sitting on her knees with her hands on the bed breathing heavily*

Natsu: *looks up at Lucy* L...Luce?

Lucy: *looks at Natsu still breathing heavily, her hands have burns on them* you're awake

Natsu: *looks at Lucy's hands and as he realises what happened, he looks away from her*

Lucy: *reaches for Natsu but winces*

Natsu: *gently places his hands on Lucy's and the pain from the burns lessens*

Lucy: *smiles* thanks

Natsu: Luce, I... I didn't mean to...

Lucy: I know you didn't mean to, I'm not blaming you

Natsu: It doesn't change the fact that I did it

Lucy: what were you dreaming about?

Natsu: *looks away from Lucy*

Lucy: Natsu, you know you can tell me anything

Natsu: *looks at the doorway to see Layla and Ryuu standing there nervously*

Layla: what's going on? *notices Lucy's hands* what happened to mama's hands

Natsu: *goes to get out of bed* I'll go get the first aid kit

Layla: but can't mama heal her hands

Ryuu: *looks at Lucy* Mama? Are you okay?

Lucy: I'm fine. Mama just had a bit of an accident

Natsu: *shakily stands from the bed and walks out into the pantry to get the first aid kit, leaning on the wall for support*

Layla: *walks out to Natsu* daddy what's wrong

Layla: *grabs Natsu's hand, his temperature decreases*

Natsu: I'm fine sweetie. *hands her the first aid kit* Go take this to mama okay?

Layla: okay daddy *runs into the bedroom with the first aid kit*

Ryuu: *sees Layla run in* Where's daddy?

Layla: he's in the kitchen

Ryuu: Is he okay?

Layla: he said he's fine, I held his hand and it was really hot

Lucy: Layla can you come here please

Layla: sure mama *walks over to Lucy with the first aid kit*

Ryuu: Mama, why did daddy need to get the first aid kit? Can't you heal your hands?

Lucy: can you open the first aid kit for me and grab the cream. I can't go around healing just anything Ryuu, I only use my magic if it's an emergency

Layla: *opens the first aid kit and pulls out the cream* okay mama what now

Ryuu: Oh. *sits down on the edge of the bed quietly*

Lucy: can you take off the lid and squeeze some cream onto my hands

Layla: okay *she screws off the lid and squeezes some cream on Lucy's hands*

Lucy: *she lathers the cream all over her hands trying to hide her pain* okay now Layla can you get a bandages out for me and wrap it around my hands

Layla: okay mama *wraps the bandages around Lucy's hands*

Lucy: thanks sweetie *kisses Layla on the forehead* I'll go check on your father *walks out into the kitchen* Natsu?

Natsu: *barely standing and seriously pale, he looks at Lucy and tries to smile*

Lucy: Natsu, what's wrong *walks up to Natsu and helps him stand*

*Lucy gets a closer look at Natsu, his eyes are clouded over and he's trembling slightly, his body temperature is still increasing*

Lucy: you shouldn't be out of bed, picks Natsu up and puts him back in bed. *she looks at Ryuu and Layla* I want you two to look after daddy until I get back. I'm going to get Mira so you can give your father a check up

Ryuu: Okay mama

Layla: okay mama

Lucy: *she flashes out of the room and appears in front of the guild. She walks inside and walks up to Mira who is working at the bar* hey Mira

Mira: Oh, hi Lucy.

Lucy: can you come with me please

Mira: Why?

Lucy: I believe Natsu has a fever

Mira: I'll have to get Lisana to cover for me, but I'll come over as soon as possible

Lucy: okay, thank you Mira *Mira notices Lucy's bandaged hands*

Mira: Lucy, what happened to your hands?

Lucy: I think Natsu was having a nightmare. I grabbed his hands to try and calm him down but flames formed around his hands

Mira: Has Natsu had a nightmare like that before?

Lucy: *shakes her head* no

Mira: Do you remember the last time he had a nightmare at all?

Lucy: he hasn't had a nightmare in 6 years

Mira: Hey, Lisana! Can you cover for me?

Lisana: sure sis. what's up

Mira: I need to go with Lucy to check on Natsu

Lisana: okay

Lucy: *looks at Mira* are you ready to go

Mira: *turns to Lucy and nods*

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