Divina Commedia Reloaded

E/O Drabble challenge. Word: Busy.

Summary: Why do we only appreciate what we had when someone takes it away from us?

Set after 7.23 – so beware of spoilers.

A/N: 200 words. And late too. I know, I deserve punishment. In fact I was only waiting for an excuse to go to Purgatory :-)

It was hard to measure time in the stifling twilight of Purgatory. It felt like he'd been ripped from his life eternities ago. Cas hadn't been much help, roaming the decaying swamps muttering to himself, Lucifer's grip on his mind more and more strangling at this frontier to his realm.

Dean couldn't find a pattern in the coming and going of souls down here. Only the beasts never left. Nor did he.

Every attempt to find his way out of Purgatory seemed to end in some kind of spiral maze leading back to square one. He tried to forget his little breakdown at this invisible wall, cursing his creator like that guy in the Truman Show.

For a while he'd worked as a bodyguard, his skills highly coveted in certain circles. At first it had been funny to meet people he'd only known from history books, if ever. But feasting with jolly old Henry VIII and his groupies had become as tiring as arguing with Nietzsche or playing hide and seek with McCarthy.

He yearned for his old busy life.

For driving through the night.

For hunting and fighting and having a purpose.

But most of all for Sam.