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The plane is coming into land and I stare out the perfect Azure Ocean and white sandy beach. My Dad thinks I am crazy for taking this job but I didn't want to go straight into a normal IT job after college. I had been studying for years and now at the age of twenty two I wanted some adventure. Dr Mike Newton one of my college professors had actually showed me the ad for this job. IT and accounts manager for a bar in Acapulco. I did think it was strange that they wanted a college graduate with lots of IT knowledge but it sounded like fun. I got the job two weeks after my application. The company provided housing and I could eat most of my meals for free at the bar. I could save up money and in a couple of years when I was ready I would come back to Seattle and have enough cash for a deposit on an apartment. I felt the bump as the wheels touched the ground. I still felt a small thrill at doing this on my own. I was getting away from my insane mother in Phoenix and my overprotective father in Forks. I was finally living.

The heat when I got off the small plane was incredible. I was glad for the small denim shorts and white lace top I was wearing. I had been freezing leaving home but now this was perfect. I picked up my black and grey backpack off the small conveyor belt and headed out towards the main exist and the blistering sun.

A young guy with jet black hair down to his waist and about two foot taller than me stood next to a dark blue Jeep. He was holding a white piece of cardboard with Isabella Swan written on it in his left hand and a cigarette in his right hand. He had a ripped black t-shirt on with a pair of faded denim cut-offs and no shoes. I guess this was my welcoming party.

"Hi I am Isabella but please call me Bella."

He gave me a crooked smile before flicking out the cigarette and extending his right hand for me to shake.

"Jake, now jump in."

He jumped into the driver's seat with ease and threw my bag in the back. I climbed in awkwardly and we set off.

"So do you also work for the Acapulco bar chain?"

"I sort of do."

"What does sort of mean?"

"It means mind your own business honey. If you are going to last here I would keep that in mind. Stick to your job and ignore what goes on around you."

I started freaking out. Had I signed up to work for a drug cartel or something equally shady?

Jake lit another cigarette and raced through the small amount of island traffic.

It seemed like just minutes later that we pulled up outside a large bar front.

The name Midnight Sun was written above a glass door. Jake grabbed my bag out and started walking inside.

"Are you coming in or not?"

I guess I didn't really have a choice so I took a deep breath and followed him inside.

The bar was huge inside but really nicely decorated in a mix between modern and island style. We walked through a door behind the bar into a small office area. To the side I could see a massive walk in fridge but in front of me sat a small desk with two computers. A girl with dark mid length hair sat staring at the screen of one.

Jake tossed my bag into the corner.

"Here's the new recruit Ang. Have fun."

The girl looked up and pushed her glasses up on her head.

"Thanks Jake. See you tonight."

"Of course see you later."

He turned but instead of going out the main door he walked through another doorway. I then noticed a small glassed in meeting room and a passage leading away from it.

"Hi you must be Isabella. My name is Angela and I will be showing you around here."

"Hi Angela, nice to meet you but please call me Bella."

"Of course. Would you like to see around the office now or do you want to go to your room."

As she stood up I saw that Angela had a small baby bump showing.

"I don't mind looking around here first. Congratulations by the way. How far along are you?"

Angela smiled and patted the bump.

"Four months now. All this is actually getting a bit much for me which is why you are here. I want to give up work when the baby is born so you have about four and a half months to learn what to do."

"Well let's get started then."

Over the next few hours Angela showed me around the bar and the small office.

The bar opened at 11 in the morning and another guy with waist length dark hair but taller than Jake showed up to work behind the bar.

Angela introduced me to him as Sam. He was nice enough but as guarded and strange as Jake.

She then started showing me how the different stock programmes worked and I got started with the general stock take.

It was about 5 in the evening and I was about to ask Angela if she could show me how to get to my room when the bar door opened and five of the most beautiful people I had even seen in my life walked in.

In front was a tall blonde woman with a figure to die for. She wore a tight black t-shirt and a small denim skirt with a pair of incredibly high heels. A short and younger woman with spiky black hair walked next to hair. The short girl was bouncing along in a pair of black skin tight jeans with black hiking boots and a black tank top that showed off her incredible abs and deep tan. Two men walked behind them the one was huge in muscle size and height with short dark hair while the other was taller but skinny with shoulder length blonde hair tied in a pony tail. Bothe men wore black jeans with tight fitting black t-shirts and hiking boots. The last to walk in took my breath away. He had messy reddish brown hair that looked like he had just woken up. His eye's where a piercing colour of green and was as tall as the blonde guy. He was wearing blue jeans with a black t-shirt that had Midnight Sun written across the front in white. On his feet he had a pair of black and red thongs. As he walked through he kicked the thongs off and pulled on a pair of black and white converse that ha been sitting next to the door.

He glanced at me as he walked past but didn't say a word.

I leaned over to Angela.

"Who are those people?" I whispered to her.

Angela looked at me carefully.

"They are the specialists and the less you know about them the better. To you they are the night bar staff alright. Don't talk to them and let them get on with their jobs."

I shivered and looked back at my work. What kind of strange world had I gotten myself into?

I turned around and looked towards the meeting room. They were all sitting in there with their feet up on the table. A man I hadn't seen before was talking to them and showing them something on a map. He saw me looking at them and walked forwards to close the blinds.

I turned away quickly my face red with embarrassment at getting caught.

I was tied and wanted to get to my room but part of me wanted to find out more.

Half an hour later the door to the meeting room opened. The blonde girl and the red haired sex god walked through. The others had just disappeared.

I looked back trying to see were they had gone when I felt my head being pushed back towards me screen. The touch of his hand sent shivers down my whole body.

"What do you think you are looking at newbie? Eye's on the screen."

I kept my eyes on the screen but I could just see him in the reflection. He was pulling on a blue flannel shirt over his t- shirt and rolling the sleeves up. His next action made my breath hitch but I tried to stay calm. He pulled a 9mm from his jeans checked it then replaced it were it was concealed by the flannel shirt.

"Come on Edward we need to get in there. Sam is drowning with all the clients."

"On my way Rose."

The two walked into the bar. I saw him pick up a glass and start pouring a draft beer before the door closed.

Angela looked at me.

"Bella you are new here and you need to watch your step. Annoy them again and you will be sent packing. I like you and I want this to work out but we can't trust you yet okay."

"Sorry Angela. I am cops' daughter it just seems to come naturally to me. I won't let it happen again. Could you show me to my room now?"

"Of course just pick up your bag and follow me."

I followed her out through the bar and I could feel three sets of eyes watching my every move. I didn't dare look at any of them so I just kept my eyes on Angela.

We walked through the parking lot and to the back of the adjacent hotel. The back was filled with about twenty one room cottages. Staff housing I guess.

My room was on the side closest to the bar. The cottage was small with a twin bed, desk, chair, fridge and a TV in one room. A door on the left led to the bathroom which had a shower, toilet and basin. It was compact but it would more than suit my needs here.

Angela stood in the doorway watching me unpack me few possessions.

"Bella give this place time. I know right now you are worried and probably a bit frightened. Don't be scared they are all really good people and once you gain their trust you will be really happy here. They are like family to me now and I know they would do anything for me. Just do your job and things will be alright. Goodnight Bells."

"Goodnight Angela and thanks."

She gave me a small hug and walked out into the night.


I had kept my head down all week and just done my job. I saw the specialists every night. They always came in at the same time every night with one or more of them dressed completely in black while the rest wore blue denim and the bar t-shirt. I had seen all of them carrying guns now. I tried not to think about it too much. I liked my little cottage and that I got to spend all of my free time on the beach. I spent a few hours every day reading or swimming and working on my tan. I wanted to stay here and I enjoyed the job so I just ignored what happened around me. I couldn't ignore the shivers I got every time Edward walked into the room but I tried to be as professional as possible and I always just looked at the screen.

Today I had spent the morning on the beach and now after a long cool shower I was at work. I didn't need to come in today as the bar was closed for the day but I had a problem with the one programme so I wanted to get it sorted out. Angela was sitting at her computer when I arrived.

"Bella you don't have to be here today you know. They don't give out medals or extra pay."

I laughed at her and sat down.

"I know but Sales One isn't configuring properly so I thought today would be a good day to sort it out."

"Alright well knock yourself out. I need to sort out something in the meeting room then I am out of here."

I watched her go and then got down to work. Half an hour later I was really stuck and I needed Angela's help. She still hadn't passed by so I went to the meeting room to look for her.

She wasn't her so I walked down the passage to the toilets. As I walked I thought I heard voices. I pushed my ear to the wall and to my shock it opened.

I staggered forward into a double height room with a bank of computers on the opposite wall. Stairs led up to my right towards a loft office with a glass wall. In the corner I could see the Emmett and Jasper playing video games. In front of me sat Rosalie and Alice reading fashion magazines and cleaning two 9mm. In the other corner sat Angela working at a computer.

I moved backwards only to feel cold steel pressed against my right temple and a hand over my mouth. I shivered and I knew it was Edward.

His voice when he spoke was deep and menacing.

"What the Fuck do you think you are doing here?"

The others where all looking at us now.

Angela stood and moved towards me.

"Bella I told you not to sneak around. Why are you here?"

I was shaking from fear and the feeling of having Edward so close to me. I could feel his muscles against my back and the strength of the arms locking me in place. His scent was intoxicating and I was glad I got to feel him so close even if this was my last moment.

I tall blonde haired man who looked similar to Edward walked down the stairs.

"Edward put the gun down but make sure she doesn't run."

I heard him holster the gun and for a second I breathed a bit easier. He was now pinning my arms behind my back.

"So Bella my name is Carlise Cullen. I am your boss and I am sorry I haven't had the time to meet you yet. We have all been a bit busy with some current projects."

He circled me looking me up and down.

"You came highly recommended by Mike and I have always trusted him but I don't know if I can trust you yet. So Bella why are you in this room?"

My voice was shaky as I spoke.

"I was having a problem with Sales One and I wanted to ask Angela's advice. She told me that she would be in the meeting room so I looked for her there. I was on my way to the ladies to look for her when I heard voices. I am sorry I shouldn't have tried to listen. The door opened as I leaned against the wall. I really am sorry. Please let me go. I will leave today and I promise I will never tell anyone about this place. I really don't understand myself anyway. Please just don't kill me."

I was close to tears by now as I pleaded with Carlise.

It was Edward's voice I heard next.

"Bella I wasn't going to kill you. Scare you yes but not kill you. You don't know enough to warrant death."

"Bella I think it's best if you leave us to talk about what just happened. I will ask that you stay in the office and Angela will come and fetch you when we have come to a decision."

Carlise waved in my direction and I was pushed out the door by Edward.

I stood next to the door shaking for some time. I headed to the bathroom and splashed my face with cold water before returning to the office. I didn't know what would happen to me but I decided that I would be strong in front of them.

An hour later Angela walked into the office.

I burst into tears as I saw her.

She pulled me into her arms and held me close.

"It's going to be fine Bella. You didn't do anything wrong okay and we all understand that. What you are about to hear will be a lot take in so you need to be strong."

She handed me a tissue and I wiped my eyes before following her back to the large room.

They were all sitting on couches now next to the TV. Angela lead me to a black recliner and told me to sit down.

Carlise cleared his throat and looked directly at me.

"We would have preffered that you worked here for a few months before we told you the truth but as Angela pointed out time is not on our side for getting you take over her job. Mike told me to trust you so we will have to take a gamble. What we tell you now never leaves this room. The only people you can discuss this with are seated in this room. You can talk to some extent to Sam and Jacob but they are informers not specialists."

I just stared at him wide eyed.

"Bella if you ever speak of this I will have to kill you and I don't relish that thought. We are a secret government organization specialising in bringing down drug cartels. The bar is just a front. The five people who sit next to me are an elite force brought together over the last couple of years. Edward was in the SAS, Emmett was in the Marines, Jasper and Rosalie are ex- Special Forces and Alice was FBI. They were each sent here because of their own unique abilities. They are all highly trained assassins. You are here because in this high tech world we need people like you. Angela has handled all our computer needs for three years now and you will be taking over from her soon. I will not lie to you the job is dangerous. We understand that this is not part of your life so the specialists are here to protect you. If you don't think you can take on this assignment then please tell me now so that we can find somebody else. We are in the middle of some very dangerous business right now and nobody would blame you if you left."

Angela sat next to me holding my hand while six faces watched me intently.

"I guess I need to sign some clearance forms. Let's get started."

Carlise breathed a sigh of relief and asked Angela to fetch the forms for me.

The others all got up and went back to exactly what they had been doing before I arrived. Edward pushed an office chair up to a desk and started going through some files.

That night as I lay in bed I wondered what the hell I had signed up for. I was scared and excited all at the same time. My life had definitely changed today and nothing could take me back to the girl I was this morning. I now was an agent for HEAT.

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