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Time for action

It's been three days since I begged for my job and three days since my 15 mile run with Jasper. I have buried myself in sorting out computer issues at work and making sure everything is running smoothly. I try to ignore the shot of pain every time Edward looks at me and the more extreme shot of pain I get every time I move. Yesterday Jazz had me doing yoga and today was another Tai Kwondo session. I really enjoyed both but apparently tomorrow is another run. Yuch. I will however stick with it for the promise I made to myself. I practise mission sessions every night in my room hoping that it will all become second nature to me.

Just after four in the evening I walked from the bar where I had just finished the stock take to the main office. Shit. Edward, Rosalie and Japer where wearing all black. Jazz saw me walk into the office and threw a laptop bag at me. Alice handed me an identical black outfit to the one Rose was wearing.

"Get your stuff together. We need you on site tonight."

I swallowed the fear that started to rise inside of me and ignored Edward's stare.

I quickly grabbed my laptop and headset. Crap this was really happening. I changed quickly in the toilets before running to catch up with them in the meeting room.

Carlisle had an architect's drawing of a double storey house on the wall. That would be part of my job eventually and I was grateful he was still helping me.

"Okay guys I hope you have all read the mission reports."

He tossed a slim black folder towards me.

"You can catch up in the car Bella. From now on you will have more notice and help me with the planning. Jacob will help you to get the stock and bar duties covered more quickly."

"We need to be out the building by ten pm as that is when the leaders will be back. Remember guys this is just a reconnaissance mission. No trying to be a hero alright."

Everyone else got up from around the table.

"Bella you need to get this right tonight. I believe in you." Carlisle squeezed my shoulder and followed the rest out.


I took a huge breath and counted to ten. This was an easy mission but for me it was make or break time.

Edward was already in the driver's seat of a black Jeep Wrangler when I walked outside. Jasper was at the front passenger door checking his 9mm. Rosalie being Rose was checking her make up one last time before jumping into the backseat.

"Hurry up Swan we have a limited time frame tonight." Jasper smiled and gave me a thumbs up before jumping in.

I swung my laptop bag into the backseat and jumped in. I could feel my pulse racing at 100 miles an hour.

As we tore out of the parking lot I stared out of the window trying to think of anything that would calm the fear racing through me.

"Bella you need to read through that file. We will be there in about ten minutes."

"Thanks Rose."

I guiltily pulled out the folder and skimmed through it.

In one second sweat started running down the back of my neck. Carlisle expected me to go in with them.

"I can't do this. I thought I just had to stay in the car."

"Of course you did Bella. You think this job is just an easy ride for you." Edward glared at me in the rearview mirror.

"I didn't mean it like that. I am just unprepared. Please can't one of you retrieve the data?"

"Sorry Bells. We know our work and you know yours. I will keep you safe I promise."

"Don't make promises you can't keep Rose." This time his voice was filled with warning.

"Guys let's just chill alright. Bella you have to go in with us. None of us have a clue how to hack into a computer. We don't have the time tonight for you to talk us through it. We will all try our best to protect you. That is what we are here for tonight."

Jasper's calming voice filled my head.

I swallowed hard and nodded.

"Okay but just please don't make me hold a gun. They scare the hell out of me."

"I wouldn't dream of giving someone like you a gun Bella."

Great Edward was still on his warpath. Tonight I didn't have it in me to fight back.

Darkness fell quickly but Edward didn't switch on his headlights. He turned off the road along a dirt track. We bounced along with only the faint glow of moonlight illuminating our way. Conversation in the car seized.

Edward signalled something to Jasper with his hands and switched off the engine. The car coasted a few metres before coming to a halt off the track in the bush.

I swung my laptop backpack onto my shoulders and followed the others out of the car.

True to his word Jasper fell in behind me so I was protected from all sides.

We crept through the bush for what seemed like hours but was in reality just minutes.

Rose indicted for me to be silent and pointed out a small house just in front of us. I recognised the design to be that of the drawing I had seen earlier.

Edward motioned a two at Jazz and they crept out of the bush while Rose held me back.

I heard two distinct scuffles and then Edward motioned us forward.

On the ground I saw a man near Edward's feet and I was glad to see he was unconscious and not dead.

We crawled around the side of the building.

Edward and Rose entered through a glass sliding door.

Jazz held me back for a minute before we followed them into the room.

In the corner I could see the glow of a computer screen.

I moved quickly and sat down on the wooden chair.

The others moved to positions near the doors and windows.

In seconds my concentration was purely on the computer as I tried to hack into it. Finally I was in my comfortable space. In fact I lost track of time.

"Bella you have five minutes. Hurry the fuck up."

I heard Jaspers urgent whisper.

I glanced around and saw the others starting to look nervous.

Crap I was so close.

"Got it."

I stuck the USB stick in and started the download.

In the distance I heard a car approaching.

Jazz and Rose ran to the door and slipped outside.

"How much longer Bella? We need to leave right now."

"Just give me five more seconds Edward."

I glared at the screen wishing the download would speed up. I could hear distant shouting. It sounded like the men were drunk.

The footsteps got closer and my heart started pounding.

"Fuck this."

Edward grabbed the stick and pulled me out the door.

At that moment someone spotted the guard on the floor.

The shouting intensified. Edward pushed me behind and ran using his body as a shield.

I could see Jazz and Rose ahead of us. Gunfire filed the air.

I wanted to vomit from fear but I pushed myself to just keep running.

This time it felt like seconds before we found the car. Jazz had already started the Jeep and was swinging it down the track. Rose jumped into the front seat.

We ran harder and Edward pushed me through the open car door before jumping in after me.

The next second a bullet tore through the rear window.

Edward held me against the floor and sat up to return fire.

The Jeep bounced down the track at high speed and swung onto the main road.

I felt a sense of calm fill the vehicle.

"Fuck yeah we made it."

Jasper was shouting and jumping up and down in his seat.

Edward held out his hand and helped me up.

"Are you alright Bella? You are bleeding."

Jazz and Rose both turned around with worry in their eyes.

I looked down at my side and saw the blood on my right arm.

"Thanks Edward I am fine. I think it's just a scratch from a tree."

He pulled a first aid kit from underneath his seat. Very tenderly he cleaned the wound.

I flinched as the alcohol stung.

"Don't worry Bella. You get used to this. It looks like a fairly deep scratch but nothing a few plasters won't heal."

He taped up my arm quickly.

"Thanks Edward. By the way the download finished."

Edward's eyes turned dark instantly.

"Yeah that's great Bella but you nearly got us killed. A team member's life is not worth some information. Next time work faster or get out sooner."

In one second the old Edward was back.

Jasper glanced at me in the rearview mirror and sighed.