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"game and match" talking

'game and match' thinking

"Game and match! Won by Echizen Ryoma! With this I declare the winner of the US Open is the Prince of Tennis, Echizen Ryoma!"

Sound of applause rang through my ears, I do not care anymore whether I won or not, after all, this would be my last match. I would never play anymore after all.

"WHAT? You must be joking right?" said Nanjiro and Ryoga at the same time.

"Unfortunately not Baka Oyaji and Baka Aniki" replied Ryoma with annoyed tone. She have told them about her retirement from the Pro Tennis World more than she had remember, so why cannot they just be shut up and listen to her.

"Shut up will ya!" shouted Ryoma. Hearing her shouting made the both men quieted down in an instant, do not wanted to face her wrath. "It's not that I will stop playing tennis! I would still play but not in the Pro World anymore," said Ryoma with a sad tone.

After being quiet from the first time they had argued, Rinko had finally said her words, " Well, if that's what she wanted, why not just give her what she wanted? It's not that she would stop playing right, Ryoma?" asked Rinko with a nice tone.

"Of course not Okaa-san, I had said it right. I would ONLY stop playing in the Pro World, but not completely!" said Ryoma with an exasperated tone.

"Fine," said Nanjiroh in defeat, it's not that he liked his daughter's decision, but as long it made her happy, he would accept it.

"But who gonna look after you?" asked Ryoga with concern. After all, she is his beloved little sister. "I still had my final test in here you know?" said Ryoga again.

"Do not worry, there's Monkey King in Japan right? And he's not the only one, there's still Bunta in Japan. We still contacted each other, " answered Ryoma.

"Well it's settled then, Ryoma will move to Japan. And while Nanjiro look for a house for us to settled, why don't you start packing up honey?" said Rinko to everyone in the room.

After her words, everyone started doing their own work. Nanjiro started to look for a house while Rinko and Ryouga will help Ryoma with her stuff.

After everything was seemed to be done, the world had become quiet again when suddenly.."AAGHH! I cannot find a single house near my old school!" exclaimed Nanjiroh. "Well isn't this a beautiful house," said Rinko while looking into the computer as well. " Yes! But it's not in Tokyo! It's in Kanagawa! And I want her to be in Tokyo! Near my old school!" wailed Nanjiro. " Just get it right now! Ryoma need to move faster so that she can start the new term with some new students!" replied Rinko. " Fine! We will bought the house and move there after Ryoga finish his exam, maybe except Bishoujo since she wanted to move first,"

"Hey Bunta , I gonna move to Japan, precisely in Kanagawa, what do you think?" asked Ryoma while calling.

" Is it true? Really? Then we can hang out together again then?"

"Yes, looks like will be it, by the way. I'm gonna to Rikkaidai, what about you? Where are you going?" "Are you kidding me? I went there too! Then we can really hang out again! Yatta!"

"You seem very happy…and before that, I will tell you I would focus on my music skill, not my tennis. Alright?"

"Baka! Do you stop playing tennis?! Are you crazy?"

"Will you shut up, Bunta? I mean I'm only concentrated more on my music skills, not stop playing completely! Geez, you're the same as Oyaji, never let me finish first."

"haahahaha..sorry sorry, but it's still good, as long you didn't stop play…. AAH! I'm sorry Ryoma! I need to go! I have a tennis practice! If I late, Sanada would torture me! See you, Ryoma" click.

"Hmmnn.. he never changed do he?" mumbled Ryoma as she also end the call.

Finally, their flight from California to Japan had come an end, they finally arrived. It was still noon when they had finally arrived at their new home. Their new home was not that extravagant, but maybe have a differences from the neighborhood since their home was quite big; with tennis courts, sound-proof room for music, swimming pool, and a little garden to plant some flowers.

The Echizens except Nanjiroh and Rinko had never been to Japan before, since they had been live in America most of their life.

"Ryoma!" called Rinko.

"Yes, mom!"

"Why don't you go check the surroundings while we arrange to goods?"

"What for?"

"Aww…Ryoma you don't think that you will spend the noon at house don't you? Why don't you go around? For refreshing? Take this and now go!" said Rinko while passing some money and paper to his daughter.

"Mom! What do you mean?" asked Ryoma while she was being shooed from her new home.

"Hehehe..Chibisuke, hope you have a nice trip! Here your tennis bag!" said Ryoga while tossing her tennis bag. Looking at his little sister confused look, " So that when you pass street court, you don't have to be only looking." Winked Ryoga.

"Ahh…damn Aniki!" shouted Ryoma. 'Well, since I also don't know where to go, may go around and looking at surroundings.

*Pok!** Pok!*

'Hmnn..that sound..' heard Ryoma while she was eating her ice-cream that she just bought. 'Hmnn..Ah! Rikkai Daigaiku Fuzoku? Where have I heard that name before?' thought Ryoma while she was looking at school name. ' Ah! I've just come and look!'

*Pok!**Pok!* the sounds become louder means she was getting nearer the tennis courts. Ah! Finally! There it is! Hmmnn.. the players are not so bad, in fact some even very good, better than some Pros. Why don't I just come nearer and look at their play. While Ryoma was getting nearer the court, a boy with seaweed hair come near her.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing here? Are you some spy from another school?" asked the seaweed- hair boy.

"Sorry, but I'm just looking around" with an apologetic look, and when she realized that the boy wear a jersey with yellow and black pattern, together with a word 'Rikkaidai' there. Then it clicked her, Aha! isn't Rikkaidai the name of the school that I going to attend, if this boy is one of the regulars then he must be good. The seaweed-hair boy had just look at her, and think nothing of her. When he started to turn back to the court.

"Hey, wanna play a match with me?" asked Ryoma while she saw that the boy had turned back to her and looked surprised.

"Ah! Are you joking? Wanna play with me?" asked him agaim.

"Yes, I'm sure, I wanna play you." Said Ryoma while taking her racket out.

"Hmmnn..i don't mind, come then. I'm gonna show the place." Said the boy as he guided her.

Both don't realize a boy with both eyes closed watched with interest as he also followed them and said about 'data gathering'.

"Hahhh..I'm so tired, cannot we just go home and eat snacks?" mumbled Marui.

"Marui! We still need to practice!" said his double partner, Jackal.

"That's right, purii", said the trickster name Niou.

"Niou, you didn't think about another prank are you?" asked the gentleman with glasses, Yagyuu.

"What? Why you can say that? Of course I don't think like that" replied Niou with a grin.

"More reason to stay away from you right now," said Marui while blowing his bubblegum.

"What did you say purii?"


"Hmnn..is that Akaya?" asked Jackal

"What? Who is he facing? And why he looked so tired?"

"Yanagi, what's happened?" asked Yagyuu to the data man who had been watch the match from the beginning.

"This match were quite good, the girl who played against Akaya is pretty good to, since she able to make Akaya tired this much and the score is unbelievable ." Said the data man.

"What's the score then?"

"The score had been 6-0, in favor of the girl"

"What? A girl?/A girl able to make the brat tired?/Akaya lose to girl?"

"What? What's happening?" asked the redhead named Marui who had just arrived.

"Where are you before?"

"I was just hungry, so I went to eat" replied him simply. The others sweatdropped at his simple answer. Hmnn..Isn't that Ryoma? While looking at the girl with greenish black hair. Soo, she was facing the bakaya. Good then, I wanna see how will this turn out. He continued to watch the match while munching his bubblegum. The others were looking into the match too, didn't realize him grinning.

"Hah..hah…hah" panted Akaya who hadn't just believe that he lost to girl.

"Hmmnn..it was good match," said the girl.

The other regular couldn't just believe what had they just saw. Akaya lost a girl. And also cannot even score even a point against her and she also didn't sweat as much as Akaya did. It looks like she was just playing around with Akaya. They're to busy looking at the girl until they didn't realize the evil grinning their own redhead teammate showing.

Hmnn..maybe I can surprise them. While walking towards the girl.

As soon as she just want out the court, the redhead immediately come to her and hug her. Surprised, she immediately pulled the boy off her and come face to face to a redhead boy who was still chewing bubblegum. Surprised, she shouted "BUNTA!"