Why would Tommy break up with me? Kim wonders as she lies on her bed crying for the millionth time that day. I thought we were perfect together; what does Kat have that I don't besides being a tall troll? Kim hears a knock on her door and ponders as she looks through her peephole in the door. Adam what is he doing here? She opens up the door.

"Kim, hey I was visiting my Aunt and decided to stop by." Damn she looks distraught.

"Oh." Kim steps aside to let Adam go in.

"What to do something; it looks as though you have not left this apartment is ages."

"I have been preoccupied." Kim sits on the couch.

Adam joins her on the couch. "Want to see a movie or get ice cream?"

"I will skip on the movie and I have a ton of ice cream in the fridge."

"How about we get some fruit and sit on the beach then?" Adam grabs for Kim's hand.

"No I would rather not; thanks for asking though." Kim moves out of Adam's grasp.

"Then I guess I will sit here and stare at the wall with you."

Kim sighs, "Suit yourself."

Back in Angel Grove, things are not fairing so well either.

Tommy punches one of his best friends in the face.

Kat screams at him to stop.

"Stop; you are telling me to stop." "You should have stopped yourself before you kissed this asshole." Tommy reaches for Jason again but is subdue by Billy and Rocky. "Let me the fuck go," he struggles against his friends grasp.

"No Tommy; we are going to take you home now." Billy nods at Rocky.

"Yeah man you need to calm down; go work out or something?"

Tommy glares at Jason and struggles some more.

Jason wipes the blood from his mouth with his hand. "I never meant for this to happen but…"

"But what you she fell and you caught her with your lips," Tommy smirks.

"No Tommy it's just that you were put under that evil spell and Jason was helping me cope and we just kissed one night."

"So what you are saying is that you are a ho, whore, slut please tell me when I am getting warmer; take your time."

Jason looks at Tommy. "Now Tommy that is not fair to call Kat those names."

"Really because I think that those names are very accurate; Kim would have never done this to me and now I have lost her for all eternity." "How could I have been so stupid?" Tommy yanks his arms off his friends hold and walks to his car. "We are done Kat; don't ever call me better yet I am removing from the power rangers grid; I cannot walk with a whore rat." He drives away.

Kat begins to cry.

Jason walks over to Kat and hugs her. "Don't cry Kat; he will eventually come around."