Northern Winds

Summery: The relation ship between Ashe x Tryndamere explored.

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"Talking" & 'Thinking'

Chapter 1: Bickering...

"Do you Ashe, of Freljord, agree to this union?" Asked a robed man.

"I accept." Ashe answered in a loud steady voice as she knelt. Her balance steady, one hand on her knee, the other placed on the ground palm down, hand open. She bowed her head slightly while out of the corner of her eye she glanced at the tall man standing next to her. "He couldn't even bother to fully button the attire?"

"Do you Tryndamere, of the Barbarians of the North, agree to this union?" Again the robed man asked.

"Yeah, I accept it!" Tryndamere's voice boom as a few cheered from behind him. He more plopped down to a knee, one hand resting on his Knee the other he firmly slapped onto Ashe's shoulder.

"Oww... You Moron!" Ashe clinched her jaw as she flinched from the force of the hand. She tried not to let her stoic expression break as she stared at Tryndamere out of the corner of her eye. "Your hand doesn't go on my back it goes on the ground next to mine! Ring and pinky finger overlapping with mine! HOW MANY TIMES DID WE HAVE TO GO OVER THIS IN THE PAST THREE DAYS... FOURTY, NO! FIFTHY TIMES AND YOU STILL IGNORE THE MOST SIMPLE OF MY PEOPLE'S TRADITIONS!?"

Tryndamere glanced down at Ashe meeting her gaze. "She must be bored as all hell... Well same here."

Ashe held his gaze as she gritted her teeth. "For my people... for peace. At least he can' t screw up anything else."

"VERY WELL!" The man in the robes yelled loudly holding up his hands. "Is there any opposition!?"

Tryndamere tightened his grip on Ashe's shoulder slightly. "Don't worry... The stupid boring part is almost over."

"Why is he talking during the ceremony, and did he just call my people's ceremony stupid?" Ashe blinked as she exhaled keeping her outward composure. "If there is any mercy in this world an assassin will end me now."

"Good! As strong as the northern winds blow, may your bound be stronger!" The robed man bowed as he motion for the two in front of him to stand.

Tryndamere surged up with a huff, using his hand on Ashe's shoulder to push off with. "About time!"

"For peace, for peace, for peace..." Ashe sighed as she gracefully straighten and rose to her feet, keeping eye contact with the robed man.

"You are now Husband and Wife. Queen and King of Feldjord." The robed man announced.

"It's done... peace for my people finally." Ashe let a feint smile grace her lips as she nodded in small bow to the priest, before she started to turn to face the cheering crowd of people that cheered behind her. "We bow to the crowd, then he kisses my forehead and we walk out together, his arm on my shoulder... Simple and elegant. A good show of unity between us. That is the plan."

Tryndamere grinned as his left hand caught Ashe's face as she turned. His other hand snaking around to the lower part of the small of her back, as he planted a deep kiss on her lips. Tryndamere's left hand slipped behind Ashe's neck to hold her in the kiss as he dipped her backwards slightly.

"What just..." Ashe's mind went blank as there was a gasp from the crowd, a brief pause of near silence, Then a thunderous roar of cheering erupted.

The kiss lasted for what seemed like years before Tryndamere broke it and drew in a deep breath before turning and walking down the isle, One hand on Ashe's hip guiding her next to him as his other hand waved to the crowd.

Ashe kept her eyes forward as she fought the blush that was already spreading across her face. She could not be more happy as they walked outside into the near freezing air and a cool wind blew across her burning checks. Her feet felt more at home walking across the frozen ground as they reached the carriage which offered shelter from the crowd that was still cheering for the couple.

As soon as the carriage door closed Tryndamere pulled on his shirt opening it down to his abs. "Man I'm glad that crap is over... This shirt is hotter than hell."

"That wasn't the plan." Ashe muttered as she sat still gripping her knees with her hands.

"And that guy just would not shut up. He just went on and on about nothing!" Tryndamere said with a loud chuckle as he leaned back into the seat as the carriage began to rumbled along the path.

"That wasn't the plan." Ashe again said her voice a little louder.

"What?" Tryndamere asked, as he reached for a small pink bottle.

"That. Was. Not. The. Plan." Ashe said as she ran her hand through her hair. "This is a political Marriage, Not some honey moon romp. We have to show strength and dignity in public. We must do so at all times."

"Aahh, Forget that garbage." Tryndamere said with a big grin.

"Or we could not forget it and instead stick to the plan. You know the one that brings happiness and peace to our people without risking lives or anything else." Ashe snapped back.

"Here, drink this it will thaw you out a bit." Tryndamere said as he opened the bottle, sipped it and then swung his arm tossing the open bottle to Ashe.

Ashe caught the bottle, her eyes looking for any sigh of the bottle spilling while in flight "A, what is it? B, how did you throw it without spilling it."

Tryndamere laughed as he reached for large green bottle. "We barbarians have a few tricks... and knowing how to move a bottle around a camp fire is a must have in our circle. That drink is a little something Singed cook up for us."

Ashe looked from the bottle to Tryndamere then back to the bottle. "And you trust him?"

"Hell no... but what kinda of monster would pull something on a man's wedding day?" Tryndamere laughed as if he'd told a joke worth writing down. "I did well... She could be less up tight, but she sure is a fine thing to stare at and very strong." Tryndamere smiled across the carriage at the woman who sighed.

"A monster exactly like Singed..." Ashe said as she continued to look at the potion before smelling it. "This... smells like a fruit drink."

"Look, There are Noxusain houses, pulling a Piltover carriage, driven by Ionian's most skilled carriage... err carriage driver, and all guarded by Demacian Riders. When in the hell is this ever going to happen again. Now come over here and we can share this bottle that Gragus made for us. This is the one time in yah life yah can let that icy guard down." Tryndamere popped the cork on the battle chuckling as it bounced of the ceiling. "I'll bet you your ass, this is anything but fruit drink."

Ashe sighed lifting the bottle to her lips drinking the beverage Singed had made. "Whatever..." Ashe sighed crossing the carriage to sit next to the Barbarian King who promptly wrapped an arm around her. "So... Trynd... How much will you need to drink before you'll put an apple on your head?" Ashe closed her eyes grinning, the sweet taste of Singed's potion still on her lips.

"If you're the one firing? Hell..." Tryndamere held up the bottle looking it over before shrugging and lifting it to his lips downing over half the bottle. "Well Fuck..."

Ashe blinked looking up at him. "What?"

Tryndamere looked into the bottle then smell it. "That fat Bastard... its just a damn fruit drink."

Ashe, for the first time that day, genuinely laughed covering her mouth as she grinned up at the fuming barbarian. "So about the bet... I guess that means I will be keeping to myself tonight."

Tryndamere blinked a few times before smiling and grinning. "Woah... Never mind, Gragus didn't pull any punches. Weird Magic brew... all the kick in it sneaks up on yaah. Well fire away." He pushed the bottle into Ashe's lap as he lend over and pulled her into another kiss.

Ashe closed her eyes until a bump in the road broke the kiss. She sat drawing in a breath as the carriage bumped along the road. "This isn't so bad... he isn't perfect but he could be worse... and this the best for my people and his." Ashe reach for a glass on a small self where they were stored. She lifted the glass out of a slot and started to pour a drink only to have her husband slap the glass to the floor. "Really?" Ashe watched as the drink spilled.

"This is a celebration... forget the pansy glasses, man up, and drink the right way. Anything worth drinking is worth drinking the 'right' way... right from the bottle." Tryndamere pulled Ashe a bit closer to him with his arm as his other hand lifted the bottle up towards her mouth.

"Man up..."Ashe said in a flat tone.

"Yeap." Tryndamere responded.

Ashe lifted the bottle to her lips and took a short drink of the brew. "Satisfied?"

"Just a bit, but we're getting there." Tryndamere started to lean for another kiss before he stopped and promptly lurked forward onto his knees on the floor of the carriage throwing up. "Ok... Now I'm not at all."

Ashe covered her face setting the bottle down on the floor. "Piltover is not going to be pleased about this... way to man up." Ashe sighed, rolling her eyes as she looked out the window at the country side. "You know Gragus doesn't play when it comes to drinks and you just go and drank half of the brew right away." Ashe spoke softly enjoying the country side that rolled by and the slight buzz of Gragus's brew.

Tryndamere wiped his mouth before shifting back, sitting on the floor and laying his head on the seat of the carriage. "Laugh while you can I'mma still collect on our bet tonight."

Ashe groaned as she let her forehead hit the glass of the window. A moment later Ashe clinched her jaw before dropping to the floor as Tryndamere just had. She wiped her mouth before glancing back at Tryndamere. "This is why I don't drink and I don't let my guard down..."

"Oh shut up." Tryndamere barked.

Ashe closed her eyes, her head spinning in a fog.


As the Carriage arrived at a large Demacian estate, Ashe and Tryndamere stepped out onto a stone walkway. Several Demacian summoners stood watching. Tryndamere felt as though he was getting his second wind. They began to walk towards the entrance to the fine Demacian estate where several prominent political figures had already arrived.

Ashe sighed as she looked over the faces of summoners. "Glad we had a change of cloths." Ashe returned a slight bow to a summoner as he passed. "Demacia was kind enough to offer a ball in our honor."

"At least you didn't spill Gragus' brew." Tryndamere said flatly. "Later tonight I'm giving it another shot."

"Not a fast learner." Ashe looped her arm under Tryndamere's as she covered her mouth for a moment. "Please take me too our room." Ashe whispered.

"Well aren't you getting a bit antsy." Tryndamere said, as he grinned.

"No... I'm still feeling ill. I'd like to rest a bit before dinner tonight. If I have to sit through Demacian speeches I'm doing so rested." Ashe muttered under her breath before she flinched realizing what she said out loud. "Why did I say that out loud? How strong is the brew Gragus make?" Ashe glanced around, taking solace in the luck that no one other than Tryndamere had been close enough to hear her.

"Congratulation Tryndamere and Ashe!" A summoner called as he stepped in front of the two. "Remember me, I go by the tag Ark Angel HFB, I summon you guys a lot. I just wanted to say I'm happy for you tw-"

"Move it." Tryndamere pushed the summoner aside as he followed the path into a large room. "I swear every time that idiot calls me, we get killed more than the damn minions."

"Hun..." Ashe glanced back, her head feeling light. "We tend to do really well... Maybe you are the problem." Ashe said with a slight grin.

"Oh ha ha." Tryndamere snarled as they walked inside the building.


Ashe walked into the joint room smiling as she looked at the massive bed. "It will be the same bed but... it isn't like we will be next to one another..." She still felt ill as she walked over to the bed and sat down gracefully before laying back gently.

Tryndamere on the other hand wasted no time in simply walking over and flopping onto the bed. "Sleep an hour, then go feast, I'm going to enjoy Gragus's gift and then I'm collecting our little bet."

"That is very unlikely." Ashe rolled over mumbling into a pillow.

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