The Great Flood Begins


CLANG, CLANG, CLANG. My hammer on the heated steel sword would sound every time I would bring it down upon it with a great force.

"So who are these swords for anyway?" I ask my boss, Cordon. He was the master blacksmith in the kingdom of Hyrule. Anytime the kingdom needed a reliable sword, he would smith it.

"The knights of Hyrule, Demen." Cordon said as he carefully dipped his heated sword in a container of cool water. "They require an upgrade, so I have found a lighter design to give them." I studied the design of the blades and nodded, "Yeah, it does seem like a lighter sword, and less material."

"Speaking of the knights, anything come to you? I had heard you had applied." He says

"No, not yet. But it's only been a day since I have turned it in."

"Ya know I never pictured you as the knight type." It was true. I was pretty short at 5' 9" at the age of 19, and I was really skinny, like it wasn't really healthy for me to be this skinny.

"Well, I was thinking and I do like working here, but I need to go somewhere that I can actually help the kingdom. I know making swords for them are helping, but I want to be out there, adventuring."

He laughs and says, "OK, but don't press your luck only a few a month are chosen at most."

"Yeah yeah" I say with a sigh. At 7:00pm, I start home. It has been such a long day, I just want to get home and sleep. I open my door, hang my coat and start upstairs. Suddenly, I hear a knock on the door. I go to the door and open it. A 22 year old looking guy with blonde hair and a chain mail shirt, and cloth pants with leather boots is standing in front of me. I am trying to figure out who it is as he sticks his hand out. "I'm Captain Link of the Knights of Hyrule." He simply says. "You are Demen Unara, correct?"

Thank you for reading the prologue of The Great Flood, my first fanfic. I will hopefully make the chapters longer than this. Thanks again and please review! -skylor94