The Secretary

A/N: Well, I got a PM saying that I should edit my story Dark Desire before it gets removed, and well it got removed -.-…, Anyway, in case you didn't know, I do better writing stories that are AU, so this is an AU. If you had read Dark Desire, then you know that I will be going outside the plot of the actual story. The characters will be in character, but there will be some slight OOCness. I hope you guys don't mind. I plan on making this a full blown story, but it all depends on what you guys think.

Again, reviews are gratefully appreciated, and I hope to read all the feedback. This is based upon the movie "The Secretary". Oddly the man in there is called Mr. Grey and I instantly grinned. This story is rated M for a reason, please take the rating into consideration. I don't need people ruining the fun for others if you don't like what goes on in here.

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Summary: What if Ana had taken Christian's proposal to work for him? Soon accepting the job as a secretary, their employer-employee relationship turns into a sexual, sadomasochistic one.

Warnings: obscene language, mature content, etc.



"Ana, my office! Now!" I screamed into the phone.

I slammed it back into the base, and glared impatiently at the paper in my hands. I had proofread the copy she email to me – an important letter to my therapist – there are too many red marks, and I wanted to stab the pen in the paper.

There was a small knock on the door, and I placed the paper down on my desk, facing away from me so she could read it properly. My room is sound proof, so she wouldn't hear me if I shouted for her to come in. I got up and walked to the door, and opened it. As expected, Ana comes in very shyly, and I shut the door behind her; while she twiddles her fingers she bites on her bottom lip, and I could feel my pants begin to tighten uncomfortably as I walked to my desk; she stood at the door.

"Lock the door." I command. She blinks a few times, but does as she is told, like a good girl that she is. I smirk and get up.

"Come here."

She slowly stalks up to the desk, and my eyes slowly begin to dance all over her body. She's wearing black pants, tight, a white shirt and a black blazer over it. She looks fucking delectable. I move around behind her and cross my arms across my chest. "Look at the document, and what do you see?" I question softly.

"U-um… I don't understand," she slowly leans over my desk to read the document. "Oh, I'm sorry sir, I didn't realize the mistake, I proofread it before I sent it to you." She stammers. I arch an eyebrow and my lips twitch.

"Read it to me." I say.

"W-what?" She looks back at me, her big blue eyes shining with confusion.

"Read. It. To. Me." I repeated, annoyed. Ana leans back up and she takes the paper in her hand. I stand behind her and place my hand in between her shoulder blades and push her towards the desk so she's bending over it. She doesn't say a word, but I could her swallow hard.

"Keep your elbows on the table, don't move, and read it… now." I snap.

Ana swallows hard again and she clears her throat nervously.

"Dear Dr. Flynn,

I am grateful to you for answering to my—"

My hand reels back and I slap her hard on her behind. She stops, and slowly, agonizingly slow, turns around so she is facing me, and the look on her face is of fear.

"Continue." I mutter.


"Continue." I growl. She turns to face the paper on my desk and clears her throat nervously once more.

"—For answering to my request. I hope you will attend—

I slap her behind again, and her voice jumps. She continues.

"—Attend my mother and father's masquerade—

With every mistake on the paper, I spank her harder and faster, making her voice jump with every slap. I could feel her skin heating up beneath the fabric of her pants.

"—Ball in the next couple of weeks… it will mean a great deal to me—

I slap her behind three times, making her body jolt up towards the desk and I smirk when I hear a small whimper escape her lovely mouth. She's enjoying this? Ana's breathing had shortened into heavy pants and I resisted the urge to fuck her right there.

"—And my family, send me an email with your response and I will see you in a couple of days—

"Ah!" Ana cries out when I slap her one last time, hard. She leans over my desk breathing heavily. I walk around and stand in front of her, behind my desk. Her blue eyes are dark, and her mouth hangs open as she tries to steady her breaths. Ana moves her eyes down and she stares at the front of my pants. The zipper of my slacks are scraping painfully against my erection, and she slowly gets up.

Her hair falls around her face and down to her breasts. I want to take her so bad. She clears her throat and swallowed the growing lump.

"I'll g-go and fix this." She whispers.

I arch my eyebrow at her and her face instantly turns a bright pink. I cock my head to the side and smile just slightly at her. She smiles weakly back at me and soon exits the room after she unlocks the door. I lean my head back on my chair and reach down to pull down the crotch of my pants, trying to make it more comfortable for me.

I glance at my computer when I received a new email. It's from Ana. She sent me the new copy of the letter. I read it.

Mr. Grey,

Here is the improved copy. I hope it's to your satisfaction now. Can I go on my lunch break now? I need some fresh air…


Attached to the note is the improved copy and as I scan over it, I realize there are no mistakes now. I smirk, and click the reply button at the corner of the screen.

Miss. Steele,

Thank you, and yes you may go on your lunch break.

Mr. Grey.

I send her the email and close it out. I close my eyes and think about her face as I was spanking her. She looks so beautiful laying there, breathless – her mouth open and her eyes dark. I quickly gather myself up from the chair and I grab my car keys that hung on the wall and my BlackBerry. When I exit my office, and walk towards the elevator, I shout over my shoulder to cancel all my meetings.

When I walk into the lobby, Ana was just now entering the elevators. I follow in after her, and the doors close. Startled, Ana stares up at me. "Mr… Mr. Grey?!" She squeaks.

I waste no time and push her up against the elevator wall and crush my lips over hers. She moans and as I gnaw on her bottom lip to get her to open her mouth, she slowly parts her lips and I slip my tongue between her teeth. I moan when I taste her sweetness. She reaches up to touch my hair and I groan in her mouth when she clenches the strands and gives a small tug.

I quickly pin her wrists above her head and she stares up at me confused, wondering when it happened. I place my hand over her chest, feeling her heartbeat, and I move it down over her breast, and down to the waist band of her pants, and then between her legs, startling her – she moans and tilts her head back. I moan myself. "Fuck, you're so wet." Her pants are soaked.

"God, I want to fuck you Ana." I whisper darkly.

She moans in response and I start to stroke her pussy through the fabric of her pants. She whimpers and her hips twitch.

"But not here. After work, you will come with me to my apartment, and I will fuck you there." I whisper huskily, making her quiver against me. The elevator doors open and I release her and exit, leaving her to fend for herself. I walk through the doors of the building and I quickly call Taylor to come get me.

I knew her number, so I will email her directions to my place.

Tonight, she will know what true punishment is. I smirk at the thought.

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