The Secretary

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Summary: What if Ana had taken Christian's proposal to work for him? Soon accepting the job as a secretary, their employer-employee relationship turns into a sexual, sadomasochistic one.

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Chapter 5

I walked into the office tired. I barely got enough sleep last night because Leila was constantly calling my house phone, plus my cell phone every single five minutes. I don't think she understands what "no" means. I need to end it with her and fast. She isn't who I want anymore. I have Ana eating out of the palm of my hand, and soon enough she will be mine for good. I smirked at the thought.

As I was walking out of the elevators, I greeted everyone with a kind of lazy "good morning". I yawned and noticed that Ana was sitting at her desk. She spotted me and immediately got up, holding a folder. I arched my eyebrow.

"Mr. Grey. I got the letter you wanted me to write to Dr. Flynn written out for you."

"What letter?" I asked, but I knew exactly what she was talking about. I like to make her feel intimidated, only because she looks too cute when she's nervous. She cleared her throat and started to tug on her perfect bottom with her teeth.

"You know which one," I walked around her and she followed me into my office. I closed the door behind me and she was facing me, standing in front of my desk, "the one where you wanted me to tell Dr. Flynn of the party your parents are throwing. The masquerade." Ana looked up at me with big blue eyes and I nodded.

"Give me the letter." I said. She nodded and pulled it out of the yellow folder. I walked up to her and snatched it from her. She frowned at me and I read over it quickly. Honestly, I just scanned through it. I told her to leave and she walked past me, placing her hand on my arm while she did. I smiled softly at her. Ana walked out of my office, and once she shut the door, I walked to my desk and started to read through the letter. As I was going through this, my eyes started narrowing and I frowned.

There were too many mistakes, the spelling was atrocious. Did she just write it and not fucking proofread it? What the hell was she thinking!? I grabbed my red pen and started circling all the mistakes on the paper. This was ridiculous. After I was finished, I tossed my pen aside and grabbed my office phone, and dialed three digits. The phone rang about three times before I heard her sweet voice.

"Yes Mr. Grey?" I could practically hear her smiling.

"Ana, my office! Now" I screamed into the phone.

I slammed the phone back on the base. Before anything, I checked my email and noticed that she had sent me the letter to my email as well. When Ana started working here, I had my other secretary give her my email - it was a requirement. I looked down at the paper she printed out for me, and then to the screen. It had the same mistakes. I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose in irritation.

A knock on the door caused me to tear my eyes away from the paper and I set it across from me. I had it facing upside down, but it will be right side up when Ana comes in. I have a plan and I know she's going to like it - I hoped silently. I got up and walked to the door. When I opened it she walked in very shyly.

"Did I do something wrong?" She asked.

"Not exactly." I lied.

She was twiddling her fingers and chewing on that fucking lip of hers, and as I walked to my desk, I could feel my pants tighten uncomfortably as she stood at the door.

"Lock the door." She blinks at me in surprise, but being the good girl that she is, she did what she is told. I smirked at her.

"Come here." I commanded.

She slowly walked up to me and I could barely keep my eyes off her. Today she wore a pair of black pants and they were very tight on her, as well as the white shirt with the first two buttons unbuttoned. The black blazer she wore over it, is opened. She looked fucking delectable and I wanted her more than ever. I got up and walked around my desk and I stood behind her. The way she shifted her weight from one leg to the other made me realize that she was starting to get nervous. I crossed my arms across my chest.

"Look at the document. What do you see?" I question softly.

Ana looked back and glimpsed at me with her big blue eyes. "I don't understand." When she leaned over I stared down at her perfect ass.

"Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Grey. I proofread it before I sent it to you. I'll go back and change it." She stammers. My eyebrow arched up and my lip twitched. She proofread it? Is she lying to me? I smirked. More reason to punish her.

"Read it to me." I tell her.

"W-what?" She questions and her big blue eyes were shining with confusion.

Why does she question me? I'm about to go insane. My god.

"Read. It. To. Me." I repeated in an annoyed tone.

She stands up right and started to read over the paper. I removed my hands from across my chest and I placed the palm of my right hand between her shoulder blades and pushed at her back, so she's bending over my desk. She wasn't saying anything, but she gulped pretty hard, loud enough for me to hear it.

"What are you doing?" She whispers.

"Keep your elbows on the desk, don't move, and read it to me." I didn't mean to snap, but I had to sound as if I was angry at her. Honestly, I wasn't but she can't know what I have up my sleeve.

"Dear Dr. Flynn,

I am grateful to you for answering to my—"

My hand reels back and I slap her hard on her behind. She stops, and slowly, agonizingly slow, turns around so she is facing me, and the look on her face is of fear. But I gave her a reassuring look, telling her silently to trust me.

"Continue." I mutter.


"Continue." I growl. After a nervous clearing of her throat, Ana continued to read.

"—For answering to my request. I hope you will attend—

I slap her behind again, and her voice jumps. And to my surprise, she continues without me telling her too.

"—Attend my mother and father's masquerade—

My pants were uncomfortably tight as I continued to slap her with every mistake she read. Her skin was already heating up through her pants.

"—Ball in the next couple of weeks… it will mean a great deal to me—

I slap her ass three times, making her body jolt up towards the desk and I smirk when I hear a small whimper escape her lovely mouth.

She's enjoying this? I honestly didn't think she would, but it was a relief to me. It was just a thought, and I didn't think she would actually enjoy this, but since she let me finger her yesterday, she would probably enjoy what other ideas I have. Ana's breathing had shortened into heavy pants and I resisted the urge to fuck her right there.

"—And my family, send me an email with your response and I will see you in a couple of days—

"Ah!" Ana cries out when I slap her one last time, hard - hard enough that it made my hand sting. I watch her from behind, the way she leans over my desk breathing heavily. I walk around and stand in front of my desk and I look at her. Her blue eyes are dark, and her mouth hangs open as she tries to steady her breaths. Ana moves her eyes down and she stares at the front of my pants, and she blushes when she notices my erection, which was scraping painfully against the zipper of my pants.

Her hair falls around her face and down to her breasts. I want to take her so bad. She clears her throat and swallowed the growing lump.

"I'll g-go and fix this." She whispers.

Her face was already so pink and the glimmer in her eyes made me cock my head to the side and smirk at her. When she walked to the door, she unlocked it and exits my office. I took that chance to pull the crotch of my pants down to make it a little more comfortable for me. But of course, it didn't help one bit.

When my computer made a "bing" sound, I quickly started to read the email I got from Ana. It didn't take long for her to edit the copy and send it back to me. It looks better than before. She asked to go on her lunch break and I told her to go on ahead. I got up and grab my car keys that hung on the wall as well as my Blackberry, for when I get a call from work or from anyone in general, I won't miss it. I caught up with Ana in the elevators.

She is startled when she sees me. "Mr... Mr. Grey!"

I wasted no time and pushed her up against the elevator and slammed my lips onto hers. She moans and I gnaw on her bottom lip to get her to open her mouth. Ana parts her lips and I slip my tongue between her teeth. I moaned deep in my throat when I tasted the sweetness of her mouth. Her fingers raked into the strands of hair on the back of my neck, and a deep groan sounded in the back of my throat as she tugged on the strands.

I grip her wrists, and pin them above her head with one of my hands. She gasps and stares at me in awe, wondering when it was that I did this. With one hand, I kept a firm grip on her wrists, while the other I placed upon on her chest, and I smoothed it down over her breast, her stomach and now in between her legs.

"Fuck you're so wet." I moaned; her pants are fucking soaked. Ana whimpered.

"God, I want to fuck you, Ana." I whisper darkly against her ear.

Slowly, I started to stroke her pussy through her pants and she moaned, her hips twitched.

"Not here. After work you're coming to my apartment and I will fuck you there." I whispered in her ear huskily, making her entire body quiver against me.

The doors to the elevator opened up and I let her go. She walked stiffly, and I couldn't help the smirk that played against my lips.

I have her number, so I will send her an email later for the directions to my place. I called Taylor to wait outside for me. I was going to grab a quick-lunch.

The thought of what I'm going to do to her just made my insides clinch. She's going to know what true punishment is. What she experience in the office today was just a preview.

It was dark outside by the time I went home. I had already changed out of my work clothes and into a pair of loose grey sweat pants and a white t-shirt, and I was in my kitchen drinking a glass of water. I already sent Ana the directions to my place as well as the access code to my private elevator so she can easily come inside and now I just had to wait for her to arrive. The wait was making me anxious and all I could do was wait. I've been waiting for about an hour. What was taking her so long? Does she enoy tormenting me?

I placed the half empty glass of water on the kitchen counter and fished my phone out of my pocket. Just as I was about to dial the number to call her phone, the sound of elevator doors opening caught my attention. I walked to the other room and watched as Ana stepped inside, looking around in awe. She is wearing a pair of skinny jeans, black heels, and a loose sweater that hung off her left, showing her perfectly smooth skin.

Her hair was wavy and a complete mess, but she looked fucking beautiful. She barely had a good amount of make up - eyeliner, mascara and the lightest shade of pink gloss on her lips. She's going to make me go insane.

"Did you find it here okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, it was pretty simple." She responded.

"Would you like anything?" I walked up to her and smiled down at her. The corner of Ana's lips curled up into smile.

"A glass of wine would be nice." She answered.

"White or red?"


I took her hand and led her into the kitchen. She sat in a chair behind the counter and watched as I walked around the kitchen, getting two glasses of wine, and a bottle of red wine. I grabbed the Pinot Noir, I know Ana would like that. There was a small silence between us, aside from the occasional clinking of the glasses, and the cork of the wine bottle being popped. I poured Ana a good amount in her glass and she silently thanked me and brought the glass to her lips, taking a small sip.

"Delicious." She smiled while teasingly tracing her bottom lip with her tongue.

"Thought you would like it." I answered. I took a sip myself. Ana was busy looking around the room and I walked towards her. I stood behind her and made sure I was pretty close to her. She spun around in the chair and parted her legs so I stood between them. She looked up at me.

"Are you going to keep me waiting again." I asked while I reached up to twirl her hair between my fingers.

Ana's big blue eyes shimmered with curiosity.

"What do you mean?" She questioned while tilting her head to the side ever so slightly.

I slid my fingers through her hair - even as messy as it was, it was so soft and tangle free - and I clenched the strands, making her wince. I tugged it down, and forced her head up.

"You kept me waiting too long. I'm going to have to punish you." I explained. I dipped down and brushed my lips against hers. She tried to kiss me, but I pulled away. It was my turn to tease her, though I wouldn't call her making me wait teasing, but it came close enough. I touched her lips with my tongue and traced the flesh, ever so slowly. She whimpered and tried to kiss me, but I wasn't going to let her off that easily. The grip on her hair tightened and she moaned as I placed butterfly kisses around her jaw and down to her neck. I kissed the middle of her throat and licked a wet line to her ear.

"Christian." She moaned.

"Hmm?" I answered.


"Please what?"

"Kiss me." Ana said in a voice barely above a whisper.


Ana whined and squeezed her eyes shut. I enjoyed teasing her. What she did next surprised the hell out of me and I let go of her hair. She grabbed my dick through my pants and gave a gentle squeeze. I moaned and I almost lost it. I pushed her hand away and crushed my lips over hers. She moaned and I cupped her face in my hands.

I broke the kiss, only to trail some kisses down her neck and to the juncture where her shoulder meets the neck; I was so glad she wore a loose shirt, it was easier to kiss her in the places I want, without having a piece of clothing blocking my way. Ana gasped and moved her head so I had more room. I stepped closer to her, when I kissed her, our hands started roaming everywhere. She slid her hands up my thighs and ran her fingertips along the inside of the waistband of my pants. I barely lost my control when her fingers brush against my groin.

"Not here." I gasped.

"Then where?" She responded.

I started to mess with her hair again and I leaned down brushed my lips against her ear. "Bedroom."

A forgotten glass of wine, and a few kisses later, Ana was beneath me wearing nothing but her loose top and her bra and panties. I hand managed to get her out of her jeans just by simple teasing. She kept moaning and whimpering that she wanted more, so this will have to do. I was sucking and biting her neck, but I tried my best not to leave a hicky. I was barely touching her inner thighs with the tips of my fingers. The sound of her whimpering made my heart race against my ribcage, thumping erratically.

I kissed up her neck and to her lips. She arched her hips when I ghost my fingers over her very wet panties. I pulled away and watched her face as I plunged my index and middle finger inside her through her panties. The sight of her swollen, red lips slightly parted, and how she arched her back clean off the bed, made my dick painfully hard. She was crying out and rolling her head hard against the pillows.

"Christian! Please, not like that!" She cried.

I smirked.

As I pushed her panties to the side, I brushed my finger tips over her dripping cunt and brought them up to my lips. I licked her fluids and whispered, "Can I try something?"

"What?" She slowly opened her eyes.

"I want to taste you." I groaned.

Ana wasted no time to answer and she didn't hesitate to answer with a fast yes.

I kissed her lips and moved down so I was directly between her legs. I placed a kiss over her pussy and passed my tongue over the saturated fabric. She moaned and parted her legs. The scent is so fucking sweet. I reached up and tugged her panties down leaving her half naked. She looked so fucking beautiful with her hair tossled, and her lips parted as she tried her best to steady her breathing. I placed my hands on her inner thighs and separated them wider. I moved closer to her pussy and flicked my tongue out to taste her.

I moaned against her flesh and reached up and parted her labia with my fingers and I started to lick and suck on her clit. Her hips began to lift and tilt off the bed, so I placed my arm over her pelvis and continued to lick and suck on her very wet clit. Ana moaned and her and shot up and grabbed the back of my head. She pulled on my hair. I groaned against her pussy and the vibrations caused her to cry out louder.

"Christian!" She screams.

I smirked and quickened the pace of my tongue and glanced up. She blushed as we kept eye contact while my tongue flickered in place. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she moaned loud. I slipped my fingers deep inside her, past the knuckles and rubbed her sensitive spot. Her body started to quiver and her pussy started to clench around my fingers, but I pulled them out and moved up so I was laying atop of her. She breathed heavily, fast and hard.

"Why did... you stop?" She whined.

"Did you like that?" I smirked.

She nodded shyly.

"Can I take this off?" I tug on her shirt.

"You have too many clothes on." Ana whispered.

I took my shirt off, and tossed it aside, and removed my pants off next, leaving my boxers on. Ana's dilated blue orbs looked down at the front of my boxers, which sported a soaked spot from where all the pre-cum seeped through my shorts. She reached up and traced the outline of my dick and I watched as she removed her shirt, leaving herself in her bra. Her breasts were spilling over the cups and I could barely see her nipples. I pushed her down so I was on top of her. She moaned when I pressed myself against her.

I enjoyed the way that sounded so I started rubbing my dick against her repeatedly, slowly to tease her while I captured her lips. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and I licked and sucked on the pink muscle. God this is going to make me go insane. But, I have yet to punish her. I am just getting started. I pulled my boxers down enough to free my cock and I gripped the base and started to rub the head against her wet opening.

"Oh fuck." I groaned.

"Ahh-Christian!" Ana screamed, "don't tease me please."

Just barely, I slipped the tip inside and I almost lost it. She's so fucking warm and so tight and wet for me.

I can't give in now though. I pulled away and flipped her over so she was on her stomach.

"Get on your hands and knees." I demand.

"Christian... what are you-

"Hands and knees. Now." I interrupted her.

She slowly positioned herself on all fours and I reached down and parted her legs ever so slightly. She has a nice ass. I reached up to touch the smooth skin on her behind and I could feel her tense up. Her pussy was dripping, and I noticed how her body clenched and her fluids slowly dribbled down her inner thighs.

"You lied to me today." I started to say.

"What?" She gasped.

"In my office. You lied to me and said that you did proofread over it. There were too many mistakes, you couldn't have proof read it." I explained.

"Christian I did read over it before I gave it to you."

I got up from the bed and pulled my boxers up. I walked to the closet and grabbed one of my ties. Ana watched me curiously.

"Do you trust me?"

"In theory." She answered while her eyes watched as the tie swung back and forth in my hand.

I smirked.

"You'll enjoy this." I tell her.

"How are you so sure?" She asks pointedly.

"You liked what happened today, in my office. I know you'll enjoy this." I walked up to her and stood in front of her. She looks up at me with big blue eyes and I lift the tie and start to wrap it around her eyes.

"Christian." She whispers.

"I won't hurt you," It was barely a lie, "I promise you'll like this."

I tied a knot and made sure she couldn't see anything.

"Get on your hands and knees." I command. She did what she was told, and I grabbed her hips and turned her around so her ass was facing me. I watch as her juices continued to flow down her inner thighs and her legs were quivering, causing her to barely keep steady of her balance. I reach up and touch her fine ass and I stood to the side of her and swatted her behind, hard. She cried out and her upper body slouched down.

"Are you going to lie to me again?" I asked darkly.

When Ana didn't answer I slapped her ass again. This time she gasped and tossed her head back.

"Ah! N-no!" She cried.

"No what?" I growled while I rubbed her bottom and spanked her, only this time a bit harder.

"No, Christian!" Ana's voice was hoarse as she continued to scream at the top of her lungs while being spanked. Her skin was red and you could see the faint outlining of my hand on her flesh. Her body slouched and she finally lay on the bed, her breathing was heavy and when I reached up to touch her warm skin, it was pulsing under my touch. Ana swallowed hard, gulping, and she flipped over. I saw her wince slightly.

I pulled Ana off the bed, carefuly since she couldn't see at the moment. She stood in front of me and I leaned down and kissed her chastely.

"Can I fuck you now?" I whispered against her quivering, kiss bruised lips.

Ana reached up and she gripped my biceps.

"I haven't started on you yet." She said in a very low and seductive voice.

Those words alone made me want to climb on top of her and plunge my dick deep inside her, and fuck her like a damn animal, but I will let her have some fun before we could do any of that.

End of Chapter 5

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