Penny, sick and tired of waitressing, had been going to auditions relentlessly. It didn't matter what it was for; tv shows, movies, commercials, anything. She had been reading self-confidence books, which helped her attitude immensely.

And it finally paid off. She had gotten a Crest commercial and a decent part as the girlfriend of a murderer in NCIS: Los Angeles. She even got Chris O'Donnell's autograph!

As a result of her good luck she was able to pay her bills on time and even get her car fixed, much to Sheldon's delight. Penny had enough money left over to even go on a shopping spree.

When everyone was assembled at 4A, Penny dropped the bomb.

"So, since I've got these acting jobs I've actually been paid good money. And I've decided to take you all shopping!" Penny grinned. When all she got in return were blank stares, she asked "What?"

Sheldon was, of course, the first to speak up. "Why?"

"Oh, come on! It'll be fun!" she pleaded. "I'll buy each of you one outfit. If you don't like it you never have to wear it again. I promise."

Howard, thinking of surprising Bernie, pondered it. "Would this be like an entire makeover or just the clothes? 'Cause I think Bernie likes the way I look." Penny had to admit he was a little adorable when he talked about Bernadette, but Howard can always be improved. "Howard, trust me. She won't complain. But as long as we're at it, I have got to do something with your hair. You look like the fifth Beatle."

"While I agree that Wolowitz could use a little less color and Koothrapali could lose the sweater vests, my wardrobe is perfectly fine as is," Sheldon interjected.

Raj looked at Sheldon's plaid pants and whispered into Howard's ear. "Raj said, and I agree, we'll go if only to see you get Sheldon into something other than plaid pants."

Sheldon looked offended. "Now see here. There is nothing wrong with my pants."

Penny looked him straight in the eye and said, "Sweetie, everything is wrong with your pants. You're going. You only have to wear the outfit once - NOT counting the time you try them on." She pointed at Sheldon. "You're not getting out of this. Let me go get my keys, we can go now."

Raj and Howard rode together, as they are wont to do, and Leonard and Sheldon rode with Penny. They arrived at the mall and followed Penny to a store none of them had ever stepped foot in.

Leonard, Howard, and Raj were fairly quiet, not complaining much. Howard lamented the loss of his Dickes and Raj didn't feel comfortable without his sweatervest, but Leonard was practically a makeover artists dream. He left every choice to Penny, knowing it was futile to argue.

Penny decided that Leonard's color was blue. He got a light blue shirt, a dark tealish jacket and a skinny green tie to make it pop. Plain black slacks and some square sunglasses finished the outfit.

Raj needed more neutral colors; greys and blacks. Dark gray slacks, a white shirt with thin gray stripes, and a gray and navy striped tie. A light gray vest made him feel a little better, and a black fedora made him a little bit more mysterious.

Howard. It was a little hard finding slacks short enough for him, but Penny found a pair of pinstripes she could easily hem that would even make him look a little taller. A plain white button up and a matching jacket completed the clothes.

"Ok, Howard," Penny said. "You have the clothes now. When we all go out I'll do your hair, because while you look better, I will not be seen with you in a public place again with that hairstyle."

After Penny walked out of ear shot, Raj spoke up. "You've got to admit. We look awesome. And I still get a vest!"

Penny came back after a while with a pair of black jeans, a very light gray tee shirt, a grayish-purple long sleeved V-neck with four snaps, and a black pleather jacket.

"Ok, Sheldon, I already know your sizes, so put these on just to make sure I got them right. Wouldn't want to buy something without making absolutely sure, now would we?"

Sheldon still insisted there was nothing wrong with his wardrobe. "Penny-"

"Sheldon, put the clothes on or I will drag you into the fitting room and dress you myself."

He scowled and grumbled, but complied.

Leonard was a little confused by this. "Why do you know his sizes?"

"I took him shopping for that suit he wore to the Chancellor's thing."

"Yeah, but that was once, and like, 2 years ago."

Penny didn't get a chance to reply, because Sheldon shouted from his dressing room. "Penny I look like a clown. I will not wear this out in public. In fact, I will not even come out of the dressing room."

Apparently Penny didn't like this reaction, because she stalked off to the room he was in. The guys ran closer so they could hear, but they still couldn't see.

"Sheldon, open the door."


"I will craw under the door, Sheldon. Don't think I won't."

A loud sigh. "Fine. But I look ridiculous." The sound of a door opening.


A little too long for Leonard's liking.

"Guys, are we good?"

Penny was fixing Sheldon's jacket collar and muttering about stubborn geniuses. Sheldon looked normal. Not Sheldon-normal, but actually normal normal. Like one of the cool guys that always mocked them. Leonard, Howard, and Raj looked like geeks-turned-successful, but Sheldon...looked like he had always belonged in the cool crowd. It was freaking them out.

Penny unsnapped the four buttons Sheldon had done up and said, "Sheldon, you look great. Stop complaining. You're wearing it tomorrow and after that you never have to wear it again. I promise."

As they left the room so Sheldon could change again, Raj noticed a slight sheen to Sheldon's lips and a lock of hair in the back stuck up just a bit.

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