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Olivia put her book down She had been stationed at her seat for the past 57 minutes and 34, 35,36 seconds now. In those minutes, she'd downed an espresso like it was a tequila shot, ordered a latte, touched up her makeup, ripped up three napkins and put her book down eight times. It wasn't like she didn't make an effort to read. But after picking up the book for the sixth time, she realized that she had already memorized the first sentence, including where and how big the ink blot on top of the first 'a' was.

Oh good lord. When did she become one of those people that was a huge ball of nervous wreck on the first date?

Olivia wasn't ashamed to say that she's had her fair share of first dates/blind dates (the latter, only once though. No thanks to Alex who set it up. It ended with an epic fail as her date accidentally knocked a whole bottle of wine on her new dress after boring her with menial facts for the past hour.) But never ever could she swear that her chair was shaking because of her. Olivia was grateful that she remembered to put on deodorant this morning otherwise, there'd probably be a small pond under her arms now.

Olivia mentally rolled her eyes at herself as she recalled the events of this morning. After turning and tossing all night, she somehow still managed to get up earlier than usual. She had gone through half her closet, trying to pick out the perfect outfit before she finally decided on the oxblood sweater and skinny jeans she had on now. Which, ironically, was the first outfit she had picked out. Apparently, her gut instincts weren't so sharp when it came to her attire. Her hair had her tormenting for another half hour before deciding to wear it in soft waves. And then the shoes...oh the shoes! She had scoffed at herself when she was finally ready to leave the house four hours later. She was like a teenager going out on her very first date. Except Olivia could swear that she wasn't this much of a nervous bundle when she was fourteen.

Pulling herself back to the cafe, she took a deep breath and slowly let it out. And she did it again. And again.

Finally her heart rate dropped to within the safety limits. Her hands were still a bit shaky but she blamed it on the caffeine.

She smoothed her hair and picked up her phone to check her makeup in the reflection. She gently rubbed away the smudged eyeliner from under her eyes. A fuzzy figure in the corner of the reflection was walking through the doors.

She'd recognize that stride anywhere.

Olivia quickly put down her phone and picked up her prop. Why bother calling it a book anymore? It wasn't like she could get any actual reading done. To her surprise, maybe it was because she was trying to focus on anything but the person she had desperately hoped would show up today. But Olivia actually read and processed four sentences when a shadow was casted over her.

She knew who it was.

Call her crazy, but she could recognize Elliot's shadow even on a cloudy day.

Playing it cool, Olivia glanced up, pretending she had no clue who the rude intruder was.

Her feigned annoyed gaze met smiling blue eyes.

Olivia arched a brow.

Elliot answered the unvoiced question, "Sorry for interrupting but I was wondering if I could share this corner with you? I heard from a friend that this was the best seat."

A smile threatened to play on the corner of Olivia's lips.

"Must be a very smart friend."

He mirrored the curve on her face, "Most brilliant person I know."

Olivia shot him a "stop the bullshit" look. She shook her head, laughing, before indicating Elliot to join her.

"So it's your turn to do the light reading," Elliot nodded toward the book in Olivia's lap.

"That was the plan. But now that you're here, it'd be plain rude of me to ignore you," Olivia pursed her lips for dramatic effect.

Elliot smirked and opened the book he brought, "Don't let me stop you. I need to catch up on some overdue reading myself."

Olivia caught a glance of the title. Inside the Mind of a Sexual Predator.

"Again? Weren't you reading that last week?"

Elliot shrugged halfheartedly, "Like I said, overdue reading. Long time overdue reading."

"Procrastinator," Olivia teased. She remembered how Elliot would always wait till the last second to attack the massive stack of paperwork.

"The biggest," Elliot agreed with a grin. He remembered how Olivia would always bring him coffee during those late nights when he was grumbling why there wasn't a robot invented to do paperwork when heart transplants were already possible. Olivia would always laugh and tell him that in fact, it was already invented and they were called 'computers'. He'd laugh at her humor before going back to attacking the papers with his pen, muttering words that would make his priest mortified.

Olivia held her grin as she locked gaze with Elliot. There was a certain serenity she saw in his cool blue eyes that didn't exist before. It must've been the change in jobs. That was the most obvious difference from when she still knew him five years back. And she never missed anything in the decade they spent almost every day and every night together.

She broke the link and let her eyes slide over his smirk before opening her book for the ninth time.

"As you wish," she clipped before burying her head in her book.

Elliot's surprised expression did not go unnoticed. Through peripheral vision, she saw Elliot's awkward shrug after a few seconds before he bowed his head to read. Olivia knew that Elliot had expected her to put her book down and spend time with him. She's be the one in his current position.

But that was the old her. Time had passed and she had changed. She was going to take the power back this time round.

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